13 Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners in India 2022 [A Godzilla Guide]

Make Money Online for Beginners in India

Being a beginner, do you want to make money online? If yes, then this article is going to be super helpful for you.

Studying at a university is a fantastic experience, and many students say that their college days were also the happiest days of their lives. During college life, you get a lot of free time to try new things and socialize with the people.

On the other hand, this free time is better enjoyed while you have some extra cash to spend. Furthermore, student life necessitates knowing how to invest a dollar, and limited budgets are common for college students, so having extra money is often beneficial.

Fortunately, there are opportunities to earn money as a student, allowing you to get some extra money to spend or save.

Here are a few online jobs/careers for students that don’t need any investment and pay decent!

1. Online Tutoring

Are you a student who aced all of your exams? Or are you the one that everybody goes to whenever they wouldn’t grasp some topic or lesson? If yes, then put your abilities into use for yourself!

When schools, colleges, and many educational institutions worldwide are closed due to pandemic situations, online education is one of the best opportunities to explore.

If you understand fundamental theories, have patience dealing with learners, and enjoy participating in conversations of concepts and doubts, then online tutoring is among the most intriguing option for you to earn extra money without investment.

Assist students in getting a positive educational experience while getting money in your account. You can start your own classes or join any online education platform like Udemy, which lets you teach the subjects of your interests. The payments can be made per session ranging between $14-$18 or a fixed amount can be set for a certain number of classes.

In addition to this, you can also reach out to local and online schools looking to recruit part-time tutors or join social media groups where parents post their queries related to search for a private tutor online.   

Expert Advice: Ujjwal Kumar Sen

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/ujjwalkumarsen

If you are on part time then learn some skill and start teaching others. OR if you want to do it full time, just make sure either your profile is good or you are already popular in the field.

I am into education niche. If you want to start in education niche crack an exam and then start teaching for the same exam. Also teach for the exams which conducts each year.

I would suggest learning Language other than English and hindi because both of these already have enough content. Like you can learn Spanish, French, etc. which have less competition compare to English language and then start teaching them to students.

You must gain the expertise in your niche. If you don’t have experience then teach your skill for free sometime.

Now the competition is very high. To compete in the market, you have to stand out. Online tutoring is a big business now. Big companies are investing so you must be unique to make your own space. You must have a unique selling point(USP). If you don’t want to start freelance tutoring or something of your own, there is another option to get employed in education startups. These startups have app and web portals where you can upload your own teching materials and make money with the same.

You can start providing online tutorials. Upload videos on youtube. Gain some subscriber then launch your own course which is having quality content. You can create videos on Teachable. Sell paid courses and run ad campaigns to see the fast growth.

If you are serious then have a good mentor for you. He will guide you through the process.

You can start with the internet but don’t just completely rely on it. Make yourself best in your skill. If one platform goes down then then you can make money from some other platform.

Powerful Tips to get Success in Online Tutoring Business:-.

You must gain the expertise whatever ou want to teach others.

Find the gap in the market where other people are falling short to meet out the current requirement.

Start if you have patience. Put video on regular basis for at least 6 months. You can’t expect money from just by uploading the 3 or 5 videos. It’s a long term game.  

2. Freelance Content Writing

One of the highly prevalent jobs to make money online is content writing. You can write articles and start earning money if you are a decent writer with good English grammar. Without a doubt, writing an article takes time because it necessitates extensive research and knowledge. However, there is no cost associated to learn content writing and earn money from it.

You can start by writing sample articles and submitting them to your leads. You can work with a company that pays you for your content writing. You can sign up for any freelance website and start earning money online as much as you want.

You will be surprised to know that a professional or experienced content writer charges somewhere between 500-5000 per article. The beginning is unquestionably challenging. However, if you can land your first client, you can easily build credibility and take further strides forward in your career.

This field involves massive pay and is completely free to enter. To please your clients, what you have to do is show off your expertise, qualifications, and skills so that they choose you over other content writers without hesitation.

There are, however, hundreds or thousands of other content writers on the market. As a result, in order to begin offering your services, you must first build a professional profile. If you’ve never done something like content wiring before, keep the rates down at first.

