How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Influential Bloggers

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

DO you want to know – How to get Your Blog Noticed by professional Bloggers?

Most of the times, bloggers search for the techniques to get noticed their blogs, but they do not get something worth. I am going to share few techniques that dramatically work for almost every blog. Actually getting noticed means you are building the reputation for your blog.

By this way, you gain the popularity that is not an easy for a new blog. We bloggers have to do lots of work because we are not any celebrity for whom people eager to know about.

When a celebrity creates an account on social media sites, people get started to follow them automatically. This situation is not with us as well as we do not have a team to complete several tasks such as development, post writing, editing, promotion and several other activities.

In this article, I am going to share some secrets with you that would help to get your blog noticed by influential bloggers.

Read out the following points. By using them, you would learn how to make your blog popular.

  • Design of the Blog
  • Content is King
  • Establishing Social media Presence
  • Techniques to make your blog popular
  • Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

Before starting, just keep one thing in your mind. Making a blog popular takes constant efforts and dedication. If you would follow the above points with true dedication, you will able to create easy visibility for your blog.

Design of the blog:

I never decline with this fact that the Design of the blog matters a lot. It is the first thing visitors interact with. A customized and unique design keeps your visitors engaged for few more seconds or minutes.

Just provide a better look to your blog. You would get positive feedback for it. Believe me, if your blog contains a crappy look, most of the people will avoid reading your blog whether you garnished it with high-quality posts.

There are many free and premium themes available for your blog that you can use to give an attractive look to your blog. I am also trying to customize my blog’s layout and design.

Having a lucrative design does not mean that you would use heavy images on your blog. Images must be optimized to reduce the loading time of your blog because it’s a crucial constraint that may affect your traffic.

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Pro Tip:

The owner of Popular Blog Shoutmeloud – Harsh Agarwal accepts this fact that in earlier days of his blogging journey he kept changing his blog themes that was his one of the biggest mistakes. Therefore, never keep changing your blog themes every day. Indeed, your blog layout is an image of your blog. If you keep changing it, it shows instability which may affect your blog reputation.

Content is King:

I do not want to pronounce a quote here that you generally read on almost each blog. However, it’s a fact that content is king. You should create quality content because people love to share resourceful content.

If your content gives a solution of any specific problem, believe me, you are going to get several shares. I cannot define the numbers of shares because it depends on the size of the problem and the solution which has provided in your post.

Many bloggers think wrong about pre-existing blog topics. It is true that a lot of posts have already been written on them. However, there always a room to do something new. You may come up with a unique point of view that targets the new aspects of the same topic.

Check out this post Join 36 Professional bloggers on social media. It got 54 shares on Facebook in 3 days. It’s a round-up style post. You can also try this kind of post to grab the attention of professional bloggers.

Pro tip: Your regular visitors are willing to read latest articles on your blog. So, for this sake, be consistent in publishing posts because getting new visitors is easy, but to sustain them is really hard.

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Few tips for the quality content:

  1. Length of the content: The giant content marketer Neil Patel states in his most of the blog posts that the content length matters a lot. His long-length content is a proof that he also gives it a priority because they rank high in the Google.
  2. Write in a conversational way
  3. Write in short paragraphs
  4. Include bulleted or numbered list for easy understanding

I do not count myself as a good story teller. However, I am improving that you may observe in my recent posts.

Establishing social media Presence:

Having Social media presence is the biggest advantage for you. I get many visitors from Facebook and Twitter. My blog is only 3 months old. I had known this thing that I won’t be able to get enough traffic from search engines in the beginning days. Therefore, I much focused on these social media platforms.

It is easy to get traffic from social media platform than the search engines. However, you have to spend more time. Nevertheless, one thing that matters is – traffic.

How to make your blog popular through Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook: If you are having budget to spend on promotion of your blog, you may run Facebook Ad Campaigns. Mostly, you become able to increase traffic Via Facebook ads. If you aren’t, just devote your time in active communities, pages and your own timeline.

Create your own Facebook page. You should come up with a variety of posts on your FB page such as polls, Questionnaires, Viral Videos, Tips & tricks.

Just follow the 80:20 rule for your Facebook marketing.

