How to be More Productive on Mac with BetterTouchTool 

Once you’ve installed Better Touch Tool and started to work with that, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Original gestures in OS X make it easier and faster to work on the computer. The standard set could be enough for most people but BetterTouchTool opens unlimited possibilities for managing the MacBook. You can use any of the supported trigger/input types and choose from a large and always growing list of actions to automate almost any task. Actions can be chained to handle complicated things.


It greatly enhances your experience of using a Mac by letting you add your own custom gestures. But despite the name, it works beyond your Mac’s trackpad or Magic Mouse.

BetterTouchTool is an excellent solution for the trackpad and the program supports Magic Mouse, Apple TV console, keyboard, LeapMotion and regular mouse.

The created gestures can be configured for use throughout the system and individual programs.


You can easily setup gestures and set up them to shortcuts. You want the Application Switcher to appear when you do a three-finger swipe downwards? Easy. You want to open a Safari, Gallery or Podcasts when you do a single tap in the bottom-left corner?Alright.


The number of possible gestures is really large. There are a lot of them here. There are taps (from 1 to 5 and more fingers) in different areas, swipes, cliques, triangles and custom gestures. Movements can be used in combination with function keys.

Immediately after the program starts, you can attach windows in 7 different positions: as standard location — right, left and top, and additionally at the edges of the screen. E.g., three windows will look like this: one of them which is fixed to the left, and the other two to the right.

It is convenient when everything is in place and neatly located, without interfering with each other. Its easy and convenient to use.

In the same way as in standard, when you bring a window to the edge of the screen, you primarily show the area on which the window will be deployed, this allows you to effectively organize your workspace.


For sophisticated users, there is a huge number of settings. E.g., it is very convenient to implement keyboard shortcuts for the behavior of windows. You can set hotkeys to sweep the window to any available position. Pressed a combination of two buttons — and once, the window unfolded on the entire desktop.

Thus, using the Magic Mouse mouse alone, you can:

• Simulate simultaneous pressing of several buttons of a multi-button mouse;

• Simulate clicking the mouse buttons with modifier keys (⌘, ⌥, ⇧, etc.);

• Manage windows and workspaces Mission Control;

• Launch the Notification Center, Dashboard and Launchpad;

• Distribute windows on the screen ;

• Duplicate the functions of multimedia keys: control the brightness of the screen and keyboard illumination, level of volume, multimedia playback;

• Put the display and the computer in standby mode, end the session with the system;

In addition, BetterTouchTool allows you to configure purely technical characteristics of the device: the speed of character input, the acceleration of the cursor, the reaction time to touch.

Start with the settings of the mouse or trackpad (depending on what you are working with). This is enough for you not for one day of experiments, before you have an interest to delve into the settings of other components of this amazing utility.


The possibilities of working with gestures are impressive unlimited. You can really customize everything exactly as you need. In one single settings window you can select the gesture mode — global or in a specific application. Also, for different devices are assigned their own sets of gestures. Supported by Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, conventional mouse, keyboard, Apple Remote

The conclusion is only one, and it is quite natural: if you are among the lucky owners of the Magic Mouse or a macbook with a modern touchpad, then BetterTouchTool will make you an even happier owner of the above devices. And as for Magic Mouse, without this free program Apple can be safely considered a useless waste of money.

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