Expert Advice: (Nikhil Saini)

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/nikki9460087108/

I have been content writer for five years. I have written for many successful bloggers in different industries. There is heavy demand of proficient writers.

If you want to start career as content writer then my best advice will be learn the common grammatical rules and learn tense, direct indirect, active passive, phrasal verbs, use of verbs, Noun, Adjective, etc. This process will make your writing grammatically sound. You can also read this article on How to become a content writer in India. In this article, we have explained each and every aspect of content writing in detail.

I would also suggest you to read news paper and books you like, watch english TV shows and movies, and listen news carefully. It will improve your english a lot.

To start career as Content Writer. I would like to give you 3 Powerful Tips:

  1. In the content writing, you can make good amount per article or per work basis if you deliver the quality. In the beginning of your career don’t focus on quantity, just improve writing by every next article. You can take less work but always prefer quality over quantity.

2. Research is a vital part in every content creation process. Well researched content establishes the authority of website in that particular niche. So make sure you do proper research before you start writing on any topic.

3. Structure your content in a proper way so it would be easy to read. Have more white space. Don’t include 3-4 lines in one paragraph. Include media like images, video, charts, and other stats throughout your content. Have proper headings and most importantly, content must fulfil the user intent.

Expert Advice 2Yatin khulbe

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/yatinkh

Yatin Khulbe, the founder of Mushroom Content, aims for making businesses more human with approachable content. He has published articles for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington, and many other authoritative sites.

Here are some useful tips from his side regarding content writing –

1) Don’t take the client’s feedback (be it good or bad) to heart. Take away the learnings from any project, not the burden of poor delivery (or the pride of great delivery).

2) Stop restricting yourself as a writer. Start working on building your brand. This doesn’t mean you’ll aim for big publications from day one. Move ahead with patience but NEVER confine yourself as a writer. You are a brand, not just a writer.

3) When you’re starting, dont restrict yourself to a particular niche. Explore. The more you’ll explore, the more you’ll learn. The more you’ll learn, the more you’ll realise your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Graphic Designing

Because of its term, graphic design does not seem to be as tricky as it looks. Graphic designing as it name implies involves designing graphics or sometimes editing images.

If you can produce stunning graphics using various tools, you can charge a fair price for your graphic design services. To make detailed images, you can use apps like Canva or Picsart. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop can be used to create more advanced and exclusive photographs.

Photoshop has a lot of capabilities. A newcomer, on the other hand, maybe feels overwhelmed by its sophistication. So for that matter, you can go with the free and simple apps for creating eye-catching graphics. You could then move on to Photoshop if you really need to switch on to more sophisticated functionality.

You have a lot of opportunities for working with photographs and making money online. Start with logo design, drawings, comics, and album covers, then move on to website design, social media covers, banner advertising, Infographic design, and presentation design to explore more opportunities.

Expert Advice: Mihir Gadhvi –

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/mihir1255

One can begin career in designing as –

  • Web or App layout designer.
  • Motion graphic designer
  • Static (like logo/banners) graphics designer

Anyone can start but basic should learn because it helps a lot in advanced level of learning.

One needs to figure out where to make the career. Majorly, there are two big markets for designing in India.

A. Print designs – coral draw used.

B. Digital designs – Adobe Illustrator.

Print can provide you decent and stable income while digital can give you good growth.

Initially one can learn the the offline institute or if you are dedicated then you can also learn from the Youtube. There are also some blogs as well. You can visit dribble, behance, pinterest like sites to take some designing inspirations.

One can provide the designing services to startups, local businesses for creating mockups, logos, etc.

Solid Tip: Don’t copy from some else design. create your own designs. We interview candidates in our company for graphic designer profile. Some of them just copy paste the designs in their own portfoilio. We have explored a lot so we know where the designs come from. Don’t do that please.

Adobe gives students free access for premium or you can email them to get access to Adobe Illustrator. Canva can also be used for this because there are many features available in it to create attractive designs.

