How to Hide Trail Camera for Home Security? Unique Ways to Hide Your Trail Camera

Safety and security are the major concern of homeowners; everybody wants the security of their home and try to make their home the safest place on the earth for their loved ones or families.

And that is why everybody invests their time, effort, and money to buy the best security cameras and alarm systems.

How to Hide Trail Camera for Home Security

But you might be worried about strangers hanging around your property in your absence.

A trail camera will be the best security measure for you in this situation. You can hide trail cameras in an unnoticeable location.

In this article, I will let you know the best ways to successfully hide the trail camera so that no one can notice it and get the footage you want from it.

Let’s get underway.

What are Trail Cameras?

Usually, the security cameras are bigger, and when you place them to record any activity, it can be noticeable. So to grab the footage while being unnoticeable, trail cameras come into existence.

Due to its small size, initially, trail cameras were used to capture wildlife pictures and videos by hiding them in unnoticeable locations. But as time goes on, trail cameras have proven themselves ideal to protect our homes both from burglars and unwanted “guests.”

Although Trail cameras are small in size, they are well equipped with motion sensors and enable you to capture images and videos of moving objects with utmost clarity.

Besides, you get the option of trail cameras which can directly send the images and video footage to your smartphones, irrespective of your location.

How To Hide a trail Camera For Home Security?

There are many ways to hide trail cameras so that intruders or burglars cannot find them even if they look at them intently. With this, you can save your trail camera from vandalism which is very hard to do because security cameras can be easily exposed to everyone’s view.

So here I have suggested some best ways to hide your trail camera so that no one can easily notice it and it will be safe for a longer time.

Hide your Trail Camera on Heights

Placement matters; the higher you place your trail camera, the safety it will be and the less likely it will be interrupted by intruders.

It is good to place your trail camera on heights, but always remember to adjust its vision. To get the best images and video footage, keep it tilted downwards and check whether it produces the images. After checking the picture quality, the second thing you must do is ensure its safety. It must be in a “hidden corner.”

Remember that you need a ladder whenever you place a trail camera on heights. And I think you can invest in that too to get better security.

Hide the Trail Camera in its Natural surroundings

Hiding a trail camera in natural surroundings is best to safeguard the camera by maintaining the maximum effect. Be it trees, leaves, or shrubs; they can hide the camera easily with everyone’s eyes. If you want to install the trail camera on the building, you must go with the area that best combines the area of the building.

You can choose the decorative or patterned brickwork and place your trail camera in the decorative area; decoration or a pattern can easily hide the camera and make it unnoticeable. If it is not possible to hide, it is worth camouflaging the camera.

Hide the Trail Camera in Leaves or Bushes

Leaves and bushes are the best places to hide trail cameras. No burglar or intruder can suspect the hidden camera. The natural features of garden-like leaves and bushes can hide your trail camera in their natural habitat, which will be unlikely to be visible to thieves.

While hiding the trail camera in leaves and bushes, you must take care of the camera lens. Any leaves or twigs should not obscure the lenses in the bush, and the camera should be kept in a position where it is not adversely affected by wind, as gusts can interfere with the motion sensor.

Hide it in a Hanging Basket

Hiding trail camera in a hanging basket?


Nobody will doubt this sweet garden decoration is a hiding place for a third eye. This is one of the easiest and best ways to hide the trail cameras.

Even you can hang your basket anywhere around your property. This can monitor your field and provide you with complete footage of the outer area without knowing anyone. Besides, it is inexpensive, as it does not require any special installation process.

Hide it in a Tree Trunk

Have you ever thought a third eye could be placed in a tree trunk?

Yes, it is the perfect place to hide your trail camera that too beyond everyone’s thinking. A trail camera placed on a tree trunk can never attract anyone’s attention.

To place the camera in a tree trunk, you need to cut a small opening so that the camera lens can easily record the footage without any obstruction.

Tips for Buying Trail Camera for Home Security

  1. First of all, consider the quality of the images taken by the camera. More sharply, it would help if you went with the wireless cameras; it takes better pictures s compared to traditional CCTV cameras that take blurry pictures.
  • Camera lighting. It is also an important part. You must go with the cameras that do not produce visible light, and for this, choose the nonglare camera. These types of cameras work better at night.
  • Check out the trigger speed of the trail camera before buying it. Trigger speed lets you know how efficiently the camera detects the motion. Always buy security cameras with a trigger speed of less than half a second. Camera with this trigger speed click pictures without making them blurry.
  • Focus on camera battery life, signal strength, and connection quality.
  • Check out the detection range of the camera. The more the range, the better it will perform.

Final Thoughts

If you think of making your trail camera unnoticeable, you must go through the above steps on “how to hide trail camera for home security.”

I have suggested all the best yet inexpensive ways with the help of which you can hide a trail camera for home security.

Once you place your trail camera strategically, it will work efficiently. Besides, I have suggested some tips to buy a trail camera, using which you can make the best use of your camera with the best results.

Hope you like this article. If you have some more ideas on how to hide trail camera for home security, you can share them with everyone in the comments.

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