How to show Volume icon on taskbar Windows 7

Alright, so tell us if this ever happened to you. You want to adjust the sound output of your Windows 7 PC, so you move your cursor to the bottom to find the Volume icon in the taskbar and there you find out that there is no icon there. Well, if you have been in such a situation before, then you know the real struggle. Well, of course, you can adjust the volumes using the Shortkeys or by going to the Control Panel. But everyone is quite used to the Volume icon in the Taskbar. No?

show volume icon on the taskbar in windows 7

Well, a lot of users recently reported that they are unable to see a Volume icon in the taskbar on their Windows 7 PC, You need not to worry as you are on the right page. Today, in this post, we would be covering on How to show Volume icon on taskbar Windows 7. With that being said, without wasting any more time, let us jump right into it. Should we?

How to show Volume icon on taskbar Windows 7

Wait, before we get straight to the steps you need to follow in order to show Volume icon on taskbar Windows 7. You should check if the icon is hidden in the combined list. To check, simply click on the UP Arrow icon on your taskbar and see if the Volume icon is there or not. Didn’t found it? Well, no worries!

Now, in order to bring back the Volume Icon on the taskbar on your Windows 7 PC, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, you need to search for Control Panel in the Start Menu.
  • Now, click on the Control Panel option to open the same.
  • Here, you need to click on the Sounds option.
  • Now, make sure that you have a sound device installed on your Windows 7 PC.
  • Alright, now, you need to right-click anywhere on the Taskbar.
  • In order to customize the taskbar and add the Volume Icon back to it, select the Properties option from the list.
  • Now, you need to click on the Customize button at the bottom.
  • Here, in the Notification Area Icons dialogue box, you need to set Volume Icon behaviour to Show icon and notifications.
  • Now, scroll down and click on the Turn system icons on or off option.
  • Here, you need to make sure that the volume icon is set to On.
  • Once done, save the changes and then restart your Windows 7 PC.
  • That’s it! The Volume icon should be back in the Taskbar of your Windows 7 PC.

So, guys, this was our take on How to show Volume icon on taskbar Windows 7. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Just in case, if you have stuck somewhere between the steps or had any questions related to the topic. Then, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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