Now you will think What does it mean?

It means 80 percent share of other’s content and 20% of yours. The concept of sharing is caring works here very efficiently.

Would you like to have a secret formula to increase your visitor count through Facebook?

I am sure you are willing to read it.

It is easy to make your blog popular or getting traffic to your blog through Facebook than the search engines. Let’s grab this secret in the following steps:

  1. Go the Facebook Search Box.
  2. Search for the relevant group in your niche and join a few of them (Before joining any group make sure it has at least thousand members and each post is getting at least 2 or 3 responses from other members).
  3. Now you have a long list of people of the same niche. Start messaging them and offer a deal in which both parties agree for commenting on each other blogs.
  4. If you make a community of such 100 people, then each group member would have the sufficient comments as well as traffic on each post.

Twitter: Twitter is also a great resource to make your blog popular. Tweet or retweet as much as possible. It improves your visibility over tons of tweets. You can use the Buffer as an efficient tool to schedule your tweets.

Follow new people in your niche. If you are in “Internet Marketing” niche, here is a list of 36 professional bloggers to join on social media. Join them and respond to their tweets. You will automatically see a gain in the number of people following you.

JustRetweet and Viral Content Buzz are two proficient tool that automate the your Twitter account.

I usually less focus on other social media platforms compare to Twitter and Facebook. So I do not know more about any trick to get traffic from them.

Pro tip: Add a social sharing toolbar on your blog. Do not list the social sharing button you are not getting traffic from.

Techniques to get Your Blog Noticed:

1. Link mention:

I rapidly use this technique in my blog posts. It is an easy way to grab the attention of the reputed bloggers. Whenever I feel relevant to mention any post from an authoritative blog, I do mention them.

By this way, I am building my own authority. You could also gain the authority by following the same method.

2. Roundup Post:

I have recently used this technique in my recent blog post. I compiled a list of professional bloggers with their blog and social profile links and sent them an email by mentioning that I have mentioned them in my roundup post.

They praised my efforts and also put some valuable comments on that post. It’s human nature. People love to be mentioned for their achievements. I did the same in my blog post. Now they personally give attention of my emails.

3. Comments on the Blogs:

Blog comments are one measure of the quality of a blog post. It exhibits the readers’ engagement. To get more comments, you should write quality posts on your blog.

Blog commenting is the easiest way to make your blog popular. Do comment on authority blogs and gain the free publicity for your blog.

Drop my link is a handy tool to find the blogs in your niche. You are only required to put the keyword in it. It displays the list of relevant blogs.

Blog communities are another great resource to get lots of comments. I am an active member of a blog community

Here you read the articles and comment on them. As a result, you get comments on your own blog posts. This site is very efficient to grab traffic to your blog. The deeper the interaction you would have with other blogs, the higher number of comments you will see on your post.

4. Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the easiest ways to make your blog popular.

This technique is most suitable with the authority bloggers because they have lots of traffic on their blogs.

You should not directly approach them. Just begin to follow them on social media website. Share their posts on your Facebook wall and retweet them on Twitter.

The sooner or later they will begin to notice your presence. Now it is the best time to strike on the iron. I.e. Send them a message and letting know about your blog. In most of the cases, they accept the request and publish your post if it matches with their blog standards.

If it happens, believe me, you took a big step in the way of making your blog popular. If you are searching the answer of how to get my blog noticed, nothing is better than Guest Blogging. It helps to make relations with authority bloggers with naturally gives you wider popularity.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is one of the coolest ways to make your blog popular. Shoutmeloud is a live example of best SEO practices. If you are searching something related to blogging niche, you would find this blog most of the times in top 10 search results.

Mainly SEO has two types – on page and off page. If you are proficient in both of them, you can easily rank your blog post in less duration.

Instead of several traffic generation resources, Search engines are the top resources to grab the attention of visitors. If you are getting more organic traffic to your blog, then it becomes popular in the short span of time.

Must read: SEO Tutorial for beginners.

Over to You

These techniques work most of the times to get your blog noticed by other bloggers. If you are using any other strategy, let me know by your comments. If you liked this article, do subscribe and share this posts over the social media networks.a


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