How to Determine if an Email is Fake

Alright, so there is no denying the fact that we receive thousands of emails every day. And with the Internet becoming more scary day by day, the numbers of spam and fake emails are also increasing. We are pretty much sure that you at some point of time did receive a fake, spam or an annoying phishing email. Well, we all did. But at the same time, we should be very well aware of these fake emails. As you never know, a fake email might result in you losing your personal important data.

Now, a question that arises in every mind is How can I even determine if an Email I just received is fake or not. Well, don’t you worry as that’s what this post is all about. Today, in this post, we would be covering on How to determine if an Email is fake. Now if that sounds interesting, let us top into it. Should we?

How to determine if an Email is fake?

Now, there are a variety of things which you can do in order to determine if an email is fake or not. Here are some of the things which you can do in order to find out if an email is fake.

1# Check Sender’s Information

The first thing you can do in order to determine if an email is fake or not. This is as simple as it sounds. To do this, simply open the mail for which you wanna inspect if it is correct or fake. Now, click on the little down arrow icon next to the “to me”. Here, you would be able to find information about the sender. These include From Email Address, Date and Time, mailed- by, signed-by and encryption.

Now, here you need to pay attention to all of it. The first thing you should do is take a look at the sender’s mail and see if it looks authentic or not. Once you have done that, you can proceed to look at mailed- by, signed-by and encryption. This is really important and can tell a lot about the authenticity of the mail. An authentic mail will always have these fields. Also, take a look at the Encryption, it should have some kind of encryption as well.

2# Suspect the links that may be inside the Email

The next thing that you gonna wanna do in order to check if the mail is authentic or fake is to take a look at the links that might be present in the mail. Now, a lot of times, a lot of people send fake emails with spammy and phishing links. You should never just go ahead and click on the link you just got in your inbox. Take a look at it. Is it related to something you did/ opted for or visited a few days back?

Well, do check the domain name. Does it contain some extra letters or numbers? or maybe a similar one? If yes, then the chances are that the mail is fake and you should not really click on it unless you exactly know what you are doing.

3# Check the Grammar and Tone of the Mail

An authentic mail will always be free of any grammatical errors and will be in a professional tone. If there are a lot of mistakes in the mail you just received, then the chances are that it is being written by someone who is not a professional. Therefore, the mail might be fake or spam. You should not believe the mail.

Well, there are a lot of other things that you can do in order to identify if an email is fake or not. For instance, you can check the title and content of the mail. Are they offering you something which seems unreal? Does it look like they are fraud? Well, you should keep these little things in mind too.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on How to determine if an Email is fake. We hope that you found this post useful. Do you have some more tips which can help the users in identifying a fake email? Well, let us know in the comments section down below.

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