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  1. Hello Nikhil Sir,
    Its nice to read great information about how to hide backlinks ? but Sir can make a video on it please that will be more clear Step by Step process.I hope you will do it for all of us ,will wait for your video Sir

    1. Bro, I will surely create a video on it. Thanks for your kind suggestion.

  2. Hi Nikhil
    Thanks again for sharing this amazing post.
    I did not know about coding much and the plugin you explain here is surely going to help me out to hide my backlinks from theives.

    Thanks again!

    1. Glad to see your words. I have talked on Plugins intentionally because there are many who skip the coding part, for them, plugins do wonder.

  3. Waw nice post .. Nikhil you rocked . now i’m using this trick to hide me backlinks

  4. really awesime its amazing thanks alot for such wonderfull articles

  5. I think it’s really helpful for blogger… thanks for sharing this I will hide my backlinks soon from my competitors

    1. if you are running a niche blog, this tutorial goona really handy to you..

  6. firstly i am say you thanks dude for this article and Wow this is the nice article .. Nikhil you so fabulous man . now i’ am also using this trick to hide my backlinks.

  7. I not know much about coding .but i know importants of backlinks .your tips will definitely helps team members

  8. Hi Nikhil!
    Really an informative post on hiding backlink from competitors! Yes, it is a good strategy to keep backlink profile safe from competitors by this methods.
    The plugins you have listed in this post are awesome!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing an useful post with us.

    Keep it up!

  9. Hi Nikhil Brother,
    This an Amazing Informative article and Helpful Writing Thum up Hih Backlink Form Competitors Keep sharing this detailed guide Have a Sweet Night 🙂

  10. Hi.
    Just one word for you. It’s an outstanding post. I have followed almost all of your posts and it’s really one of the most informative ones. Actually I have visited so many sites which are writing about hide my backlinks from competitors but never found anything like this.
    Thanks for this article.

  11. Nice post and I really need this I do not want others to know about my backlinks

  12. MW Berger says:

    Of course you can identify the bots, but you will still be able to pick up these links via simple searching Google itself for backlinks that are indexed. Those backlinks that are not visible in Google likely do not carry that much weight.I have found that the best SEO firms do not attempt to hide their links, so its safe to assume that an attempt to do so may cause more harm than it does good.

  13. Great source of information you provide. There are another tool available for check backlinks known as linkody. How can we disallow this by robots.txt and .htaccess file?
    can you help me. Thanks

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  15. Your post is especially different than other bloggers. Here, I have learned lots of new things about backlink strategy. Finally, Your blog information will be efficient to all webmasters.

  16. abimanyuarjun says:

    amazing post now every one aware of digital marketing and trying to out rank our websites by Copying sites back links, plagiarism content above article emphasize conditional coding for ht-access, robot.tx file through we can block bot agents and competitors hacking thanks a lot.

  17. Thanks to give complete guide to hide my website backlinks from our competitors. Make sure, it’s very safe to keep my keywords ranking position in the search engine. I welcome your excellent post.

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