How to Save Gifs from Twitter on Android, Iphone, and Computer

There is a popular social media site where I have seen many many GIF images. People use them to express their feelings. Sometime, I think that how to save gifs from twitter. Since many people access social media over their smartphones, so I also add “how to save gifs from twitter Iphone” or how to “save gif from twitter on android” or “how to save a gif from twitter on computer” because many use it on pc only.

Such questions arise in my mind. Don’t you think about it?

If you do, then did you get any way to save gif from twitter?


Ok. Don’t worry.

Here I am sharing the working method to save gifs from twitter on Android, Iphone, and Computer.

Save Gifs from Twitter on Android, Iphone, and Computer

This post is actually a step by step approach to get gifs images downloaded on your device.

So let’s get started….

1. Save GIFs from Twitter on Android

In this tutorial you will learn downloading GIF image from twitter by installing Tweet2gif app from Google playstore.

1. First install Tweet2gif App on your android device.

2. To download gif from twitter, first of all find a relevant GIF image on Twitter app. Tap on that GIF image and then tap on the share button.

3. Next you need to tap on the Tweet2gif icon. The app will automatically fetch GIF url. Simply click on “Download GIF”.

This way you can save gif from twitter on your android device. Next read how to save gif on computer.

2. Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

1. To download Gif images on your Iphone, you need to install an app called GIFwrapped on your phone.

2. Once you install it, find a GIF image on Twitter that you want to download. Tap on the share button and choose “Share Tweet Via…” and then tap “Copy link to Tweet”.

3. Now open GIFwrapped and tap on the search box. Select “Use the Clipboard”  option and next GIF image appears on the screen. Simply “save to library”.

4. You can find all the Saved GIF images in the camera roll.

It was the tutorial to save gif from twitter on Iphone. Now we will learn how to save gif images from twitter on computer.

3. Save GIFs from Twitter on Computer

If you find any Gif on twitter while using it over pc, it actually doesn’t work. When you right click on the GIF image to “save as image”, it is absent from there. Once anyone upload the Gif to Twitter, it converts them into video.

To get those Videos into the original GIF version, you need to follow a different procedure. You can’t simply “save as image” like ordinary images.

1. To get Gif on pc from twitter go to following url

2. Find a relevant GIF image on Twitter and click on “copy link to tweet

copy link to tweet

3. Next go to above url and paste the same url and click on upload.

4. Scroll down and set the starting time at ‘0’ and end time to the end of the video. Next click on Covert to GIF!

5. Finally click on the same button icon to download GIF images on your pc.

This was all about getting gif images from twitter to your computer.

In the above three tutorials, you have learned how to save animated gif image from twitter. Morever, getting gif from url is also mentioned within tutorial. If you liked this post, do share it with your friends. And keep reading Myquickidea.

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