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  1. Hi Nikhil, great writing once again.
    Yes, this article will help beginners to choose an appropriate theme.
    I think that every serious blogger should use a premium theme for their blog and mythemeshop is perfect. I am currently using their theme for my site. It comes with premium support and in a low price.

    1. Yes, Mythemeshop is a great place to choose a wordpress theme. I am also using theme from MTS.

  2. Hello Nikhil Sir,
    Great information shared by you after reading this article no newbie like me will have a confusion about how to choose a wordpress theme , explain in a best way in detail , that is the most important you covered in the article, step wise
    thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing in details. Great tips for beginners 🙂

    1. Thanks chandan for comment. These tips are also good for advance users. 🙂

  4. Good one!
    Great write-up, Nikhil.
    I love the way you write and explain.
    ~ Ahmad

    1. Thanks bro for appreciation.

  5. Hi Nikhil,
    I think a theme should be well coded, created considering speed in mind and must have a simple backend interface. Mythemeshop is an amazing theme provider you have recommended.

  6. Right Said Bro MyThemeShop provides the seo optimized and fast loading themes which is also and ranking factor. Thanks for this post 😉

    1. I have tried few themes from MTS. They all are very good and seo optimized.

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  8. pratik kadam says:

    Very Informative and thanks for information and keep writing such amazing article.

    1. my pleasure bro. IS there any topic that you want me to write on…

  9. aniket dimble says:

    I really enjoyed some of your post

    1. Glad to know this. How can i help you more?

  10. There is such a massive choice of WordPress themes isn’t there? It can be overwhelming even for those who know what they need let alone beginners. Thankfully there are many more features inbuilt into WordPress now, especially with Jetpack. As you say, plugins can add specific features that aren’t built in. Page builders added to existing themes can change the look of your site completely.

    There are many excellent free themes available, some with help forums bu,t as you say, premium themes do have better support. It;s important to find free themes from a reputable source. Only yesterday I discovered a virus in a friend’s free theme. Changing themes didn’t remove it so it had spread to other files. He’s going to have to completely reinstall WordPress.

    1. That is the thing what I am saying. I am oppose of free themes, but if you have security concern attached with your blog, you should always go for premium ones.

  11. Nikhil,

    I just got a new domain name and installed the wordpress blog. So I am looking to decide which theme would make the most sense.

    Thanks for your explanation of the criteria to explore.
    It can be hard to know if you will actually like a theme until you start using it and uploading images and text, creating widgets and ads, etc.


    Dr. Erica

    1. I would also add one more thing here. ALways check for demo of the theme. This way you can come to know the actual look of a theme.

  12. Hello Nikhil,
    After reading your two-three posts, I’m feeling very happy. Because you write everything in good format and in a very impressive way.
    And this post is really helpful for all beginners who daily search for a Good theme.
    Now, I’m going to share your this post with all of my friends on twitter, facebook from that they can also read this interesting post.
    Keep it up.

  13. Hi, Nikhil, Wonderfully written up mate! I am Mobile application developer and don’t know more about WordPress but your depth of article on choosing WordPress really help me a lot. Now I am your regular reader of a blog post and start choosing right theme for WordPress blog development.
    Cheers, Julie

  14. Good Informative article, Nikhil. I have tried almost 100 themes in 6 months of blogging and I have faced some serious trouble with few themes either it is FREE or Premium. I always recommended users to check the theme DEMO and also keep an eye on the support team and how they are handling and treating their clients. There are a few theme shops that are giving exceptional after-sale support for both free and premium support. At the end of the day, PREMIUM theme can give you less pain and stress than a Free theme and you have the option to question the theme shop for troubleshooting if any.
    Once again thanks for sharing this post and it helps a new blogger quite a bit…:)

  15. can you suggest me any magzine kind of theme for my tech blog. any theme which is SEO friendly clean and fast

    1. hey Ronak, you should MTS themes. you would surely get an appropriate option. Here is the link for themes. check them out.

  16. I am using genesis custom child theme and i dont think there any another theme which can beat my theme( just joking)

    Great post mate.

  17. Hi Nikhil,

    Choosing a WordPress theme from among tons of themes out there is one of the toughest jobs for a blogger. I have changed n number of themes all free and Premium mixed on my blog but still I am searching the best one 😛

    I love the way you have taken this post and this initiative can be very helpful for bloggers/online business owners who are in dilemma on how to choose a good theme for their website/blog.

    Thanks for sharing this post and have a great day!

  18. Thanks for giving such wonderful information. I want to know is there any free wordpress theme for technology blog.

    1. you can check in the mts themes. there are many themes available. and for technology too.

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