How to Make Highly Shareable Videos for Your Blog 

It doesn’t matter if you have a website for your blog or your YouTube channel, the most important thing is the video, which is now one of the most important and highly shareable forms of content. 

You can write a great blog post using today’s highly efficient content writing tools, but it still may not be as successful as one viral video that will delight your subscribers who would want to share it with their friends, colleagues, or relatives, depending on the nature of the motion picture and its theme. 

Every blogger understands that a couple of highly shareable videos on a blog can lead to more subscribers who will be interested in other previously created content. In this regard, many are wondering how to make a video that would become a big hit. 

The problem is that there is no single concept or perfect video ideas to choose that are guaranteed to lead to such a result. Moreover, even many low-quality videos can be widely distributed on the network if users find them funny or highly valuable. It should be understood that the nature of such clips is spontaneous. However, everyone can make an effort to try to get closer to such a stunning result. 

In this article, we will show you how you can try to create a viral video with a cool idea and the best video editing software. 

Where to begin 

Before considering the marketing side of the clip you want to create, you need to go through the stages of preparation and creation. Start with brainstorming for inspiration and ideas, writing the story, filming process, and post-editing. 

Finding inspiration and writing a step-by-step script 

If you trace the most viewed videos in history, you can understand that for the most part, those that entertain, amuse and make users laugh become viral. Among all the video ideas, you should consider: 

  • Comedy clip. In this theme, you can come up with anything from funny everyday activities to curiosities at work or in public places. The main thing is that the camera is always at hand, and you have time to capture funny moments. 
  • Music clip. This includes both unusual covers of popular music tracks by world-famous music artists and parodies of music videos. 
  • Challenges. Suffice it to recall some of the most viral trends of recent years, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, Tetris Challenge, Harlem Shake, and many others. You don’t even need to reinvent the wheel, but simply join the trends. 
  • Videos about pets and kids. Such clips collect a huge number of views. Children and animals touch and amuse all spectators, especially if they do something funny and unusual. 
  • Pranks. Such clips can be both a huge success and become infamous. It all depends on what kind of prank you are going to shoot. There are a huge number of cases when such videos were out of line and caused great indignation of the viewers. If you do not want to see this effect, then you should choose a theme that will not harm anyone and write a perfect video script. 

Filming process 

Having found inspiration and an idea, as well as having a ready action plan, that is, a script, you can begin the filming process. In this process, it is important to create conditions so that in the end, the shots turn out to be impeccable. That is, you should consider that your camera allows you to receive a high-quality image so that you can be heard well, and also that there is enough lighting. 


No one requires you to have perfect video editing skills. However, this should not be neglected, as it will increase your chance of success. Therefore, it is worth arming yourself with simple video editors like WeVideo or Movavi Video Editor Plus, which will be easy to use for beginners, as well as have a set of useful features and tools. 

You can start by trimming the pieces that should be in the final product, arranging them in the right order, and then working on finishing your clip to perfection. This can be achieved by applying video effects, which you can find in a huge library of video editors. Take care to choose background music that will set the mood for the entire clip. 


Because there is no shortage of video content, many bloggers find it difficult to get their content to go viral. In this case, you should know what mistakes to avoid in your blog if you are just starting to develop in this field. 

It’s also worth knowing how to promote your content, and in particular the video you want to be seen by as many people as possible. First of all, you should get acquainted with what SEO is and start using SEO tricks that will lead you to the desired result. 

Having created a video, you have to work on coming up with a title, not just an attractive title, but one by which people will find it, that is, it is worth using SEO keywords and tips for writing a title. 

The same work needs to be done with writing a description. There, you can mention what the clip will be about, as well as use other thematic keywords that you have not yet used in writing the title. Thus, you can expand the number of requests for which users will be able to see your motion picture. 

If you are an active user of social networks, then be sure to share the post about the release of your video on your different accounts. This is how your friends and followers will know about it. In the video itself, be sure to encourage viewers to share the video, as well as subscribe to your accounts on other social platforms. 

Depending on where you’re going to post, check out the format requirements, as different web resources have different requirements, and doing this in advance can save you a lot of time. 


There is no single recipe for creating highly shareable videos. Most of these clips become popular randomly. However, every blogger has the opportunity to improve their chances of success by choosing a fun topic, organizing the right shooting process, and editing the video using useful features and video editing tools. In addition, do not forget about marketing and SEO optimization, which will bring new viewers to you. 

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