800+ Hotel Names Ideas: A Curated Collection for Every Kind of Hotel Experience

Are you about to embark on the exciting journey of opening your very own hotel? Or perhaps you’re in the midst of rebranding an existing establishment? Either way, the name you choose will become the face of your business, setting the tone for your brand and creating the first impression for potential guests. With such a critical role to play, it’s no wonder choosing the perfect name can often feel like a daunting task.

We understand that the quest for the perfect name could be overwhelming, with numerous factors to consider—from reflecting the hotel’s ambiance to ensuring it’s easily searchable online. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done some of the heavy lifting for you. This blog isn’t just a list; it’s a comprehensive resource designed to inspire and assist you in naming your future hotel.

Introducing “800+ Hotel Names“—a meticulously curated list to spark your imagination and guide you towards that flawless name you’ve been searching for. We’ve organized names to suit all types of hotels—from luxury resorts to cozy bed-and-breakfasts, from quirky hostels to business-focused accommodations. Whether your establishment is nestled in the heart of a bustling city or overlooking serene landscapes, you’ll find a name that resonates with your property’s unique essence.

Hotel Names Ideas

So, dive in! Your perfect hotel name is just a scroll away, waiting to become the cornerstone of your brand and the key to unforgettable guest experiences.

Hotel Names

  • The Canine Suites
  • Tropical Palm Haven
  • Twin Pines
  • Horizon Gaze
  • Whispering Phoenix
  • Conqueror
  • 24/7 Suites
  • Community Cove
  • North Beach Getaway
  • Botanical Suites
  • Chuckle Inn
  • Two-night Tango
  • Cosmic Suites
  • Harvest Moon
  • Economical Suites
  • Local Gem (Your City) Inn
  • Zeus Lodge
  • Cliffside Residences
  • Willowbrook Retreat
  • Elite Society Inn
  • Onyx Horizon
  • Old-world Charm Inn
  • Five Seasons Mountain Retreat
  • Metropolitan Inn
  • Temperate Spa
  • Zen Garden Hotel
  • District Inn
  • Skytop Lounge
  • Empirical Elegance
  • Nature’s Bounty Hotel
  • Seafront Residences
  • Studio 8
  • Snowfall Resort
  • Mirage Luxury
  • Artistic Suites
  • Hotel Ethos
  • Whiskey Elegance
  • Starry Nights
  • Hotel Revolution
  • Imperial Suites
  • Majestic Inn
  • Nomad Beach
  • Avenue Inn
  • Rural Escape
  • Greenwood Motel
  • Squires Inn
  • Open Door Inn
  • Kingpin Suites
  • City-specific Luxury Suites
  • Zenith Hotel
  • The Suburban
  • Hotel Pinnacle
  • Romance Hotel
  • Stay & Relax
  • Coco Palms
  • Bellissimo Luxury
  • Hotel Harmony
  • The Easton
  • FIVE SoHo
  • Lady Anne Resort
  • Quest Residences
  • Emerald Patio Inn
  • National Suites
  • Downtown Chic
  • Ring Hotel
  • Visionary Suites
  • Deerfield Luxury
  • Vintage Valley Inn
  • Smiles Inn

Unique Hotel Names:

  • PureStay Hotels
  • CrossLinks
  • Wanderluxe
  • Zenith Hotels
  • Hotel Helix
  • Kin & Kind
  • Livingstone Inn
  • Global Nomad
  • Mercurial Moon
  • Hotel LoveSpell
  • Joyful Days Inn
  • Heavenly Haven
  • Apex Suites
  • Main Street Motel

Highlight Amenities Names:

  • Gemstone Hotel
  • Five Elements Resort
  • Tropical Bliss
  • Homely Harmony
  • Marina Inn & Suites
  • Journey Joy
  • Majestic Mansion
  • IPA Inn
  • Hotel Pie in the Sky
  • Skyline Cable Inn
  • Sunset Palms
  • ColorWave Hotel
  • King’s Crest
  • Seascape Hotel
  • Maplewood Shores
  • Palatial Stay
  • Streamside Inn
  • Riverbank Resort
  • Wind Whispers Motel
  • Eternal Sun
  • Sojourn Inn

Play with Alliteration Names:

Capture Nature Names:

