How to Make Money Online When You Are Laid Off

How to Make Money Online When You Are Laid Off

Are you being laid off?

Well, this is very big problem around the world these days.

Companies usually fire their employees at the name of cost cutting. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to lay off few employees because of worst financial condition of a firm.

In normal days, a person can find another job, but in some special cases like pandemic while most of companies lay off their staff what can be done?

I am sharing a method which is working for many of us.

Yes, you heard it right. It is working for me too.

This career adaptation helps not only in normal days but also in pandemic or similar sort of situation.

If you are looking for career change or want to get relaxation from your 9 to 5 job, then this post is for you.

We can say that blogging helps becoming your own boss…


I have added a big ‘but’ here because it takes so many efforts. Also discipline and dedication play vital role in it. One needs to be consistent to become a full time blogger.  

So if you are not ready to sacrifice pleasures of the life, please stop reading this post right away….

To motivate you, see my one recent payment..

This post is going to help many people because I will reveal the blueprint to become a full time blogger while making consistent efforts.

Before dive into the sea I Want to Ask You One Thing?

Are you ready?

I want to listen Yes…

Well, we are here to turn worst days into good days.

So let’s get started.

So if we talk about the current scenario then today’s situation is very critical. You can see in the below screenshot to have an idea of seriousness of the situation.

 Major companies of different industries are laying off employees due to this pandemic.

Following two articles tells the story of current scenario.

Time is going to be more difficult for all of us. More jobs will be wiped out from the market.

You must prepare to manage bread n butter for yourself and family.

And it is necessary for survival as well.

Purpose of Writing this Post

My sole purpose is to motivate you to work harder. I am also with you in this tough time.

Blogging will help you to maintain cash flow if you give 100% into it.

Don’t be hopeless.

We will together make this life wonderful…

Now come back to the main concern of this post.

How to Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is easy, you need to buy a domain and hosting to have a self hosted wordpress blog.

But before starting, you need to find a blog niche.

A blog niche is somewhat is your interest because people usually start blogging on their favourite topics.

Moreover, you can start blogging on any topic related to your profession.

Like you are into sales then you can start a blog related to sales and write articles about how to increase sales? How to hire talent for company’s sales team?

If you are a foodie, starting a recipe blog will be a most relevant idea.

First, you have to find out blogging niche because it gives you direction to build blog audience.

When you start a blog bases on your own interest, you won’t find any difficult to write into.

Starting a blog breaks down into 6 steps:

1. Find a niche

Along with writing on your own interest, it is equally important to find out the profitability of that niche.

Enabling monetisation on your blog gives power to sustain longer in this game.

Finding a profitable niche is a most crucial step which is overlooked by many beginners.

Before getting into any niche you need to follow four key points:

1. Interest

Writing upon your interest is fun. Suppose you are working as per your interest and at the same time making money out of it.

Sounds cool?

Yes, of course!

In another scenario, one starts a blog on any random topic and losses interest by the time because s/he doesn’t find it interesting anymore.

You don’t have to be a genius to start a blog around your interest.

Start with whatever you know about that interest.

Create a list of topics you can write upon.

Now brainstorm about those topic and analyse your current knowledge about them.

You can do further research on those topics.

2. Scalability:

In the next step, we analyze the size of the market. You need to make sure having enough market size for your topic.

It can be done by following a simple method.

Let’s say you got interest into car speakers. Now we will check if this topic has enough audience.

Plug in “car speakers” to google trends and check interest over the 5 years.

This step shows you the trend to “Car speakers” in the duration of 5 years. The above graph shows whether the interest of audience rising, stable or declining over time.

If graph is stable, and rising, it’s great signal to start a blog in same topic. It will give you enough audience chunk to drive traffic to your blog.

On the other hand, if topic interest in declining over the time, you should avoid working on such topics.

3. Break Down Your Niche

Targeting a broader niche may invite drastic competition for you, so it’s always a wise decision to break down the topic and choosing a low competitive keyword to start a blog.

We have topic “car speakers”. Plug it into Google search and scroll down to the end of the search results.

You will find some related search terms.

Pick a search term and check for the monthly searches.

I am using a Chrome extension WMS Everywhere that tells you about the number of searches for a keyword.

Install it and it will show you the search frequency of a keyword.

Make sure your main keyword have at least 1000+ monthly searches. You can find more keywords using Ahrefs.

Moreover, use to find low competition and profitable keywords.

4. Choose a Profitable Niche

To have a blog that lasts long, you need to have an sustainable income system. Your blog niche should be profitable enough so you can make good income out of it.

You can check on Amazon for listed product related to your niche.

You can join amazon Affiliate program and start promoting products related to your niche. Here is the Amazon Affiliate Case Study: $25,000 in 10 months with $500

If you want to start an adsense niche blog then check if business are spending money in your niche or not.

Simply put your keyword into the google search and check for the advertisements.

It’s a proof that people are spending money on Adwords campaign related to your niche. So it may prove profitable to your as well.

At the end you need to analyse the competition for your keyword

2. Buy a Domain & Hosting

Now you have decided the niche to start a blog upon. It’s time to buy a domain and hosting.

You can choose a brandable domain like Myquickidea or a keyword specific domain will work fine.

Keyword specific domains are like “”. Try to limit your domain to maximum 2 words.

If you have chosen a keyword to work which has more than 2 words than try to make it like “carspeakersguide”. It appears natural. You should avoid choosing a EMD (exact match domain). Short domain names look good and appealing to users.

If .com extension is not available then go with .net, .org, .info, or any other relevant domain extension.

You can try different domain name variations to get .com domain for you.

I always register my domain on Namecheap.

You can also book domains from there. They provide cheap domain names.

  • Enter your domain name to check the availability.
  • Next go to checkout.
  • Confirm your order and create your account (If you already have an account, fill the login credentials).
  • One you register a domain, you need a good hosting that won’t go down and provides good speed.

Currently I am using Dreamhost. I have good experience with this hosting so far.

  • Being a beginner shared hosting is a good choice so choose any plan from shared hosting.
  • I prefer using Shared Unlimited plan because you can host unlimited sites with it. If you want to run only one website, Shared Starter is sufficient for you.

(You can consider buying for more than one year. Buying Shared Starter plan for 3 years can save you 47% on the total price.

  • The best thing about Dreamhost is that it provides free domain for you with hosting.)
  • You got 3 options. If you don’t have any domain, click on “Register a new domain”. If you want to choose domain later click on “Choose a domain later”. In case you already got a domain, click on “I already have a domain” and add your domain.
  • I will register a new domain here.
  • In the next step, you need to make payment and fill your mail id.
  • After making payment, click on Submit order.
  • Now you have successfully got hosting for you.

If you have domain from different registrar then add your domain to Dreamhost.

  • Click on Manage Domains and then click on Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub-domain.
  • Write your domain name and Choose if you want to use www or non www version (Don’t keep both the versions).

Scroll down and click on Fully Host this domain.

Next scroll down to the end and  pick the nameservers to add to your domain registrar.

3. Install WordPress and Plugins

Next you need to install wordpress on your domain.

After installing WordPress you need to make some simple changes to your WordPress installation.

After making those changes, install few essential plugins to add more features to WordPress.

Plugin names are as follow:

These plugins are important to create a successful blog.

Write 5-10 blog posts to publish on your blog. After having sufficient blog posts, you can launch your blog.

If you have any query related this post, please write down below in the comment section. I will try to answer them all.

If you loved this post, please share it with your friends who are facing lay off. It can help them a lot.

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