How to Start Online Furniture Business in India

The Furniture has been an integral part of any premise whether it is a home, office, Hotel, Restaurant or any other place. If you want to increase the beauty of a place, have some modern furniture there. It has potential to change the entire look of premise.

In the recent years, a vast change has occurred in the furniture industry. Many big and small startups are fulfilling the huge demand of furniture for lower to middle and middle to higher class. Have different segments for each income group.

Since I know only a few big players like HomeTown, Evok, and Home Stop were in the market in beginning. With the advancement of technology, a group of online furniture marketers came into existence who challenged the monopoly of big established players.

Now the successful online furniture stores like Urban Ladder serving to the market needs. It has been most successful furniture portal in India due to its unique marketing strategy. Urban ladder and such other companies offer the latest furniture designs and suggest the best suitable furniture designs to their clients.

As per one estimation the Indian Furniture Industry is expected to reach to $35 Billion by 2020.

The growth of online furniture market is very fast. Soon it will become one of major market in India which will be giving most of the jobs to manpower.

How to Start Online Furniture Business in India

Starting an eCommerce portal for furniture business is not a rocket science. You can easily manage an eCommerce portal in India. If you don’t have any knowledge about it then I will share how to start online furniture business in India.

Now without spending more time, let’s know the process for starting an online furniture portal in India.

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How to Start Online Furniture Business in India

Online portal is a best place for craft-persons and traders to sell furniture. With some initial practice, anyone can know how to sell furniture online. If you want to increase sell of your existing furniture business or want to start your first online furniture portal then keep reading this post.

Selling small things online is different other than selling big things like furniture. So while starting a furniture portal you need to learn few things. I am sharing the process of starting your first online furniture portal.

1. Find a Reputed Furniture Wholesaler

First of all, you need to find a reputed wholesaler of furniture that can deliver as per order. You will list some products on your site which are already available with the wholesaler. You can also have an option for the customized order. So the wholesaler should able to deliver the custom orders as well.

Having a wholesaler in beginning lessen the burden of storing all the products. Just manage your online portal, and send the list of order list to your wholesaler. You can also make a contract with wholesaler for dropshipping. In this case, you have to manage only your portal. However, if you willing to have a warehouse, then first calculate the expenditure for it.

Finding trusted wholesaler in your area might be a difficult task. You can search online for the best furniture wholesaler in your area and meet them personally.

Let them know how you want to do business with them. How will be your working style? Contact more than one wholesaler to know the best price for the products you would be selling online. In case you want to sell vintage and modern furniture then having a list of different wholesaler will help you to deliver the right product in lowest price.

Following Few Points While Making a Contract with Wholesaler-

  • Establish good relations with wholesaler because you are doing a long term contract with them.
  • Keep in touch with a liable person to talk with regarding order placements and other discussions.
  • If you really want to have some products in your own physical store, then buy in less quantity. This way you can get to know the quality of products the wholesaler is giving to you.
  • Do proper research before contacting any wholesaler. Many sites have provision for ratings related to any seller listed on their website. Read the reviews about any company you want to make deal with.
  • Several important conditions like payment mode, delivery time, advance payment, etc should be discussed before starting business.
  • You can ask the supplier firstly if they can do dropshipping for you.

2. Set Up An Online Store:

Creating an online store doesn’t take longer these days. No one needs any engineering degree for creating an online portal.

With the availability of online eCommerce portals, creating an online is now damn easy. The platforms like Shopify comes up with space, marketing features, design tools, and payment gateways. You just need to learn how to manage them and it is very easy.

You can start your furniture portal in the time of few hours. Due to the huge popularity of Shopify, I am going to walk you though creating your first ecommerece platform on it.

First of all you need to explore through the Shopify theme store . And search for a theme that might work for your furniture store.

You can also explore through category Industries >>Furniture. Here you will find plenty of free as well as paid themes. Choose as per your requirement.

Once you choose the theme, create an account on Shopify. You get trial account, so  no need to invest before knowing the important features of Shopify.

After signing up, you get plenty of features to use. Follow the procedure to build your first eCommerce store.

  • Firstly install the theme.
  • Add or transfer the domain to the dashboard. It will reflect your business online.
  • Start creating products.
  • Design a beautiful home page with galleries you want to show. Also have buy button, website logo, and other required things at right place.
  • Connect to the payment gateway to easy payment receiving.
  • Launch your marketplace and start product marketing.

3# Strategies to Sell Online

The furniture sells differently than the other products. We have many online marketing strategies to sell good online. However, you need to try the best working method that can get you maximum results.

First of all, setup an email subscription box on your site. Also buy an email service where from your can send payment receipts, newsletters, blog posts, hot deals and discount news, and other updates to get the buyers visit your site frequently.

Social media puts a huge impact on buying decision of the people. Be active in the home improvement and interior design related groups on Facebook and suggest people what can be best for them.

Follow the real estate professionals and home decor specialist to get the maximum eyeballs to your brands. Ask them to suggest your site for furniture purchasing. You can also offer some commission against it.

Offer coupons and limited time deals on your hot selling products in timely manner.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Online Store?

I have covered the important details like searching for a wholesaler and setting up your first online store on Internet. There is lot more to cover in this topic. I just covered the basics to give you an overview of starting an online furniture store.

With the high pace of growth, furniture industry can be a gold mind for you. It depends on you that how much work you put in to make your store selling more.

Share the products you are going to put in your store????

If you have earlier experience with selling furniture online, then do share with our blog audience. Each of your suggestion regarding online furniture selling is most welcomed.

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