Tips to getting success as Graphic Designer –

  1. Main part is color combination. Make the design that customer like, not the one you like. Do market study about existing designs in the industry and realize what you can do from your side.
  2. To escape designing lag, you must talk to expert designers, listen to podcasts, join designing communities to get good knowledge. They can also sort out your many problems.
  3. Web designing is quite trendy. Designing aspirants can give a shot as a beginner.
  4. Know the client requirements. Know the primary and seconday color of brand. What they want to portray? Gather as much as information. The text you write on the designs is also very important.
  5. Font has big role in designing. Test different fonts to find which suits better.

Graphic designing runs on trial and failure. So don’t get disheartened when client doesn’t like the design you create. This is purely subjective. If you are into freelancing, convincing to client is essential. Client may ask the message or logic behind the design.

4. Video Editing

Video editing is another freelance way to make money online.. Many businesses look for video creators in order to market their products and services online among their target audience so there is a huge demand in this field.

To create and edit videos, there are a variety of software programs available on the market. You get to choose any of those based on your skills. Even smartphone applications are becoming smarter with their ability to edit stunning videos.

For an amateur, Filmora seems to be the ideal tool for learning video editing. It has basic features that are available which keep things easy to use. Here, anybody can begin editing clips. Adobe After Effects is also a competent and specialized editing tool used by pros.

 When you progress as an editor, you will be able to use these more specialized editing tools to earn money online at no additional expense. As a result, anyone who can create and build videos with special effects has a lot of choices as video editor.

Expert Advice : Ankit Joshi

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/joshiankit994

Start with learning things. Many courses are available on Udemy or Youtube to learn video editing. First you have to decide the software what you want to learn like you want to learn the basic editing or the vfx part. You must have the dedication to learn the editing. If you regularly practice then it will improve your skills. It all depends on your dedication.

Initially, you must select the software. Some good software for video editing are Adobe Premire Pro, Filmora, and Camtesia.

When you are just beginning, try the movie maker application. You can also use the ice-cream video editor. Search the old version because new version has the 10 minutes limit. This is free and very easy to use.

For an upgrade, you can use Filmora or Camtesia. You can also find the premade templates for these applications which are useful to create good videos.

There are many platforms like fiverrr, freelancer, upwork. My first priority is to work locally first. If anyone can get work locally it will be good. You can contact to local schools, studios and offer your services. It will help you creating the portfolio. It can also make some money.

You can also shoot with the client. If you shoot yourself then you would know about the video. While editing you will have the idea what to add, edit or cut from the video.

Online platforms are also handly. In beginning you have to work with someone because you have to show the folio on these platforms . By working locally you can arrange that folio too.

Practice editing as much as possible. Crop, edit, addition, all you will learn by practicing. Even you work free online then it can help you to create long term partnerships.

Create youtube videos and edit them. Youtube is also a decent earning source.

Online basically you can start with hourly basis. You get paid hourly basis as per your efficiency. You can take $10 per hour and go up  as per the work quality. You can also charge per video but some videos are light to edit but some demands good editing work. So you can’t fix the price.

5. Become a Youtuber

There seems to be a perception that launching a Channel on YouTube isn’t any more “worth it” because the platform has already produced all of the billionaires. That’s not true. And, Of course, you do have a shot of making it happen, but not as simple as being a YouTube star overnight.

If you want to create a YouTube channel, the very first step is to choose a niche for your videos. Get a decent concept of which sectors you’ll cover in your videos. Highlight the aim you would like to accomplish for your channel so that your videos serve a purpose. This will assist you in getting off to a solid and reliable start rather than having to cover all at once.

Your initial videos will never be flawless, no matter how many countless hours of work you put into them. Examining how people respond to YouTube videos is the perfect way to improve them. Is there something in particular that they prefer or dislike? You could also use YouTube Analytics to learn more about how much the video keeps viewers engaged.

Expert Advice- Roshan Motwani

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/motwaniroshan

Have quality content in your videos to keep the audience engaged . You must have knowledge about the topic you are talking about and have experience.

Books reviews type of videos are trending now these days. If anyone wants to create the engaging content in this niche then first read the complete book then share the personal views via videos.

