80% of Bloggers Don’t Know this Method. Do you?

How to Install Multiple Plugins in One Go


I’m repeating again – 80% of the bloggers don’t know this method.

This is true and have to believe on it.

Just read the post and decide whether you were one among those 80%. If you were then I’m sure at the end of the post you will find yourself in 20% bloggers those use this method every time.

My open confession – I was also one who didn’t know about it.

I just come to know when I started offering Blogging Services like Complete Blog Installation, Content Writing, Link Building and Blog Migration to my clients. 

All these services take lots of time and not a passive income source but still they give me satisfaction due to their relation with the blogging.

One day I was installing plugins on my client’s blog. Plugins installation is a boring task. I don’t like it. If we calculate the time in installing one plugin and total plugins to be installed are 10, then total installation time can go high.

Let’s calculate the exact time…

Time Spent Installing 10 plugins

Suppose 1 plugin takes 30 seconds in the install and activation. If someone installs 10 plugins then 30*10= 300 seconds which equals to 5 minutes.

I have seen people using 30 plugins at a time. If they migrate their blog, then reinstalling can be a nightmare for them.

People, who are running hundreds of blog would surely feel like hell doing all such repetitive work again n again.

There is solution for them.

In 30 seconds, you can install more than 20 plugins on your wordpress blog.

IT’s really time-saving and effective way.

I think- you are excited to know about this method.

This method made plugins installation dead easy.

I can’t express my happiness by knowing this amazing way because I’m damn LAZY. I can’t do boring stuff for longer time. I found this method under the influence of my this bad habit. 🙂

So let start this tutorial and learn how install multiple plugins in one shot.


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How to Install Multiple Plugins in One Shot?

WE will complete this process into following steps:

  • Install and activate a plugin name Multi Plugin Installer.
  • The Plugin’s icon begins appearing at the left hand side in the wordpress.

Multi Plugin Installer

  • Click on it and its dashboard appears on the screen.
  • You get 4 options to install plugins in bulk.


If you only know the names of the plugins then fill them in the box like below screenshot shows and click on “Install Plugins” or “Active & Install Plugins”.

install plugins by their names



Another option is using plugin urls for the installation like I did in the below screenshot. After placing urls,

For installation only – hit ‘Install plugins

For Activation & Installation both – hit ‘install & activate plugins’.

plugins installation by the urls



You might have stored plugins in your pc downloaded from sources other than WordPress.org. You can also install all those plugins with just one click.

install plugins from local machine

Choose the plugins and click on install & Activate plugins. You will see plugins installing very quickly.

This method can take some time because plugins first needs to be uploaded on your web server. However, it’s quite effective because you aren’t uploading plugins one by one. It’s a big time savior.



Bulk installation through plugin backup is the fourth way that can be used here to install plugins simultaneously.

In this method, you just restore the backup of your plugins. However, you need to create a backup file to process this sequence.

First we learn how to create backup of installed plugins.

In the plugin dashboard, look for the tab ‘Take Whole Plugins Backup’ and hit ‘Click here to take whole Plugins Backup’ option. A dialog box appear to download the plugin backup. Just download the package for further restoring.

Take Whole Plugins Backup

Now the task comes to restore this backup. Go to the next option to perform restore.

upload downloaded backup file to install plugins

Select the backup file from your pc and hit Install plugins. You can activate them in bulk via plugins area in your wordpress dashboard. One more great thing is that you can also use this plugin backup in any other blog. Simply install the Multi Plugin Installer and use this backup for quick plugin installation.

Sum up

It seems me the best way of installing & activating multiple plugins in bulk. If you know any better way, let me know through your comment. I would consider including into this post. This method is really handy for the wordpress users.

I’m on a journey to make blogging dead easy for everyone. I need your support and assistance to make it successful. Just share this post on social media. I appreciate your invaluable contribution to Myquickidea.

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  • lol I’m just learning this now
    I never thought of this because I’m seeing to bring down as many plugins as possible from my blog. That’s why I bought Thrive Content Builder that helps me replace over 10 different plugins.

    thanks for sharing this on Facebook bro

    • Glad to see your comment on my blog. you are right bro. A premium plugin can replace 10 free plugins and Thrive content builder best in its work.

  • Wow..Its really cool idea.I even don’t know this method.And yes you are write Now i am among the 20% of blogger who knows the method.Thanks Nikhil for sharing informatice article.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    You always write the interesting posts and I appreciate that you have introduced a useful plugin to install several WP extensions at one time. The post title nudged me here and I would say that you are smartly playing the game in the blogosphere. Keep doing your great work, have a good day ahead.

    Kind Regards,

    • Honoured to see your comment on the post. All the things I am doing over myquickidea is the results of learning through your blog.