  • Blissful Bay Hotel
  • Admiral Annex
  • Soft Silk
  • Cedarwood Chalet
  • Cosmic Comfort
  • Golden Grove
  • Graceful Gardens
  • Snowy Stay
  • Trendy Tavern
  • Welcome Wagon
  • Ocean Oasis
  • Beach Breeze
  • True Tranquility
  • Moxy Mansion
  • Unity Uptown
  • Congress Court
  • Grand Hyatt Haven
  • Delightful Del Mar
  • Hollywood Haven
  • Moon Crescent
  • USA Universe
  • Rejuvenating Retreat
  • Better Bliss
  • Eden Estate
  • Southern Serenity
  • New York Nook
  • Waikiki Wonder
  • Intriguing Inn
  • Court Harbor
  • Weekly Wonders
  • Starry Sky
  • Gold Gleam Inn
  • Forest Fern Tower
  • Sundial Century
  • Happy Hills
  • Holly Heights
  • Bay Blossom
  • Timely Tavern
  • Beachfront Beauty
  • Guild Gardens
  • Soothing Springs
  • New Age Times
  • Graceful Green
  • Beachside Bungalows
  • Quick Quarters
  • Regal St. Regis
  • Golden Grove
  • Cherry Charm
  • New Age Conrad
  • Island Idyll
  • Starlit Suites
  • Smallville B&B
  • Doorstep Delight
  • Neighborly Nook
  • Palm Peninsula
  • Quest Quarters
  • Cordial Chateau

Use Descriptive Adjectives Names:

  • Stellar Stay Motel
  • OMG Oasis
  • Sleep Tight Inn
  • Oriental Opulence
  • Scenic Serenity Resort
  • Mutual Moments
  • Silver Serenade
  • Stellar Suites
  • Plaza Prestige
  • Magic Moments Motel
  • Merry Meadows
  • Sands of Hollywood
  • Harbor Heights
  • Dreamy Dwellings
  • EdgeView Inn
  • The Milestone
  • Pristine Peaks Motel

Fancy Hotel Names

  • LaFayette
  • Eternal Bliss
  • Regal Manor
  • Ten and Tenth
  • Cityscape Oasis
  • Aero Heights
  • Windward Chicago
  • The Versailles
  • Duchess of the Meadow
  • Seashore Suites
  • Metropolitan Marvel
  • Prestige House
  • Denali Heights
  • The Loxley
  • Grassland Suites
  • Hotel Elegance
  • Willow Shade
  • Texana Grand

Invoke Wanderlust Names:

  • Gemstone Travels
  • Mini Chalet
  • Rustic Reverie
  • Velvet Villa
  • Economical Elegance
  • Odyssey Inn
  • Vertigo Heights
  • Jefferson Square
  • Discovery Hotel
  • Celestial Heights
  • Sonoma Suits
  • Regal’s Rest
  • Cotton Valley Hotel
  • Oasis Inn
  • Lynxton
  • Elfin Estates
  • Quarter’s Club
  • Vivid Villa Inn

Cultural Allusions Names:

  • Glamour Palace
  • New Wave Spa & Resort
  • Steamy Quarters
  • Festival Inn
  • Silky Plains
  • Desert Oasis Motel
  • Galaxy Grandeur
  • Parkland Elegance
  • Rowan House
  • Awua Majesty
  • SkyHigh
  • Leafy River Inn
  • Venetian Grace
  • Embassy Suites
  • Parkside Elegance
  • Rafferty’s
  • Dove’s Nest
  • Azure Inn
  • Best Choice Hotel
  • Savory Suites
  • Ever Better
  • Lounge Inn
  • Regal Palace
  • Lonely Serpent
  • Kahala Heights
  • Fortune Stays
  • Trust In Us
  • Homestead Suites
  • City Refinery
  • Seacoast Suites

Blend Words Names:

  • PlazaLuxe
  • LuckyHouse
  • Regent Springs
  • Stellar Inn
  • Serene Rose
  • Ivory Trails
  • Loop Central
  • Greetings Galore
  • Chillax Inn

Symbolism Names:

  • Opulent Oasis
  • Aligned Brilliance
  • Township Suites
  • Oasis Springs Resort
  • Sunset Haven
  • Tranquil Dawn
  • Welcome Inn
  • Wanderlust
  • Highway Haven
  • Journey B&B
  • Mountain Gem
  • Desert Plaza
  • Signature Inn
  • University Suites
  • Motel Elegance
  • Golden Apple
  • Double Joy Resort
  • Affordable Comfort
  • Festival Inn
  • Viewpoint Haven
  • Endless Love Hotel
  • SizzleStay
  • Grizzly Suites
  • Wolf’s Lair
  • Pinnacle Heights
  • Hi-Road Inn
  • Skyward Gardens
  • Rockside Hotel
  • Quick Rest
  • Eternal Eden