Technical Requirement:

Microphone and camrera if you show your face. Free software for editing. Quick player is good for normal cut and past videos. For audio, you can use Audacity

If you don’t have pc then you can also do Youtubing with mobile. Use app like inshort. Many youtubers use mobile for youtubing.

Pro Tip: Patience is the key.

How to Clear the Confusion about Format?

You don’t know what your audience like. Whatever in hand post it. If your audience doesn’t like you can remove it later. People usually don’t remember the videos. By experiments, you can get to know the taste of your audience.

Don’t overjudge yourself. It is nowhere going to break your image.

How to Fnd Topics?

Initially you will face the problems in finding the topics. But by the time when you keep creating and posting videos you will get to know about it.

Once you get to know the taste of your videos, you will learn what should be made.

Still you face problem then go to youtube then search the topic, you will get lots of ideas related to your topic.

How to Drive Traffic?

It depends on how many videos have been created on that specific topic. If there are less videos, you can get good traffic if your video is good.

To drive traffic from the auto suggestion, you must be consistent. As per my personal experience, consistency helps in getting into related videos.

You can leverage the youtube shorts. You have the great opportunity to see the growth in less time by utilising shorts. They have given us amazing results. Leverage it as soon as possible.

How to Overcome the Perfection Problem

You need to train your mind that there is nothing like perfection. Sometimes mistakes are made in our videos too. If you content is good, the mistakes get masked under it.

Whatever you create any video, please post it. You learn over the time.


  1. Start using shorts. It is giving us awesome results.
  2. Original content grabs the audience. It increases the engagement.
  3. Start as soon as possible. It is the key. Competition is everywhere but audience is also vast. So you will also get your chunk of audience. Overanalysis create paralysis.

Tools suggestion:

VidIQ – it shows the ranking on tags.

6. Subtitlers or Voice Over Jobs

One of the easy and enjoyable works you can do online is writing subtitles for YouTube videos. With payment ranging from $1 to $4 per minute, subtitle translation is a valued skill. That ought to be easy enough. 

However, to stand out from other people and secure more subtitles jobs, you have to sharpen your skills regularly like communicating a long conversation within few words without losing its essence so that people love to listen to you. 

Another nice part of online jobs is that you can start gaining decent money by doing voice-over for requested videos. In the smartphone generation, there’s a boom happening in the voiceover industry, creating a huge demand for freelancers or narrators. In 2018 around 390.9 people used the Internet using their mobile phones, and the number is expected to rise 500.9 by the year 2023. 

Anyone with strong verbal skills and the ability to articulate themselves will quickly succeed in this profession and gain more profit.

You can start with free resources available to you like LinkedIn and Fiverr to get started with subtitles and voice-over jobs and connect with other subtitlers/artists to have an added advantage of continuous learning. 

7. Become a Social Media Influencer

Are you aware of social media’s potential? Do you know 70% of all internet users are on Facebook and 23% are on Instagram? It allows you the ability to meet an infinite number of people in a matter of seconds. You may be aware of the influence of various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. Being actively accessible to people via these networks will help you scale the sales.

Consider the opportunities if you have a Facebook or Instagram page of tens of thousands of supporters. You can make money in India or abroad by doing a variety of activities and running paid promotions on it. Influencer marketing is the term used for it.

Companies are paying largely in return for brand marketing because they want to sell their products through powerful influencers in their niche. However, the sum depends on a lot of determining factors such as the number of likes/followers, the region, and interaction. 

By giving away valuable items, you can boost your social media following largely. People who want to learn will join you if you share your experience on these social networks. Simply keep delivering useful insights to help them better their lives.

Instagram is now gaining a lot of attention in India. If you haven’t taken benefit from the massive potential of Instagram, you are missing out on a lot of things. It’s never too late to learn how to be an Instagram influencer in your field. You will be able to earn money online today with ease if you have your own fan base.

So, whether you’re passionate about building a robust social presence for your company or yourself, get started today. It’s a resource you can grow over a significant period of time and earn a tremendous amount of money.

