How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

You would have noticed on few posts on Facebook that you want to share them, but there is no share button exists. This is possible because of various reasons. The solution exists in Facebook itself. Just need to tweak few settings and you can make your Facebook posts shareable..

So let’s start with the tutorial…

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

How to Make Facebook Posts Shareable

You post something really interesting and assume that people will share it like crazy, but see that post didn’t receive a single share. Well, some other reasons can be there that your posts didn’t receive any share, but no any reason should come from your side that prevent users from sharing your useful posts on Facebook. The absence of sharing button can create this blunder. Don’t worry. A simple change in privacy setting can resolve the issue.

How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable After It’s Already Posted?

  • Click on the trible dot (…) as showing in the screenshot.
  • Next click on edit from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the highlighted area in screenshot and select either public or Friends. Select “Friends” to allow friends to sharing posts. Select public if you want anyone can see the posts.

How To Make Future Posts Shareable On Facebook?

  • Click on the drop-down arrow at right top corner in your FB profile.
drop down arrow in fb
  • Select Settings & Privacy and then select Privacy Checkup.
  • Select “who can see what you share”.
  • Hit ‘continue’.
  • Locate Future Posts tab and select ‘public’.
future posts change
  • Follow the further instructions on the screen.

How To Make A Post Shareable In A Private Group

A group can be either public or private which further decides you can share posts from the group or not. Public group is open to share by everyone even if you are not member of the group. Just click on share button underneath the group post and hit appropriate option from the list.

On the other hand, Private groups don’t allow sharing outside the group. To implement the same, share button is absent underneath private group posts. These posts are shareable with group members only.

Sharing From Pages

The Facebook pages are public and open for all. Anyone can view and share the posts published on any page. Click on the share button underneath any post on page and select appropriate place to share from the list.

Sharing Posts From Friends

Sharing posts from friend is totally depends on the privacy setting of your friend’s profile. If you can’t see the share button along with the posts, then the posts are not meant to be avail for sharing with the people. Still, you want to share the same post, ask your friend to switch privacy setting to ‘friends’ for that specific post.

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