How To Find A Dead Apple Watch If Stolen or Discharged

You will feel amazing after reading the sentence I am going to write just after this line. Do you want to get back your apple watch?

How To Find A Dead Apple Watch

Did you feel good? If you have lost your apple watch and want to get it back now, then this article is just for you. You will learn how to find a dead apple watch. You just have to follow the instructions given in this article very carefully.

While talking with the apple customer care, we got to know that it’s impossible to find a lost Apple Watch which is discharged.

Don’t feel sad buddy.

We got you some tricks which can help you find the apple watch whether it is misplaced or discharged. In this article, you are going to learn the method to get back your apple watch with the help of Apple’s Find My. Just make sure “Find MY” is enabled on the lost apple watch else you won’t able to track it.

Apple’s Find My is a useful tool in all the apple devices which helps users to track lost Apple devices. Even your device is turned off, company will help you find it by sharing the previous location before it was switched off.

I would recommend to all the apple users to enable this great feature in their all apple devices so they can easily track any of their lost devices.

Apple is highly invested in creating more secured devices. It has improved the software to track the lost Apple devices like Airpods, iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch. Even if your device is switched off or discharged, apple’s new technology is capable of getting the location of the device.

You will go through iCloud and Find My services to find your lost Apple Watch. These are two incredible services to get your apple watch back in your hands. Before getting on to how to find a lost apple watch, let’s learn how to enable find my on apple watch.

How to Set Up the Find My On Your Apple Watch

All the apple device users should enable the Find My feature in their apple devices, so that it will be easier to track the device when they lose it. Complete this process by following the Steps below:

1. Firstly, Turn ON the Device’s Setting App.

open settings

2. You will see the name of the device owner is displaying on the top of the screen, just tap on it and proceed to the next page.

click on owner name

3. Now Tap on Find My.

click on find my

(If you want to allow certain friends or family members to see your location, then Turn on Share My Location, else skip it.)

4. Now Tap on the Find my location option showing on the screen, turn it on and select ok.

tap on find my iphone

5. Make sure you have turned on Enable Find My Network(it will help you find your lost device even is discharged or switched off).

6. Now proceed ahead and turn on Send Last Location and you are done.

tap on send last location

Thus, Find My would be enabled on your apple watch. Users can follow the same process for other apple devices such as iPads, Apple watch etc.  

How To Find A Dead Apple Watch

Since you have Find My Enabled on your Apple watch, it will be straightforward to find the lost apple watch even if it is dead or switched off. Please follow the steps given below:-

1. Open Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

select find my

2. A new page appears on the screen, then hit on the Devices tab.

3. A map will pop up on the Apple device screen featuring your Find My enabled devices.

all find my active devices list

If your apple watch is discharged or switched off, then it will appear on the map and sidebar as an apple watch with blank screen. In case your Apple Watch is in ON condition, it will appear on the map and sidebar as an Apple Watch with an active Home Screen.

one of active apple devices

5. Now proceed and select your Apple Watch from the list of Find My enabled devices.

6. Now click on the directions tab to get walking or driving direction to your apple watch location.

7. In case, the Apple Watch is offline, but not dead, you can play sound to help you quickly locate the watch.

plat sound

8. If the apple watch is discharged or switched off you can turn on the Notify When Found to receive the notification to your iPhone or iPad whenever the Apple watch is turned ON next time.

You have learned a simple method to find a dead apple watch with iPhone. If you don’t have iPhone or iPad to track your Apple Watch, you can consider borrowing one from your close one and track the location of lost Apple watch.

How to Find Your Lost Apple Watch with Someone Else’s Device

  • Open the Find My app on your friend’s iPhone/iPad.
  • Proceed and tap on Me tab showing on the screen and tap on the Help A friend Tab.
  • You will need to login to your iCloud account. Assuming you prompted to log in using Touch or Face id, select Use Different Apple Id (you must login with the same iCloud account that was used to enable Find My).
  • Now fill the iCloud user credentials for login (don’t use your friend’s iCloud credentials to log in).  
  • Once you’ve logged in, Kindly follow the same steps as the previous section to locate missing Apple watch. After locating the apple watch, don’t forget to logout.

This way you can easily use your friend’s iPhone to track the lost Apple Watch. It’s a big trouble savior if you are searching for How to find a dead Apple Watch.

How to Enable Lost Mode

If you have tried all of the above method, still you are not getting any clue for your Apple Watch, then there is one option left for you. It is probably the best option in such kind of situation. Consider enabling the Lost Mode on your lost Apple Watch. “Mark as Lost” feature will remotely lock your missing watch and a custom message will display on screen with your number. This way it will be easy for the person holding your watch reach you. In case the person doesn’t return, it will be useless for him because they can’t use or reset it unless you disable the Lost Mode.

Along with How to find a dead Apple Watch, you should also learn how to Enable Lost Mode in Apple Watch.

1. Open Find My app in your iPhone/iPad.

2. Now select your lost apple Watch.

3. Under ‘Mark As Lost’, select Activate and hit the Continue button.

activate mark as lost

4. Now enter an active phone number where the person holding your apple watch can reach you easily and Tap on Next.

5. Now enter a heart melting message that will display on your lost apple watch locked screen. Suggest to be polite in your words.

write a message

6. Lastly, hit the Activate button.


This is all about how to find a dead apple watch. If you have found the lost apple watch by following the steps given in this article, do consider sharing this article with your friends. Also read How To Factory Reset Apple Watch Without Apple ID.

If you want to learn more it practically, please watch the video given below, it will help you a lot.

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