Expert Advice: Mohit Verma

Mohit is a Content Creator and he has been in online world from a long time. He is know for awesome tech tips and hacks. You can find his work on Mohit’s Instagram handle.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/mvmickeyvirus

Social media influencing is a responsible work as per my opinion because you share knowledge with your audience and they follow it as well. So it’s your responsibility to share which actually adds value to the life. If you are passionate about something, then you can start sharing your knowledge with the people through social media platforms like Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc.

If you are got interest into Education then start sharing tips related for the same, similarly if one got interest into mobiles, Then start creating content around it. Interest is in the core of the social media influencing. Let me give some simple tips which you can apply as begineer.

  1. Don’t go after the money in the beginning. Focusing only on money will make you demotivated soon. Once you gain few hundreds followers and start expecting loads of money, it is not going to happen anwhere soon. Maintain cosistency in initial months. As I know starting 3-4 months you can’t expect any income. Once your gain at least 10k plus followers then brands may consider your Insta profile for sponsored posts.
  2. Be consistent is updating content. Consistent publishing keeps your profile visible to the audience which further gets you more followers.
  3. Improve the quality of the information you are sharing and make it visually appealing.
  4. The foremost thing is patience. You have to be patient to see the actual growth on your Insta handle.

Expert Advice 2- Mohit Jain

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/MohitJainHere

If you are really interested into something then you can easily excel in the field. You really want to do it then you will do it anyway.

When the trend was started in vlogging, only few people used to create the videos. They were creating because they loved doing it. Do something because you actually love it. Don’t go after the money in the beginning always follow your interest.

Don’t follow any course which people are selling these days. There are many blogs out there. Blogs cotain very good information. Many people are consuming only video info but written content also have good information. And they are easily available online. You just need to search online if you want to produce quality work as per your interest.

Tips to start as a Social Media Influencer:-

Discipline is must. If you are doing social media then you need to be consistent. Suppose your are a photographer, or design creatives, or create memes then you need to create them on regular basis.

Don’t lose hope if you don’t get any traction in the beginning. If your content is good in quality then you will see growth sooner or later. You need to publish on daily basis to see the results. If you see that like, followers, subscribers are not coming, don’t mind. It will grow by the time.

Here are few important tips from my side: –

  • To grow in instagram, posts at least 3 times in which one is post, one is reel and one is video. Do it consistenly and focus on hashtags. Your hashtags should be relevant to the posts. Use location related hasgtags. If it is related to any specific city or location then mention hastag related to that location. Instagram is everything about visual so have good visuals on your profile. Many tools out there use them. For videos, use the inshort, it’s a great tool to edit videos. I personally use it. It has some great features. Canva is amazing online tool for creating images, videos, gifs.
  • You must have a strategy. You must post on right time. Check when the followers come online. As per my experience in india, we get most engagement at 9am. At right time we get most engagement. 3 or 4 pm you may get good traction and 9pm in the night. Suppose you are putting a photo of sunrise at 10 pm then you can’t expect the traction. Don’t put just content regoriously. Apply your mind.
  • Have at least one year target to see the substantial growth. Today is competition in the market. In 3 to 4 months you won’t see big traction. Have yearly target for any social media you want to grow on.
  • You must put content on the all the social media. If you are creating content for insta then also put same content on the other social media as well.
  • As a beginner, you must put the good information. If you are creating a brand page then have a good name. If you are starting with your name then have your name into the handle name. Don’t change the basic information about the page once you setup the page. Get the information about the niche of your page and put it creatively on your page. Have selfconfidence that your page will grow. Don’t get disheartened by the talks of relatives, acquaintances, friends, family etc. If you love it then keep it up.  

8. Blogging 

Blogging is the best and easiest way to share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with people all over the world. You can also make a noticeable online presence with your personal blog. This is the most efficient way to connect with people online and raise money online. Furthermore, creating a blog and earning money through a variety of monetization methods is easy.

On several platforms, you can build a free blog by selecting a profitable niche. These platforms guide you through the process of creating a free blog and monetizing it with Google AdSense.

People choose to buy a personal domain name for their blog instead of using a free one. You can also go for a self-hosted blog where you will have complete control of your website. There are some advantages of having a self-hosted blog over one that is hosted for free.

