How Guest Posting Can Help Your Blog

It’s been months since you started your blog, but you’re still struggling to reach your target traffic rate. It can be both frustrating and stressful and if this scenario keeps going, you could end up shutting down your website. But that doesn’t have to be the case if you know a thing or two about digital marketing. One recommended way of driving more traffic into your website is through guest posting or guest blogging.

Are you confident that you can write excellent blog articles, but you have doubts about writing for other websites when your own website still badly needs attention? Well, guess what: Guest posting is exactly what’s going to get the attention that your blog needs. But before you start spreading your blogs across other websites, here’s what you need to know about guest posting and how it can save your blog from total oblivion:

What is Guest Posting?

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If you’re fond of reading blog posts online, you’ve probably come across some that are tagged as guest posts, or it’s indicated that the author is a guest writer. You may have also noticed how such articles contain backlinks that include those that lead to the author’s own website. This is what guest posting is all about.

A content writer or blogger writes an excellent article for another website provided that it’s linked to their own blog articles or landing page. You can do this by reaching out to website administrators yourself or have a link building service provider do the job for you.

Whether you’re a novice who needs help reaching out to other websites or you’re a seasoned blogger who simply wants to achieve your target in a short period of time, link building services such as NO BS Marketplace can be your go-to place for guest posting or blogging.

How it Helps Boost Website Traffic

Guest posting is a digital marketing practice that’s been around for quite some time and for a good reason. Having your backlink-rich articles featured on as many authority websites as possible can help increase your website’s traffic through these ways:

1# Increasing Website or Brand Exposure –

Whether you have a blog or a business website with a blog section, you’d want your written content to be more visible to as many users as possible.

The more people come to visit your website, the more your brand becomes known. The more your brand becomes known, the greater the possibility of acquiring more leads.

Guest posting is a great way to promote your brand. By guest posting on multiple external websites, it helps your website become more visible to many online users.

2# Reaching Out to Your Target Audience –

Your goal is to drive more organic traffic to your website, but you don’t just want it to come from anywhere. You’d prefer that your traffic source is coming from the specific audience that you wish to address, especially if you have a product or service to offer.

When you do guest posting, you have to make sure you select external websites that are categorized within or related to your niche. Posting your blogs on these niche-specific websites gives a level of assurance that the traffic it drives to your website is also specific to your target audience.

This is because those who frequent these sites are also the same type of audience you want to reach out to. You won’t just be attracting more readers but also potential leads.

3# Improving Search Engine Ranking –

The primary goal of SEO or search engine optimization is to help your website get to the top of SERPs. Utilizing quality links is an excellent SEO strategy as search engine crawlers, or spiders, can detect them.

That’s why guest posting, which utilizes backlinking, is also a great way to boost your ranking. When users find your article in the top five or ten results, it’s more likely they’ll open it, read through it, and click your anchor texts.

4# Driving Website Traffic Through Clicks –

The driving principle behind guest blogging is the wise use of backlinks. Every blogger or content writer knows that you can’t just add links anywhere and on any phrase on the blog.

You have to utilize relevant phrases or anchor texts to link your URL. The more relevant the anchor text is, the higher the possibility that a user is going to click on that link. And the more clicks you get, the more traffic goes to your website.

Just a word of caution though: Due to the importance of having users click on links to drive more organic traffic, some people have abused it. Instead of using relevant anchor texts or phrases that speak of the content, they deceive users instead and lead them to the wrong landing pages so they can gather click counts.

This is called backlink spamming and search engine companies have become more punitive about them. So, if you want to avoid getting banned on search engine result pages and other websites, you have to make sure to follow security policies and avoid getting tagged as a spammer or clickbait.

5# Building Online Credibility –

Blogging is a way to share tips and insights to a specific niche of your choice. You want to show that you’re an expert in this field so you want to be credible to your readers and potential leads.

You can’t just have your article posted on any website when you’re guest posting. You have to remember that you want more traffic to your website and credibility will play a huge role in achieving this. So, you have to be careful in choosing which website to have your article posted on.

Aside from the size of users the website regularly attracts and the type of audience they attract, the level of authority the website has should also matter. When you’re posting on authority and credible websites, it also increases the credibility and authority points of your website.

6# Attracting Social Media Traffic –

Sharing memories and interesting material on social media have become the norm these days. When a person finds an interesting or impactful material, whether it’s a quote, an image, a meme, or an article, they’ll be sharing it on their social media accounts in no time.

Still, with the help of SEO and the level of popularity and authority of the website where your guest blog is featured, more people are likely going to share it through different social media channels.

And social media websites are ripe with leads so that you could get more conversions with every share. Also, the more websites your guest blogs are featured on, the more shares you can get and the more traffic you can drive to your website.

It’s also worth noting that once you’ve achieved a level of popularity as an expert on your niche through your blogs, the more people are going to share your content as well.

7# Forging Relationships –

Reaching out to other bloggers in the blogging community is a necessary step when you’re guest posting or guest blogging. This means that in the process of communicating with other bloggers, website administrators, and website owners, you also get to build professional relationships with them.

This allows you to build a network of contacts and you also get the opportunity to participate in the digital marketing community proactively. Another way that guest blogging fosters these relationships is by inviting others to write on your website.

Instead of you writing articles for other websites, you can invite your newfound connections of professional bloggers to also write blogs for your website. This is a win-win situation for both you and your guest writers.

8# Maintaining Fresh Content –

As previously stated, building relationships and connections through guest blogging benefits both the guest writer and the website where the article will be featured.

A great example of this is being able to provide fresh new insights for articles. Every writer gets to experience days of drought in terms of ideas, and bloggers are no different.

When you run out of fresh ideas to share on your website, you can have other bloggers write for you instead. After all, two or more heads are better than one. If you want, you can also engage in a collaborative effort in generating content for both your websites.


Guest posting or guest blogging isn’t an easy thing to do at the start, especially if you’re someone who’s very protective about your work. You’d have to consider all the time and effort of putting together an excellent piece only to have it posted on another website.

However, once you weigh the benefits that you can reap from this digital marketing practice, you’ll understand the need for it and even actively seek ways to reach out to more websites that can feature your guest blog article.

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