How To Return Xfinity Equipment (True Guide)?

Returning Xfinity equipment can be a breeze. You have three choices, though the first two involve using UPS for the return.

To arrange shipping with UPS, you can use the Xfinity website. If you go this route, UPS can pick up your package from your home or office, or you can personally drop off the device at a UPS outlet.

How To Return Xfinity Equipment

Alternatively, you can skip the intermediary and personally take your equipment to an Xfinity store. This option has its advantages.

By doing so, you’ll handle the transaction in person, enabling representatives to directly communicate with you about any additional requirements.

Moreover, there won’t be any waiting time for the return to be logged in your account history.

If you’re returning xFi Pods, camera or video doorbell equipment, or mobile phones, the process may vary slightly compared to leased equipment. We will also address this aspect.

Do you need more specific guidance? Let’s discuss the appropriate time for returning Xfinity equipment and delve into detailed instructions on how to proceed.

You’ll likely discover that returning Xfinity equipment is much simpler than anticipated!

When Must You Return Xfinity equipment?

If you decide to cancel any service you obtained from Comcast, you will need to give back all the equipment you were given. This rule also applies if you are upgrading to a different service that provides a new device or set of devices.

In most cases, you have ten days to complete the return. However, there is an exception for Xfinity mobile devices, as you have 14 days to return them.

Regardless of which option you choose for returning the equipment, it is advisable not to wait until the last minute. Returns sent via UPS take some time to be processed by Comcast, and even store returns can be problematic if you forget to bring all the necessary devices and components.

To avoid any anxiety, it is best to start the return process as early as possible.

The primary reason for returning Xfinity equipment could be either a faulty item still under warranty or a desire for a refund.

For instance, if you return a defective Xfinity camera or video doorbell within 30 days of purchase or delivery, you will be eligible for a full refund.

In the case of Xfinity mobile products, any returns or exchanges for new devices must be initiated within 14 days of receiving them. You can begin the return process on the Xfinity website.

If you plan on returning new accessories, you have a 30-day timeframe to start the process. Once initiated, you will receive instructions and an additional period to return the items.

1. How to Return Xfinity Equipment Through UPS

Xfinity will cover the expense of UPS for returns, so there’s no need to worry about additional charges for courier services. To initiate a return, simply log in to the Xfinity website.

Visit the “Equipment Return” page and use your Xfinity ID and password to initiate the return process. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials, you’ll need to visit a UPS store instead.

On the Xfinity website, you’ll find a list of devices active on your account along with their respective serial numbers.

To ensure you choose the correct devices, compare the serial numbers of the devices you wish to return. Once you’re certain, select the devices and click the “continue” button.

You’ll be asked to provide a reason for returning your equipment. Choose the appropriate reason and click “confirm.”

Next, you’ll be prompted to select your return method. Let’s assume you’ve opted for the UPS Prepaid shipping option.

Once you’ve made your selection, return to the Device Management Center to access your shipping label. Look for the “Return Details” option and choose the option to print the shipping label.

The top part of the label is for your reference, while the bottom part should be attached to the package itself.

Remember to return your Xfinity equipment in its original packaging. Securely pack it, ensuring all components are included, and attach the shipping label.

You can either call UPS to schedule a pickup or drop off your package at any UPS location.

Your return will reflect on your account after approximately two weeks. Xfinity typically sends a confirmation email once it receives your return.

2. Return Xfinity Equipment to the store.

To avoid late penalties and the hassle of tracking a UPS package, returning your devices to a store can provide you with the most peace of mind.

To save time, you can find the nearest store and schedule an appointment through the Xfinity website.

By choosing this option, your return will be promptly reflected in your account. However, ensure that you obtain a receipt as proof of returning your Xfinity equipment.

Returning xFi Pods:

Since xFi Pods are purchased rather than leased, you typically return them only for a refund or if you need to utilize the warranty. For refunds, you have a 30-day window from the purchase date.

If you’re making a warranty claim, verify that your warranty is still valid.

The second-generation xFi Pods come with a one-year hardware warranty. If you encounter hardware issues after 30 days, a warranty replacement is available but not a refund.

You can access an xFi Pods return form on the Xfinity website. Complete the form and await further instructions.