You have complete access to all of your data and information here. You purchased your site’s domain name and hosting. It means that no one can hurt or destroy your website without your permission. Many websites provide free forums for creating blogs, but these websites retain complete control. You can’t fully configure or alter the settings on your website.

Earning money through blogging takes time, but once you rank your blog higher in search engines and acquire a significant amount of traffic, you can generate lakhs from your blog easily.  

Expert Advice: Nikhil

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/nikki9460087108

Professional Blogging is being considered as a full time career option. I am into blogging since 2015. I had started my first blog was started on 11 May 2015.

You can also take blogging as full time career if you love sharing information with the people. If the content you have can help people to solve their problems, you can put it on the blog and start career as a blogger.

The most important thing is blog niche. Niche is all about you would write on your blog. It can be anything like Food, cooking, lifestyle, DIY, business, marketing, dogs, or whatever you like in your blogging niche because when you start a blog on your personal interest then there are high chances that you would be highly motivated to find new information about it. This way you would have enough content to write about.

Tips to start career into Blogging:-

1. Starting career as blogger needs some initial investment of time for gaining basic knowledge about blogging. Start watching videos related to blogging on Youtube. Moreover, learn SEO as well. It will help you to drive traffic to your blog.

2. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. So if you think that from the first month you will be making 1000 dollar a month then forget it. It is not going to happen anywhere soon. Blogging takes lots of efforts + discipline + consistency. First add quality content to your blog.

3. Before starting a blog you must decide the monetisation method for it. Whether you will use Affiliate or contextual advertisement programs like Adsense to monetise your blog.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is for you if you’re desperate to sell online and you’re a hard worker who wishes to make lots of money. Due to the rapid rise of internet shopping, affiliate marketing has more opportunities than ever before. About 15-20% of ecommerce customers purchase a product through affiliate referral programs.

The basis of affiliate marketing work through the power of links placed anywhere between your content or your website landing page. Here all you have to do is contact cooperative partnerships associated with mind-boggling products and services like Amazon, Flipkart, Click bank, etc. that your audience finds interesting to purchase.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you could always email the advertiser to ask for a review of a product and get paid for it. Another way is to purchase the commodity and then write a review to earn a commission when anyone buys the product from your referral.

For instance, if you are able to generate 10 leads per day, you can make something between $200-$300 easily.

To master the art of earning commission from affiliate marketing, invest your time learning, researching, measuring your performance, and optimizing it for better results.

Expert Advice: Kulwant Nagi

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/kulwant.nagi

We got a chance to get some amazing tips from popular Affiliate Marketer – Kulwant Nagi to start career in affiliate marketing. Here are some of his amazing tips-

1. Stop chasing high search volume keywords, which are going to make millionaire. Learn the basics and then scale it by replicating the learnings.

2. Being a newbie the biggest focus must be on making your first $1 online, then focus on $10, then $100 and then $1000. The problem is, most of the newbies start with the focus of $1000 and they end up losing the game.

3. When you are a newbie, try to find the keywords having search volume less than 2000.. Yes, you read it right, a good affiliate keyword having 2000 searches per month is more than enough to generate good income online. So target such keywords and learn how to rank it (or how to make money with it by running paid ads). Once the money is coming, now replicate the game and start generating more money.

My formula is – Start Small, Expand Big.

10. Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is simply a website address (for example, ‘google.com’ or ‘amazon.co.uk’), with various extensions such as.com, .net, and. co. 

You can register or buy the top-quality domain names for as low as $0.99 from Go Daddy, and garner thousands if not millions when you sell it further.

You might not find it intriguing at a time, but with little persuasion and understanding of domain flipping; you can easily earn some bucks from it.

The key is to find appropriate domain names with any financial value, purchase those, and then sell them on a domain trading platform.

Before you start this business, you must be an expert, or you should learn everything about it.

When businesses can’t locate the domain they want, they call the domain owner for a discount, and you have the power to set the price. You can also bring your domains up for sale on domain marketplaces like Flippa so that customers can purchase them at the price you want.

