How to Make Money Online As a Teen

It is a common phenomenon that every year we see teens trying to make some money during the summer break or even during regular school days. Are you a teen and searching to find some ways to make money online? Then you are at the right place. There are ways for teens like you to earn money.

how to make money online as a teen

Today’s teen have various qualities that make them stand out amongst many. Some have excellent writing skills, some selling and some may be in making crafts or collecting antique. Using these qualities and the help of the net, teens do have ways to make money online. Let us see some of them. Online means of legitimate ways of making money can be found searching the web. Here are some:

>> Selling goods online


It may be that you have lots of things in your basement collecting dust. You may sell them online and make some money. It may come to your mind as a teen what you can sell. You can sell anything from your old video games to books that you do not use anymore. If you could convince your parents for some start-up cash, you may buy some books and vintage goods and sell them on eBay for some profit.

>> Earn by Writing Articles


Many teens have excellent writing skill. This opens a new horizon to them to make just by writing some sensible things. Isn’t it amazing that you can earn money seating at your home comfort and typing on your computer? No need to go anywhere or to satisfy anyone with your job, just be your own boss and earn. You can write your article and post them at different sites and make money as the article of yours is sold out. So, happy writing and earning.

>>Review and earn


Nothing to worry if you can’t write. There are other means too. People search the web for searching things to buy. They try to find reviews so that they can take a correct decision on things to buy. So, writing reviews is another method of earning money online. If you like to share your opinion, then you have plenty of ways. You can even listen to music and share your thoughts about the same and earn money. It may be hard to believe, but it is true.

>> Program and Earn Online


Do you have any knowledge of the programming language? If you have, then there are lots of opportunities for you online. You can do certain programming and earn real cash. If you choose this option, then you must be a bit cautious. You need to do research on the website for which you are programming. You must be sure that the site is legitimate.

>> Earn by Surveying and Surfing


You must be using the net. There are sites all over those who pay you just for doing some surveys or even surfing that particular site. You just need to sign up for free; you need only your e-mail address, mailing address and phone, which you have. So, you are ready to earn money. Just share your opinion in some survey, and you earn hard cash.

>> Viewing Ads and Make Money


When you are online you must have seen that there are various ads coming up, these also mean that will help you to make money. There are certain advertising sites which require you to visit the ads and be there for a period of time and get cash. Isn’t it amazing? So, begin looking for ads and earn.

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>> Be a website tester


Being a website tester also gives you the money that your love to have. For this, you will require a webcam as you have to record your reaction. The job that you have to do is speaking out your opinion about any site, game video or prototype. In this method, you can earn as high as $10 in 10-12 minutes. Like to do it! Be online and earn.

>> Teach and Earn


There are sites that give you the opportunity to earn by making someone learn something. These tutorial sites are many and have a different level of learning that can be given. You just need to select the level that you are comfortable with and teach online about the subject of your choice. This will make you the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.

>> Start your own business


How would you like to be your boss? You must be having qualities like painting, singing or dancing. Show your qualities to certain advertising sites. They will hire you for performing those qualities for their ads and you in turn earn.

>> Earn by Scanning


As soon as your mother brings in the groceries your work starts, as because you need to scan those. Amazed and feeling why? Here is the answer. You need to be a member of NCP. When you become a member, you are given access to their app, and you have to scan the barcode of the products brought, and add some additional information like from where they are bought and what price. Every week the points that you earn can be redeemed for cash. So, are you ready with your phone?

>> Download and Earn


There are certain app sites that pay you just to install their app. You just have to download and install, and you are ready to have some cash transferred to your PayPal account.

>> Be a Virtual Call Center Agent


You can be a virtual call centre agent and earn. You will be given proper training as to what to do. When you are ready as your phone rings from a customer, a script will pop up on your screen and you just have to say those word by word. You have the option to select your shift timings. This also gives you an amazing way to earn online.

So, as you see, there are various options that you can choose from. Now it is up to you to choose according to your taste and ability. So, choose one and earn some cash for a day out. 🙂

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