5 Great Subjects to Write About in Your Lifestyle Blog

Everyone has something in their life that they are passionate about. When you are passionate about something, you get excited whenever that subject comes up. You want to talk about it; share your thoughts and experiences with as many people as possible.

Some people will even create a blog and write about their favorite subjects. This gives them the opportunity to discuss with the masses their passions and ideas. It also allows for dialogue between writer and reader, building their excitement for the topic.

topics to write about lifestyle blog

If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider creating your own blog. Through your own website and stories you can talk about almost anything you want. You can explore areas being ignored by society at large, or you could expand on subjects that you are not seeing enough of. Either way, here are several of the top subjects people discuss in their personal blogs

1# Activities


The vast majority of bloggers tend to write about their personal activities. What they do in their day and where they visit are big topics. While this could apply to many aspects of their lives (some of them listed below), these activities are more related to fitness efforts, photography, sporting activities, or other sorts of hobbies.

Artists will share their latest pieces in their blog, explain what inspired them to create such wonderful imagery, and discuss the artwork of others that attracted them to that piece. The same will go for novelists. While writers have been personified as self-exiled introverts, this is farthest from the truth. Storytellers enjoy sharing excerpts from their novels to entice people to buy their books. For some, it is simply a matter of increasing their income; for others, it is more about the thrill of their work being enjoyed by others.

Sports enthusiasts will keep tabs on their favorite teams and discuss who the best is, who will win the championship, and which players will be traded. The will keep track of statistics and player’s personal lives. They will congratulate and criticize, and they will do so with heated passion………..

2# Attitudes


The next biggest thing to discuss on your blog could be your attitude towards an issue. These could be political debates where you explain to your readers why you stand for something. If you are against a stance a politician has taken, you can do so to where the whole of the Internet can see.

Word of advice if you do a political blog: do not just ramble about how you dislike the person or what they stand for; provide empirical data supporting your claim. There is too much emotion and not enough facts driving politics. Your yourself some credibility.

Your attitude could involve how the local superstore is replacing hired people with machines that force customers to do the work instead (talking about self-checkouts). You could discuss your attitude towards education and how school boards and governments are constantly cutting funding to the single most important department in local government.

Your blogging about an attitude can not only give you the outlet you need for your passion, it could fuel the fire in someone else; someone who might be in a position to make a change. If not in an individual, you could rally your readers together. The combined might of the people is what America is all about.

3# Family


Family is an important aspect in a person’s life. Sharing your adventures and mishaps with the spouse and kids is fun. You will enjoy writing about your husband busting his rear after warning him not to slide across the floor in his socks. Remembering the look on your wife’s face when you surprise her with a new kitten will revive the love for her, and that will come across in your blog.

Fellow parents love to see what other people are doing with their kids. What zoos have they gone to, or the things they do when it is raining outside. If you take them to a jump house, take lots of pictures to add to your blog.

You can share the bad as well. These things happen and you will want to share, if for no other reason than to get it off your chest. If a parent is in the hospital, your pain becomes your readers pain. If your sibling is going through a bad divorce, others will agree with you that the spouse is a useless waste of air. Although no one wants to see the unpleasant side of life, it happens. Talk about it as well.

4# Work


Another topic that might require some censorship, discussing your day at work can can be therapeutic. Did a client come in and demand extra work in a shorter time frame but not willing to pay the extra costs required to do so? Tell your online friends how ridiculous they were. If a customer throws a toy at your head because you couldn’t give them a refund for it, share the experience in your blog (after calling the police for assault).

You could also have had a great day at work! Yes, that does happen sometimes. When it does, lighten everybody’s moods. The people you work with just make the days fly by? Did a customer give you a $100 tip? Let that be known; let faith in humanity be restored. Did your coworkers give you a cake on your last day? Reciprocate their love of you by showing the world how much you appreciate them.People will enjoy reading about the good and empathize with the bad.

5# Travel


Another growing category to write about, this one can combine elements of the previous subjects. People travel for different reasons. It could be a vacation with the family, it could be a personal getaway from the stresses of modern society. Wherever you go, whatever you decide to do, let people know. They will want to read about your adventures in lands far far away.


These are 5 top trending ideas which the audience like most in present time. If you want to gain frequent traction through your content, consider writing around these topics. You can create an awesome blog by parallerly writing on all these categories on your Lifestyle blog.

Share your experience….. How do you feel about writing about your interest? What do you include in your Lifestyle blog?

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