Hotel Names Ideas

  • The East 49 Hotel
  • Manners Manor
  • Lovely Lodge
  • Epicurean Heights
  • Whimsical Stays
  • Summit Solace Resort
  • Earthly Delights
  • Royal Retreat
  • Homestead Suites
  • Dreamland Motel
  • Florence Villa
  • Whisper Suites
  • Counterpart Inn
  • Joyhouse Hotel
  • Serenity Stays
  • Sunny Side Up Motel
  • Five-Star Stays
  • Bering Sea Resort

Historical References:

  • Ocean Vistas
  • The Pioneer Inn
  • Nomadic Suites
  • Transcendence Hotel
  • Gateway Resort
  • Marina Heights
  • Cinematic Suites
  • Hotel Presidio
  • Royal Standard Inn
  • Skyview Motel
  • Cross Street Hotel
  • Haven Inn
  • Historic Vineyard Resort
  • Agoura Grand
  • Quality Stays
  • Keystone Hotel
  • Veranda Inn
  • Beachfront Bliss
  • Magestica Suites
  • Eleta Hotel
  • Kapalua Resort
  • Skyward Residences
  • Hillshade Resort
  • Amora Inn
  • Copper Motel
  • Flamingo Lodge
  • Rosebud Inn
  • Penrose Hotel
  • Watson Estates
  • Morning Glory Resort
  • Green Oasis Inn

Personal Touch:

  • Harrison Inn
  • Castle Manor
  • Dayspring Inn
  • Regal Rooms
  • Lavish Lodge
  • Fountain Palace
  • Heavenly Point Resort
  • Bohemian Hotel
  • Lake Haven Inn
  • Sea Breeze Suites
  • Stellar Stays
  • Tusker Inn
  • Paradise Nights
  • Hotel Azul
  • Gemstone Inn

Modern and Trendy:

  • Cosmo Inn
  • SleekSuites America
  • Palmetto Resort
  • Zephyr Hotel
  • NeoBrave Hotel
  • Chic Harbor Hotel
  • Nautical Court Inn
  • Edge Downtown
  • Foundation Hotel
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Azure Bay Hotel
  • River’s Edge Inn
  • GoldPlatter Inn
  • Happy Vibes Hotel
  • Urban Nook
  • Gourmet Sleep
  • Knightly Manor

Keep it Short and Memorable:

  • Cube Hotel
  • Sunny Inn
  • Pristine
  • Juno Stays
  • Sand & Sea
  • Lunar Hotel
  • Galaxy Inn
  • Heart Inn
  • Corner Stay
  • Solar Flare
  • Willow B&B
  • Bell Tower
  • Mossy Inn
  • Nap Falls
  • Lemon Inn
  • SkyPort Hotel
  • Glacial Inn
  • NY Haven
  • CitySpa Hotel
  • Pure Earth
  • TropiCasa
  • Bentwood Inn
  • Pine Lodge
  • Luck House Hotel
  • Mossy Rock
  • Elite Motel
  • Fox Manor
  • Oracle Spa & Resort
  • Scarlet Hotel
  • Bliss Inn
  • Windy City Inn
  • Desert Oasis
  • Homefield Inn
  • Royal Suite

Small Hotel Names

  1. Oasis Sands Hotel
  2. Riviera Retreat
  3. Skylight Suites
  4. Meadowside Inn
  5. Wanderlust Lodge
  6. Enchanted Cove Resort
  7. The Summit Palace
  8. Marina Shores Hotel
  9. The Harmony Inn
  10. Crystal Waves Hotel
  11. Eastern Blossom Inn
  12. The Eastwood Lodge
  13. Azure Dreams Hotel
  14. Tranquil Oasis Inn
  15. Cedar Haven Suites
  16. Sunflower Resort
  17. Crescent Moon Hotel
  18. Blissful Escapes Inn
  19. Dragonfly Retreat
  20. Riverside Oasis
  21. The Blissful Breeze
  22. Golden Coast Hotel
  23. Serenity Suites
  24. Rustic Hideaway Inn
  25. Dream Catcher Resort
  26. The Harborview Hotel
  27. Emerald Paradise Inn
  28. Whispering Pines Lodge
  29. Mountain View Retreat
  30. The Lakeside Oasis
  31. Sunset Serenade Hotel
  32. Hidden Gem Suites
  33. Urban Elegance Inn
  34. Starry Nights Resort
  35. Coastal Breeze Hotel
  36. The Mountain Majesty
  37. Tranquil Waters Inn
  38. Redwood Lodge
  39. Sunrise Serenity Hotel
  40. Moonlit Shores Inn
  41. Blossom Hill Suites
  42. The Gardenview Hotel
  43. Whispering Pines Retreat
  44. Blue Horizon Inn
  45. The Haven Cove
  46. Alpine Serenity Hotel
  47. Seaside Dreams Inn
  48. Majestic Peaks Resort
  49. The Enchanted Forest
  50. Crystal Lake Hotel

