How to pay someone with Apple Pay in 2022? Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Paying online has changed the way we use to transact every day and when most people have an iPhone, it becomes necessary to learn how to make transactions through Apple Pay.

If you don’t know what Apple Pay is then let me tell you that it is a payment gateway from where Apple users can make safe and secure payments and receive money from their contacts.

How to pay someone with Apple Pay

In this article, we are going to learn how to make payments and receive money through Apple Pay. So, if you are residing in US and searching for the ways to pay someone with Apple Pay in 2022, then here is the step by step guide for you

Let’s understand step-by-step how to use Apple Pay for transactions:

Step 1: Have an Apple Pay Installed

Before we begin, make sure that you have Apple Pay installed on your iPhone. Whenever somebody buys a new iPhone, there are some pre-installed apps and Apple Pay is one of them. They, to free up some space, remove Apple Pay also which is so helpful for daily use,

The bottom line is that you must have the Apple Pay app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Add Your Payment Method

Apple Pay is not just enough, you need to set up your payment method on Apple Pay. it’s so easy to set up a method on it as Apple is known for great user experience.

When you are in the app, you will sign. You can click on it to add a new payment method. After clicking continue, you can go to add a new card. With this app, you can quickly scan your debit or credit card and it will save its information immediately. So, you need not remember your card details every time you want to make a payment.

Here you can also apply for a new Apple Card which is a type of credit card that offers you great services at very low-interest rates.

Step 3: Pay Merchants with Apple Pay

Once you have added your payment method, you are good to go and make payments through Apple Pay. Remember that you can add multiple payment options in this app.

As many merchants have integrated Apple Pay, you need not take out your card to make the transaction, your Apple App is enough for it.

When you go to make a payment to a merchant or a vendor, just simply double-tap on the side button on your iPhone near any Apple Pay reader device, and it will pull your cards. You can simply select the card from which you want to make payment and proceed. You can also pull that particular card up that you frequently use to make payments.

Before it proceeds with the payment, it asks you for the confirmation and there will be a “ding” sound when the payment is confirmed.

Sometimes the side button doesn’t work so that shortcut would not work,then in this card, you need to go to the settings > Wallet and Pay and enable the double-click side button.

Step 4: Set Up Apple Cash to Pay Someone with Apple Pay

This is an integrated service offered by Apple where you can send money to your family and friends using your Apple Pay but they should also be the Apple Pay users and the citizens of the U.S.

With this service, you cannot send payment to anyone who is using other apps like CashApp and Venmo.

To proceed to send money, you can use your messageapp also.

It’s like a wallet which is integrated into your Apple Pay but always remember one thing: those with whom you want to transact, must have an Apple Cash with them.

To set this option up, you need to go to the Apple Pay app, there you will find a black card option which is named Cash.just click on it and set it up which takes even less than a minute.

Step 5: Pay Someone With Apple Cash

You are now all set to send and receive money to merchants or the people in your contact. Nothing more to change now as far as settings are concerned.

When you want to pay someone using this app, you need to move to the iMessage and there you can type the name of the person to whom you want to make a payment. Then you will find an option for Apple Pay.Choose whether you want to send money or receive money. After choosing that, you can easily send or receive money.

It’s very simple, just type the amount that you want to send or receive, and when the message reaches the recipient, it will proceed. If something is wrong, you will be notified.

If you are an Apple Watch user, you can execute your payments from here also. Just go to the messaging app and follow the same steps like clicking on the Apple Payoption and following the same steps to complete the payment.

Although all the transactions can be done on your Apple Watch, payment methods cannot be set up with a watch, for that you need to use your iPhone or iPad.

Another great thing that I like is that you can also send money to anybody by just using ‘Siri’. Just say “Siri, Send Brian 100 dollars.” and it will fulfill your wish immediately. Before it will send the money, it will confirm the transaction.

Step 6: Withdraw your Cash

With the use of the Apple Wallet, you can transfer the money that you might have received from any customer or friend to your bank account or you can also keep it in the wallet for any future transactions.

As far as Apple’s credibility is concerned, it needs no introduction but along with that it is FDIC certified for payments, so you can consider it a safe option for your daily transactions.

To withdraw your money, you need to go to the Apple Wallet and tap on the black Apple Cash and you will be able to see your balance.

Click on the circle which has three dots on the top right corner.

Here you can enter your bank details like routing number and account number so that your hard-earned money goes back to your account.

You just have to add your bank details once, get it verified and next time whenever you tap on Transfer to Bank, enter the amount, hit next and money will be in your bank.

Final Thoughts

That’s all..!!

In this complete package, we have seen how Apple has made your payments easier than ever. Here you just need to provide the information once and it will always be easy for you to transfer your money easily next time. It has made a payment so handy that you can do it before anything else.

My verdict is that you can use this app without thinking a second time as it is a safe app as it has an FDIC certification with it,

I hope this article will help you better understand your Apple Pay.

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