These instructions will be sent to you via email and will include details about any refund you may be eligible for or the waiting period for a hardware warranty claim.

Returning an Xfinity Camera or Video Doorbell:

Similar to xFi Pods, you would only return these Xfinity products if you wanted a refund or needed to claim under warranty.

For refunds, you have 30 days from the purchase or shipment date, provided the product is in pristine condition without any signs of damage.

To initiate a refund, visit an Xfinity retailer and bring your receipt.

If you’re utilizing a warranty, review the terms and conditions of your chosen package. The Self Protection Limited Warranty or Xfinity Home Limited Warranty may be applicable.

If you meet the necessary requirements, you will receive replacement devices when claiming under warranty.

Xfinity Mobile Return Policy

Returns and exchanges for mobile phones must be initiated within 14 days of the purchase or shipping date, while accessories can be returned within 30 days.

If you change your mind after placing an order, you are unable to halt the fulfillment process. Instead, you must wait for the shipment to arrive and then proceed with the return.

To initiate a phone return, visit the Xfinity Mobile website and log into your account. From there, you will find a list of your devices.

Devices eligible for return will have an option for “exchange or return.” Select this option and follow the provided instructions.

For phone returns, Xfinity Mobile will provide a FedEx shipping label, which can be collected or dropped off at a FedEx location. However, if you prefer to exchange your phone for another model, you can visit any Xfinity store.

Smartwatches, tablets, and accessories cannot be returned via your Xfinity account. Instead, initiate an inquiry through the Xfinity Assistant chatbot.

If your return is approved, you will receive a FedEx shipping label and must arrange for shipping, either by requesting a pickup or delivering the parcel. However, if you simply want a replacement item, it is most convenient to visit an Xfinity store.

Tips for Returning Xfinity Phones and Accessories:

Eligible device returns can receive refunds, but expect a restocking fee.

Xfinity reserves the right to refuse a refund if the return condition is unsatisfactory.

Warranty-related exchanges do not incur additional charges.

Ensure you back up any saved information on the devices before returning them, and delete all saved data. If it is an Apple device, deactivate the “Find my iPhone” feature to protect your information.

Place all received items, including the manual, preferably in the original device box. Reusing the shipping box is acceptable; just remember to affix the new shipping label over the old one to avoid confusion.

If using an alternate shipping box, pack the items carefully, taking the necessary precautions to prevent damage during transit.

Note: Items shipped for return will not be sent back to you. Ensure that you are eligible for refunds or warranty claims before initiating the return process for Xfinity products, including Apple products purchased through Xfinity.

Additionally, promptly send your return to prevent delays. Late arrivals will not be eligible for refunds, and any outstanding balances must still be paid.

How to Return Xfinity Equipment: Your Packing List

Given the time constraints involved in returning leased or purchased equipment, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have included all the necessary items.

Opting to return your devices in person is preferable because the staff can inform you of any missing items, giving you the opportunity to gather everything before you leave.

However, if you choose to ship your return, you cannot afford any errors since there is no time for corrections.

For instance, Xfinity internet customers should pack the gateway, power adapter, or charging cable, as well as all related cables and accessories provided in the deal.

On the other hand, voice bundle customers must include not only the phone they wish to return but also its power adapter, base, and, if applicable, the stylus in the package.

TV users need to send back the box, cables, and remote control, while security users should return the cameras and doorbells. Mobile customers are required to return both the specified phone and its charging cable.

Lastly, Xfinity xFi Complete clients must return both the gateway and their xFi pods.

What Happens if You Don’t Return Leased or Rented Equipment After Cancellation or Upgrade?

Understanding the terms of your agreements with Xfinity is crucial. Some items are bought, while others are rented or leased.

In the latter case, there are penalties if you fail to return the merchandise within the specified timeframe after canceling or upgrading.

If you exceed the return deadlines and remain an Xfinity customer, you will be subject to recurring fees for each item not returned by the deadline.

Currently, these charges amount to $15 per month for voice equipment and TV boxes that are not returned. In the case of a gateway, the charge could be as high as $300.

For those who have closed their Xfinity accounts, the outstanding equipment cost will be invoiced as a one-time fee.

Xfinity takes the collection of owed amounts seriously, and failure to make payment will impact your credit rating. If you believe you have been billed incorrectly, promptly contact their accounts department.

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