How to Add Flybuys to Apple Wallet ? – Simplest Guide

How to add flybuys to apple wallet

FlyBuys is Australia’s leading loyalty program, and it’s accepted by thousands of retailers across the country. If you’re one of the millions of Aussies who shop regularly, then FlyBuys is the perfect program for you. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to add FlyBuys to Apple Wallet. Keep reading to learn more!

How to add Flybuys to Apple Wallet?

We will learn how to add flybuys to the apple wallet so you can easily use its features in your iPhone. Please follow the simple steps given below to add Flybuys into Apple Wallet:-

1. Install the Flybuys app on your iPhone and open it.

2. Click on My card option from the top right corner.

3. Now click on “Add to Apple Wallet” button showing on the screen. Your Flybuys will automatically added to the Apple wallet.

4. Now launch the Apple wallet app in your iPhone. Now click on edit passes. Then scan the barcode at the sale terminal in the store from your iPhone.

5. Once your scan the barcode, the Flybuys card get successfully added to your wallet.

Why Can’t I Add Flybuys to Apple Wallet?

Flybuys was not supporting to the Apple Wallet till 2021. Once it availed the feature to add Flybuys to apple wallet, it made easier to get all the benefits of Flybuys just by scanning barcode through the Apple wallet.

Currently, all the iPhone users can add the Flybuys to their wallet, but if one is unable to do so, there may be following reasons for it.

1.Your device is not connected with the internet or not having a secure internet connection.

2. Your device’s iOS version is not compatible for linking process.

3. You are not loggin in to your Flybuys app and haven’t added the Flybuys to the Apple wallet.

4. Your Flybuys code is invalid or blocked by the company.

As it’s a new feature by the Flybuys so the user may face some glitches in linking process and in using it. If you are unable to add Flybuys to your Apple Wallet after several tries, please consider getting in touch with the Flybuys here –

Does Flybuys have an Apple Wallet?

Yes, Flybuys have officially launched its integration with the Apple wallet as well. You can simply add Flybuys to the Apple wallet now. This feature is damn cool for iPhone users as it made claiming their Flybuys points easy by just double tapping on the screen. It’s a more reliable and simple way to enjoy the benefits of Flybuys with Apple wallet.

Video on How to put fFybuys in apple wallet


After getting support for Apple Wallet, Flybuys gained lots of new users as well. We have explained the entire process to add Flybuys to Apple wallet in this article. By following this Step-by-step guide to add the Flybuys to your iPhone wallet, you can easily use the Flybuys points and enjoy other benefits easily. So, if you find this article helpful for you, do consider it sharing on social media and keep reading Myquickidea.         

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