How To Do SEO WordPress Backlinking

Nowadays, everyone is on the back of how to do SEO WordPress backlinking irrespective of the person experience. Do you know that day by day SEO ranking tactics is changing? Even the experienced link builders are worried about how to create SEO WordPress backlinking for the best results.

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If you are looking for organic traffic from the search engine, you have to rank higher in SERPs. This is possible only if you build authority and quality backlinks to your site or blog.

Here, we can know in detail about backlinking and how to do SEO WordPress backlinking.

What Is Backlink?

A backlink is nothing but hyper-linking your website or blog on the other website (mainly related to your website or blog niche) that flows traffic to your website.

Actually, backlinks are of two types:

  1. DoFollow: The DoFollow backlinks pass link juice to your website or blog, and your site can be indexed through crawler. However, the DoFollow backlinks are very beneficial for your site ranking.
  2. NoFollow: The NoFollow links will not pass any link juice to the site. When the link is pasted in the nofollow section, the search engine skips the link while crawling your site page. Hence, this isn’t beneficial to create backlinking.

Tips to Acquire Good backlinks :

Apply the following tips to get Good backlinks for your website or blog.

#1 Don’t Trust Unknown Sources

You shouldn’t trust the SEO tips from unknown sources, only from an expert site. You should consider backlinking tips but they’re not the ultimate solution for ranking your blog.

Remember constant hard work, research, gaining constant knowledge upgrade related to SEO, relevant backlinking, and trying new ways are the reasons behind success.

Constant research and experiments work together to attain grip and confidence to rank your blog.

You have to try all types of backlinks possible, and make your case studies based on the results. This will definitely make your work even better and smarter for ranking your site/blog.

#2 Be with Patience

If you have created a website/blog recently then you will not get any natural, and fast backlinks. So, you have to be with patience and try to bring real traffic to your site.

How To Do SEO WordPress Backlinking

Nowadays, How to do SEO WordPress backlinking for the best SEO results is the common question? Don’t worry you’re not alone there’s a lot of people who are having the same question always ringing in their mind.

Do you know even expert link builders struggle with this from time to time and work on the same to rank their site/blog higher?

You always need new ideas/ways that are good and relevant to gain backlinks to your site to get the best results. Do you have any idea on how to build SEO WordPress backlinking for better SEO results?

Don’t worry we are here to help you out.

Go Through How To Do SEO WordPress Backlinking

Some of the SEO WordPress backlinks are evergreen as those works great for the beginners, and for the experienced that who are not familiar with them. Just have a look at the below given How To Do SEO WordPress Backlinking to know in detail about it.

 #1 Guest Post

Guest posting is nothing but contributing content for a website in return to backlink your own website. You can place the backlink in the author bio section or in the body of the post.

The guest posting is both win-win acts as one gets the free post, and the other gets a high-quality link.

The Guest posting always stands out of the crowd due to its benefits.

In search engines use the below queries to find the websites that accept guest posting

(Instead of keyword use your niche like technology, blogging, etc)

  • Keyword inurl:write-for-us
  • Keyword guest-posts
  • Keyword inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • Keyword become a contributor
  • Keyword bloggers wanted
  • Keyword submit an article
  • Keyword want to write for
  • Keyword contributor
  • Keyword become an author
  • Keyword guest post by
  • The keyword now accepting guest post

Some Tips For Guest Post:

You have to look after the DA (Domain Authority), and PA (Page Authority) of the website before writing a guest post. If the site you have written a guest post for is using Black Hat SEO techniques, that will affect the ranking of your website too. So you must be careful while choosing. Select high DA & PA websites as those give you the high chance of better ranking.

  • Always maintain the relationship with the existing or future collaborating websites. Write more than one post for one site to increase ranking and to maintain good bonding.
  • Use NoFollow links to increase social media followers; however, this will not increase your traffic.
  • Mostly write guest posts which are related to the niche of your website to drag most of the traffic to your website.
  • Use diversified anchor text to your article: If you’re linking an article for many websites use different anchor text for each website guest post.

#2 Broken Link Building

Approach some of the website owners related to your niche to see whether they have broken links.

Next, make a list of the unavailable links and then have a conversation with the website owner through any of the available social media channels. Provide them with the broken links exact location and provide them with an alternative post written by you that they can add there.

This technique may work or may not work because the website owner may refuse to take your offer of updating the broken link. Resource pages are a great start to find broken links.

To find the resource pages use the following queries.

(Instead of keyword, use your niche/type of website you are looking for)

  • Keyword “resources”
  • Keyword “useful resources”
  • Keyword “helpful resources”
  • Keyword “links”
  • Keyword “useful links”
  • Keyword “helpful links”
  • Keyword inurl:”resources”
  • Keyword inurl:”sites”
  • Keyword inurl:”links”
  • Keyword inurl:”other sites”

#3 Using Infographics

Do you know infographics also play a major role in bringing quality traffic to your website?

Everyone likes the information in the form of an image; they’re easy to understand and to share.

You have to prepare an infographic in the form of an interesting and unique story that attracts the audience.

#4 Internal Link Building

Internal link building means linking your previous post link into the current relative post. So, the users who read it will go through the given link, and this increases the overall experience of the user. You have to place the anchor text to the internal link for the perfect completion of link building.

#5 Use Forums

In simple words, the forum is an online discussion site in a particular niche.

  • People gather to discuss related problems, issues or some other useful information related to the niche.
  • Forums usually focus on a single niche or industry.
  • The main forums will allow you to participate in the discussion only on becoming a member. These kinds of forums mainly focus on the marketing strategy over the internet.

There are mainly four types of forums available through the internet they’re also helpful to gain backlinks to your website for free.

  • Private Forums: These require an invitation to join the form or minimal monthly membership fee. Mainly these aren’t visible to the general public so this has gained importance for backlinking.
  • Social Media Groups: Private or public group discussions to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and those are formed based on the interest in the particular niche like technology, blogging, parenting, etc.
  • Traditional Forums: The standard forms to use sub-forms, and threads to host discussions relative to the topics. For Example, Reddit.
  • Q & A Sites: These are hybrid forums which also work the same as forum threads related to one particular niche. For example, Quora.

Bonus: Spinkx Content Marketing: Plugin

The content of your website links will appear only in a similar website, and with related content. For example, if your website is about food then your website link appears on food, caffeine, beverages, etc related to the food category niche. To enable this feature you have to choose the right category for every post of your website.

There are many more features like creative headlines creation, get more by giving more, etc.

The Spinkx content marketing plugin is especially available for WordPress users.

Closing Thoughts – How To Do SEO WordPress Backlinking

Getting links for your blog/site is very crucial. It helps in improving overall site ranking. I have put some light on how to do SEO wordpress backlinking in this post. Many websites are using wordpress so it becomes necessary to include wordpress in this post.

WordPress makes the linking building process easy for the users. It helps managing links on a particulate site using some plugins.

I hope you enjoyed the entire article. I would love to know your thoughts upon it.

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