Expert Advice: Pankaj Vijayvergiya

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/pankajvjv

Domains are the real estate of internet which are being sold in millions. For example Domain Fb.com was purchased by the Facebook in $8.5 million. Abof.com was acquired by the Aditya birla group in $22,000. There are more in the list like Internet.com ($18 million), VacationRentals.com ($35 million), and Insurance.com ($35.6 million). To start with domaining, you need to be informed about the basics. I suggest two strategies for finding good domains.

First one is keeping a close eye on “expired domains” – domains which were dropeed by the previous owners, and now publicly available for register. This is a gold mine.

Second is register domains as per trends. Like people who registered domain names related to Donald Trumph few months back made their investment multifold. As trend starts, try to find out the terms related to that specific trend and register domains accordingly. We register trendy domains names for the price of Rs 200–700 and flip them between $2,000–$10,000 figures to international clients.

Tips to Start with Domaining:

1. As I told you keep an eye on trendy and expired domains to turn your investment multifold.

2. Don’t just end up buying any other domain. Do proper research for taget market size, buyer interest, upcoming trends, etc.

3. You can sell domain to end user or a reseller. For end user, do a quick Google search with your domain name and find the websites/individuals who are running business related to your keyword. For domain reselling, you can explore NamePros.com (forum format, free) and Sedo.com (paid).

4. Better go with a simple domain names. Those are the costliest and most sought-after.

11. Transcription Jobs

This choice of web-based work for students is similar to data entry but requires some more commitment. You would be provided audio files to transcribe it into the written format as a transcriptionist.

If you’ve had a decent typing speed and the ability to concentrate, this is a simple and well-paying online work for students at home. More the stuff you can focus on and quicker you write, the more profit you can raise!

12. Work as a Virtual Assistant

You may refer to it as a virtual assistant or a business assistant. This is also convenient work to do from home. Depending on the work criteria and your qualifications, you can receive anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour.

Many individuals work with businesses and customers as virtual assistants. Here, you must fulfill their daily operations or tasks in order to meet their company’s needs.

You could effectively serve as a virtual assistant doing accounting tasks, social media monitoring, market analysis, marketing plans, marketing services, technical consultation, financial consulting, corporate strategy, email marketing, and presentations, among many other things.

To make money online without spending any more money, being a virtual assistant is a good idea. You simply need to put together a portfolio to begin contacting potential customers and people will find you for a variety of small jobs.

Expert Advice: Jatin Singh

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Well career as VA can be good side business or for paying your school/college fees.

BUT i will not suggest you to be full time VA because its not that lucrative and very time consuming

As a student its a great option to earn money and study side by side.

Also it gives you the opportunity to learn new strategies that big guys use in their field.

You get to know their work ethics, SOPs, work culture, how they operate etc.

I got my first client with the help of one of my close friend and it gave me so much knowledge + experience that now I can easily get as much clients as I want.

So over all its a great job to do as a student : great opportunities, alot you can learn and earn at the same time.

3 Powerful Tips to Start career as VA

1. You dont need to be fluent in english or good in grammer to get VA jobs, they see your skills whatever your field is be it seo, SMO or writing . So don’t backoff if you dont know proper english or lack communication skills.

2. Be Honest about your work and skillsets, if you lack any skillset or dont know to perform the given task, ask them they will teach you properly and provide you all the resources needed to sharpen your skillsets free of cost.

3. Last but not the least: Dont hesitate to learn new things, Ask them to provide you the tutorials or resouces needed to learn that skill or method. I wasnt good at email outreach and told my client that I want to learn and he introduced me to his email marketing guide and they taught me everyhthing about email outreach even gave me 1 campaign to run by my own.

13. Become a Consultant

Sharing your knowledge and offering your insights on other people’s project creation will help you earn money. Anyone with considerable experience in any core skill can work as a consultant and locate clients via the Internet. 

Becoming a consultant, you don’t need to have a tremendous talent or be a specialist; all you must do is outperforming your customer.

Here, you will assist your customers in expanding their horizons. They will get more business as a result of your ideas, and you will be paid for each good consulting hour.

