How to Keep Bugs/Spider/ Insects Away From Security Cameras? Tips to Protect Your Security Camera Like a Pro.

Every person installs a CCTV camera for the security of his home. But what do you think installing CCTV Camera is a complete task in itself?

A big no..!!

There is nuisance around your Security cameras, which you need to focus on and rectify as fast as you can. And it is not a one-day process; you have to focus on it regularly.

So What they nuisances are?

Many spiders, their webs, Moths, beetles, odor bugs, and other insects with phototoxicity are the main culprits that create hassles in the process.

How to Keep Bugs Away From Security Cameras

This is even exacerbated when using a security camera system with a software-based motion sensor. It disrupts the visibility and overfills your house with false alarms whenever you cross the sensor.

And always remember that the infrared LEDs of your night vision security cameras are prone to bugs because LEDs emit heat that attracts unwanted guests around your security camera.

So how can one keep his security camera safe from bugs?

Here I have shared the ten best ways to help you save your security camera from bugs; let’s hit the nail on the head.

1# Install an Outdoor Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper hit flying insects like moths and beetles. And when moths and beetles are not found near your security camera, the spiders will also not come in search of their food.

I recommend you install Black+decker bug zapper. It is superb in performance that combines UV light and electrified grid to hit the flying insects. It keeps the nocturnal bugs away from your security camera.

2# Turn Off the IR LED

As I have already mentioned, IR LEDs are the biggest attraction for bugs. So, you can turn your IR LEDs off and keep your security camera safe from bugs. Whenever you turn off IR LEDs, bugs go to another light source.

Remember that turning off the IR LED will limit the camera performance in the dark whenever you turn off the IR LED. So keep your outdoor lamps on to throw some light and make the area illuminate.

If you don’t have the option of an outdoor lamp, you can use trial cameras that provide night vision without a red light.

3# Make your CCTV Camera housing slippery.

We are humans, and we have feelings. Sometimes most of us don’t want to kill small creatures. I have a solution for this. If you don’t want to kill them, you can stop them. You can make the surface of your security camera smooth; with this, spiders can’t hang on their webs or crawl on them and leave the house they built nearby your security camera.

A silicon-based lubricant WD-40 Specialist is the best straw spray that can effectively smooth your security camera surface and keep your security camera bug-free.

4# Use Sticky Gnat Outdoor Trap

Nobody likes sticky hands. Even mosquitos hated it, as they can’t move whenever they get sticky hands.

And this is the idea here.

You can use a sticky gnat outdoor trap to keep your security cameras safe from bugs. With its help, you can catch flying and crawling insects using glue stips.

Outdoor flying inset sticky sheets are the best glue strips available in the market, which you can place on the camera below and above. So whenever an insect comes to the security camera, it will stick to that sticky paste and not come out.

5# Controlled release insect killer Strip

These strips help you to eliminate flying and crawling bugs at once. It contains a disinfectant fumigant that releases a deep penetrating vapor in a controlled way and kills the insects over time or instead until the pesticide contained is gone. That’s another sound idea to keep your security camera away from bugs.

I recommend you the best insect killer fumigant Hot Shot no pest strip. It shows promising results over time.

6# Apply insecticide around your CCTV camera

It is the simplest method to save your security cameras from insects. You need to apply pesticides. Spray pesticides on and around your weatherproof security cameras. Insects and spiders will not come closer after using this pesticide.

For this, you need the pesticide that works best in the open air. I suggest you go for Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer. It is specially designed for outdoor use and gives good results.

7# Use Insect repellent bracelet band.

Have you ever used dryer sheets? That saves your security camera by applying a solid odor. This is a similar method of that.

It is an insect-repellent band that comes in a stretchable coil bracelet which makes it handy. You need to slide this in your security camera, and you will get rid of the flying insects.

The best insect repellent bracelet in the market is Evergreen Research Superband. It is not only waterproof but also eco-friendly. And show great results.

8# Use Dryer Sheet around the Security Camera

Dryer sheets are also the best way to save security cameras from bugs.

These sheets keep the small creatures away without killing them. Lots of users and creative outdoor enthusiasts improve and use them as bug repellents and report using the original smell of Gain Dryer sheets to keep bugs out of storage.

So, you can use these sheets for your security cameras also. All you need to do is attach your dryer sheet to the outer part of the camera with the help of a rubber band. Keep in mind that you do not block the face of the camera.

9# Install Dome Security Cameras

Here the science works. The elongated cylindrical shape and mounting brackets leave a kind of perch loved by spiders and birds. They used to hang their houses on camera using that perch, and you only see the spider houses on your bright screen.

Choose dome-shaped security cameras if the matter of concern is spider houses. Here the dome-shaped security cameras come into existence. They usually have a semicircular dome-like design that makes it almost impossible for spiders to make webs.

10# Clean security cameras regularly.

Last but not least, simple and work like a beast.

Your security cameras are your asset, and taking care of your asset will give you good returns. So it would help if you did manual maintenance exercises of your security cameras like timely cleaning. It includes dusting the camera regularly with a soft bristle brush and removing existing cobwebs. Regularly performing this exercise will save your security cameras from bugs and keep them ready for more prolonged use.

Wrapped Up

That’s all..!!

I hope you enjoy this article and grasp the complete information on “how to save security cameras from bugs.” Besides, I have shared the best products that save your security camera from bugs.

If you still have any questions left in your mind, you can comment below, and I will help you out as soon as possible.

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