  • thanks Nikhil
    You made this hectic work easy. I am installing this plugin “multi plugin installer” and also sharing this useful article on my fb page. Again thanks for sharing this useful post.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Good instructional post about installing multiple plug-ins to save time – and in your case – increase job completions.

    I try to use the least number of plug-ins possible, and still get the performance I want from my blog. For example, instead of running a ‘broken link checker’ 24/7, I install the plug-in once a week, run it & fix any broken links, then delete it until the following week.

    I realize this may be overkill, but link checkers (& other plug-ins) eat up a lot of resources.

    Anyway, good post and good tutorial. Thanks,

  • Hi Nikhil,

    I have a plugin (not free) but it answers almost every problem you disclosed. Here is a short
    quote from an article on my blog
    If you are into installing sites for clients, would it be nice to have a “template” site with all the plugins, legal pages, etc in place and just have to install, edit the content and it is ready to go? You can even import the complete site structure…in about 30 seconds.
    If you want to watch a good training video about using this plugin to 1. backup, 2. clone or 3. Restore then go to my site and click on the Big Blue Banner ad in the right sidebar… Simple, Safe and Secure!
    Or read the article posted in reviews!
    Skipper Works Info

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Did a no no with my comment and entered the url with the link to the post I wanted you to read.
    Really think that if you are doing client installs a plugin I have would be the answer to your prayers !
    You can create a template site, back it up with this plugin and save it to use to create new sites
    in just a click or two.
    I have used it like this and it installs the theme, plugins etc. everything working.
    All you end up doing is edit the site name, and a few other odds and ends ….by the way, all installed plugins work….
    On Facebook as ArtaGene if you want more information.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    My comment luv was disabled on my site. A great plugin for bloggers !
    Back to comment….I have access to and use a great plugin that
    answers everything you detailed above with even less work!
    You can create a “template” site with the theme you prefer, install all the plugins
    and any changes you want, then back it up to create a clone template
    Save to a usb or your computer drive and upload to create sites in about 3 minutes.
    Always works…been using since came out 2010 or 2011…
    Great article by the way!

  • I think I know a much easier method to Install multiple plugins at once without making use of any third party additional plugin. 🙂 Even this process also seems to be a little lengthy to me.

  • I am joyful to read this post, its an attractive one. Thanks for this amazing post… I am always looking for quality posts and articles and this is what I found here, I hope you will be adding more in future. Thanks..

  • Hi bro
    this is interesting
    everyone does not know this amazing trick that can save a lot of time for us and you have given this post a tempting title.
    Really liked it a lot. Have a nice day. keep rocking. 🙂

  • Hi Nikhi

    Wow! That is one of the reasons I love WordPress. You have revealed an intteresting plugin that will make plugin installation so easy. Thank you for sharing and have a swell week.

  • Hi Nikhil,

    Wow…installing too many plugins had broken my blog a while back. When it comes to this, I leave it up to the company that does it for me. My back office of my WordPress blog is a mystery to me. After I had broken things, I like to have them installed by someone who knows what they are doing.

    The only thing I plug and unplug is tinymce advanced. I use it when I need to then unplug it. I had so much trouble with that one but I can do that all by myself. 🙂


  • Thanks to Nikhil for the information and Donna for passing it on. Although I have probably way too many plug-ins installed already, you never know when this sort of information will come in handy.

  • Hi Nikhil,
    Nice post, it’s very informative and because of you I learned a new trick, and your headline is eye-catching and because of that, i stopped to learn this nice trick. Thanks for sharing

  • Great blog! Is your thsme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would
    really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Thanks

  • Hello Nikhi,

    It’s really a great post to do some work quickly and have a more time for our blog.

    Though Now I’m not using WORDPRESS. I’ll use it when I’ll move my blog to WORDPRESS.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    Indeed A Great Post 🙂

    ~Prakash Kumar Nirala

  • Am not a wordpress blogger but its really helpful and time saver to get all at one time, after reading the post and comments those who are WP bloggers are really recommending this post. my next blog will be in word press only so, hope fully will try but the main problem with using many plugins the site will be slow !

  • Hi Nikhil,

    With some awesome plugins out there, many bloggers use a number of them to make their job easy. Installing and activating multiple plugins one by one is really irritating. To say, I was also among those 80% (till now 😛 ). Thanks for sharing about Multi Plugin Installer and the steps to get the installs done quickly.

  • I’d need to check with you here. Which isn’t something I normally do!
    I appreciate reading a post that will get people think.
    Additionally, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • Hey Nikhil,

    I dont know so much about Premium WordPress But this stuff will save so much time for a newbie like me. Another good stuff thanks for sharing.

  • I didn’t know about this plugin and I am used to waste so much time during plugin installation.
    Anyway, Your guide going to help a lot. Thanks for sharing, Boss.

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