GTA India Download APK v7.0 For Android [FREE]

Rockstar Games’ GTA India game is an action-packed sensation. For those interested in downloading GTA India, you’ve come to the right place.

The game is compatible with Android mobile phones that run version 5.0 and higher.

If you’re an Indian who craves thrilling action gameplay, look no further than GTA India, which contains all the exciting moves found in Uncharted 4 APK download action games. And you will be amazed to know that GTA India Apk is quite similar to the popular game GTA Vice City Apk.

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The best part is that the game is free for all to enjoy and can be downloaded using the button below.

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GTA India APK Download: What Is It? 

GTA India Download APK

One of the most popular adventure games for Android devices is GTA India, which is action-packed and highly playable. If you download the 100 MB apk, you’ll be able to explore various locations in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Kolkata.

In the game, you’ll encounter police cars that resemble those used by the Indian police force. From the attire of the characters in different locations, you can gain insight into Indian culture.

The game provides opponents with weapons that resemble those used in India and other countries.

Access to the internet is not necessary to play the game, making it easily accessible for everyone. With GTA India, players can freely customize their cars, clothing, and location.

Apk Information:

Game NameGTA India
Latest Versionv7.0
Publisher ByRockstar Games 
Download Size663MB
Game StyleAction

How to Play GTA India Download on Android?

Rockstar Games is known for creating various GTA games, but GTA India download is a favorite among children and adults who are addicted to the game.

This game has been a game changer for Rockstar Games as it has been downloaded by over one million people and has received an impressive 4-star rating on the Play Store.

The game shares similarities with GTA San Andreas, such as the ability to download GTA 4 for Android.

In GTA India, the architecture of heavy vehicles and buildings is accurately depicted, while people peacefully go about their daily business on the streets. Players can drive their cars and take on different roles in various locations.

When you spot Indian vehicles like tempos and trucks in the game, it feels like you’re truly immersing yourself in India.

Each installation of the GTA series features unique characters, and with GTA India’s apk download, you can experience a new India right in the game.

Arm yourself with the finest weapons such as guns and knives for self-defense, but exercise caution as not everyone you encounter will be your enemy.

Remember to dress appropriately when in low-temperature areas. Don’t hesitate any longer and download GTA India apk today. The Tekken Tag APK and shadow fight 2 mod apk games also require you to engage in combat with your adversaries.

Exciting Features of GTA India Download

1. The game offers a variety of modern weapons such as AK-47, MP5K, and Glock 17 Pistole, but caution must be taken while shooting due to limited bullets.

2. The game covers India’s most popular landmarks and destinations, and the player can use their preferred mode of transportation to travel there. The map of India is included in the game to assist with navigation.

3. The game features diverse vehicles such as Indian tempo, trucks, and taxis, and players can experience different adventures by changing vehicles. Pure sniper city gun shooting mod apk is recommended for those who enjoy helicopter raids.

4. The game showcases amazing designs and 3D graphics, with sounds from driving vehicles and discussions among characters adding to the immersive experience.

5. The in-game map allows players to discover various locations, vehicles, and weapons easily. Popular Indian cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Kerala are highlighted.

6. The game provides over 100 missions to safeguard Indian monuments and landmarks, allowing players to visit popular places in India.

7. The game portrays India’s colorful places with excellent themes, showcasing landmarks like the Taj Mahal, Mumbai, Red Fort, and Chennai.

8. The gameplay of GTA India mirrors that of GTA San Andreas, and vehicles, architecture, and characters typical of India are included to give the game an essence of realism.

9. Indian tempo and trucks are included in the game to showcase Indian culture, with different vehicles like trains, tempos, and rickshaws assisting with traveling to various destinations.

10. The game’s attractive and exciting scenes and sounds make players feel absorbed in the experience, and make Indians proud while playing.

How To GTA India Mobile APK Download For Android?

  1. The first step is to open the website.
  2. Use the search box to look up and find a game named ‘GTA India apk’.
  3. Open the game-related article and find the download button.
  4. After clicking on the Download button you might need to wait for a few minutes until the download finishes.
  5. The download comes after completion, then we move on to installing as per this setup.

How to Install GTA India APK Game?

  1. Open the Download file and Click the installation button.
  2. After completing the installation process Go to the Security Setting option.
  3. Typically this configuration is chosen in the Security and Privacy section.
  4. finish the installation and play the game.

FAQs- GTA India APK Download

Q- How to GTA india download?

You can download from Myquickidea.

Q- Is the GTA india APK game free available?

Absolutely! The game can be enjoyed by anyone without any charges and no requirement exists for payment.

Q- Is gta India game playable on android?

The download button below will give you access to GTA India, so why don’t we become players in the rockstars action game? The mobile-friendly graphical elements are specifically designed to perform well on Android.

Q-What is GTA india download?

A lot of gamers are fans of the popular action game GTA India and the GTA Indias game offers two types of versions. We provide two versions of our software – one compatible with Android devices and the other tailored to work on PCs. You can find the PC version on alternative websites.

Does anyone know where I can get the GTA India apk and obb files for free?

Obtaining the latest edition of this file is completely free and installing and playing this game on your smartphone will allow you to join the millions of people who play.

Is downloading GTA India possible on Android 12?

Playing the game on Android version 12 phones is a smooth experience and if you haven’t downloaded it yet don’t wait any longer and get it now.


If you’re a fan of action-packed games and have an Android device, then don’t miss out on downloading GTA India. The inclusion of vehicles and landmarks representing India in the game is spot on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not Indian because the game GTA India has distinguished itself within the GTA franchise and is being widely played by people. It is highly recommended to download this game if you haven’t done so already and give it a go.

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