How to Come Up with a Catchy and Unique Hotel Name: A Comprehensive Guide

The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. With countless hotels and resorts vying for the attention of tourists and travelers, standing out becomes a paramount task. One of the first impressions you make on potential customers is through your hotel’s name. A catchy, unique, and well-thought-out name can not only help your hotel get noticed but can also communicate the essence of your brand. Here’s a detailed guide to help you arrive at the perfect name for your establishment.

Research and Analysis: The Building Blocks

This is very crucial step to name your hotel:

Market Research

Before brainstorming names, you need a deep understanding of your target audience and market. Who are you aiming to serve? Budget travelers, businesspeople, or luxury-seeking tourists? Knowing your demographic helps in tailoring a name that speaks to them.

Competitor Analysis

Don’t exist in a vacuum. Make a list of your competitors and analyze their names. What works for them? What doesn’t? The goal is not to imitate but to find a unique positioning.

Legal Checks

The last thing you want is a lawsuit for trademark infringement. Conduct an initial search to see if your chosen name, or something similar, is already trademarked. Consulting a legal advisor for a thorough check is also advisable.

The Creative Process: Ideation and Brainstorming

The Mood Board Approach

Creating a mood board can be a fantastic starting point for brainstorming names. Put together images, color palettes, keywords, and anything that visually represents the kind of experience you want to offer. This can be a great source of inspiration.

Thematic Naming

Does your hotel have a specific theme or unique feature? For instance, if it’s a beachfront property, names like “Azure Waves Resort” could be suitable. Similarly, if your hotel features colonial architecture, a name like “Heritage Haven” might be apt.

Wordplay and Linguistics

Alliteration, puns, and rhymes can make your hotel’s name catchy and memorable. For example, “Wanderlust Inn” or “Harbor Haven” are names that are not easily forgotten.

The Local Angle

Local landmarks, cultural elements, or even colloquial language can be incorporated into the name to give it a local flavor. This can make your hotel more attractive to travelers interested in a genuine local experience.

Descriptive Names

Sometimes straightforward is best. Descriptive names like “Mountainview Resort” or “Golden Sands Hotel” immediately tell the customer what to expect.

Personal Touch

Using the name or initials of the founder can add authenticity to your hotel name. This often works well for boutique hotels with a specific vision or story behind them.

Abstract Naming

Not all names need to ‘mean’ something. Names like “Hotel Zephyr” or “The Q Inn” could stand out precisely because they are intriguing and non-descriptive.

Test, Revise, and Validate

Feedback Loop

Share your top name choices with friends, family, and, if possible, members of your target audience. You could also use online polls or focus groups for more extensive feedback.

Pronunciation and Spelling

Choose a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce, especially if you’re catering to an international clientele.

Online Availability

Check if the domain name is available for your chosen hotel name, as well as social media handles. Online visibility is crucial in this digital age.

Final Steps: Legal and Visual Checks

Legal Clearance

Before finalizing your choice, make sure you secure the rights to your name by registering it and obtaining the necessary trademarks.

Logo and Branding

Your hotel name needs to be visually appealing as well. Think about how it will look in logos, on business cards, websites, and billboards.

Optional: Seek Professional Help

While these steps can be carried out on your own, you might also consider hiring experts in branding or using specialized name generation tools for additional perspectives.


The name of your hotel is more than just a label; it’s the first chapter in the story that you are going to tell your guests. A well-chosen name sets the tone for guest expectations and builds a brand identity that could last a lifetime. By combining strategic research, creative brainstorming, and careful validation, you can come up with a catchy and unique hotel name that will stand the test of time.

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