However, to differentiate yourself from other consultants, pick a niche you are an expert in rather than trying to do everything. Make sure you know all nuts and bolts of your selected niche to excel in this career choice as a business consultant.

Expert Advice 1: Ritabh Pandey

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If you are an aspiring consultant, congratulations; you have just made yourself a part of a $250 Billion industry. Consulting is the most flexible trade that a person can be involved. Today, consulting services range from Agriculture to Technology, covering almost every industry with new opportunities emerging every day.

If you are an aspiring consultant, here are a few things that can help you :

1. Identify your skill : As the areas of consulting are overwhelming in number, it is extremely important to identify the niche that you will be working in. As you will be starting without a proven track record, take on the smallest projects you can find which lie in your area of strength. I started with Advertising and Marketing as I had a unique view on the subject and slowly expanded on the offerings gaining knowledge on the job.

2. Survey your skill : Once you have identified your area of consulting, look at some of the success stories and failure stories of brands/companies in that area. Build your own strategy of things you would have done differently and discuss your plan with a lot of people, recording their honest insight. Often, you will be able to recognize the shortcomings of your plan and learn from your conversations.

3. Start local : Start your journey by identifying local businesses in your area that might need your services or would benefit from them. Build a relationship with them and start working. If your skill helps them, they will value your advice/work and engage in more projects.

4. Expand through friends : While working with your initial clients, try to understand their business process and pain points. If a product/service doesn’t solve an existing problem, it won’t sell. If you identify opportunities in a different area of consulting, try finding a like-minded peer who specializes in that area and would be willing to work with you. Now, you are consulting in more than one areas. You can also find existing consultants in those areas and partner with them.

5. Failure is learning : At the start of your journey, sometimes things won’t work out the way you want them to. Hence, it is important to learn from these experiences. It is also necessary to maintain your relationship with a client. A refund for your failure and acceptance might go a long way towards maintaining your relationship. Although you didn’t make money in that specific case, you have learned something that will help you make more money in the future.

Expert Advice 2: Vinayak Kejriwal:

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Read as much as you can, and before consulting you should be aware about the ins and outs of the topic. Don’t give any random advice if you are not sure about it, try to back everything with logic and data and never run behind money.

Expert Advice 3: Mansi Rastogi

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Consulting is actually the business of your expertise. Consultants are a cross between Advisors and Strategists. So if someone is looking to make their career as a consultant. My only real advice to them would be to do 3 things.

1) Go deep with knowledge not wide. For anyone who wants to be an expert at anything they need deep expertise on the subject. Generalists are not considered experts, Specialists are.

2) Get into the trenches and learn the job you want to be an expert at first. Before you sell the expertise, you need to be an expert. I know it seems obvious but people forget the value of experience and are in a hurry to call themselves experts. In my book, ok to say “I’m training to be an expert” if you are just starting out.

3) Learn to package & sell YOU and your knowledge. The business of expertise means you’re selling not only what you know but also who you are. Because no matter how much you think someone is an expert, if he/she is a jerk, you won’t do business with them. People do business with people they like and trust. The sooner you realise that the faster you will climb the ladder.

Final Words

The Internet itself offers a plethora of legitimate ways to earn money online. However, you can devote your initial time to learning a variety of new items, such as EBooks, posts, and journals, in order to expand your skills. I have provided you a lot of tips and ways to make money with online ways. Now it’s up to you how much time you invest in learning skills and scale it as high as possible.

Working online will not only help you gain a respectable income in a matter of months but can make you a millionaire if you are consistent and dedicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Start Making Money as a Student?

There are numerous websites/jobs on the Internet that allow students to earn money by completing basic tasks. To get started, all you have to do is discover your interests, choose an industry based on your expertise/skills, shortlist appropriate jobs/platforms and start making money.

Is there a way I can earn money for free?

No, you can never make money for free for a long period of time. You always have to learn something and then apply your skillset to generate money out of it. Even if by chance you make free money in the beginning, you will not be able to retain it for long.

What are the Online Jobs for Students without Investment?

You have many opportunities like blogging, graphic designing, transcribing, freelancing, etc., as listed above, which require no investment to get started.

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