Top 5+ Google Maps Plugins for WordPress Site

Running an online business (website) is one of the challenging tasks. It requires a lot of heavy lifting, right marketing technique and an art of encouraging web audiences. For better results, you need to reach to the maximum number of web audience. Apparently, a visitor won’t spend an hour just to find your location. For that, you need to do a lot of hard work for them.

By adding an interactive map to the site, you can display the exact location of your company or business to your potential visitors. You can do this by integrating Google maps on your WordPress website.

Now, it is important to tell you that Google Maps provide an embed code that you can tweak and paste in your WP posts and pages, without even using any plugin. However, you will have to use the text editor to add the Google Map to posts or pages. Also, you will not find too many customization options for the default embed code. You won’t be able to add custom information to the map.

This is where Google Maps plugin come into existence. With the use of a plugin, you will be able to add locations, directions, markers and routes within the map with ease.

Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

In this post, I collected the five most useful Google maps plugins (both Free and paid) for your WordPress site:

1. Google Maps WD

google map wd

                                                                              Price: Free

                                                     Compatible Up to WordPress 4.5.3

WordPress Google Maps WD plugin is a powerful tool which allows you to add Google Maps to your website with all its essential features. The plugin comes with clean and straightforward interface which makes it easy to for both Google Maps experts and novice users. The live preview feature of the plugin enables you to see the changes you make while you create the maps and  customize them in a matter of a few minutes.

2. Maps Builder

Maps Builder

Price: Free

Compatible up to WordPress 4.3.3

Maps Builder is one of the most flexible and reliable free WordPress plugin.

It is used to create powerful and interactive Google Maps on WordPress websites. It comes with an intuitive builder feature that allows you to build and customize your map with ease – the builder is just like the WordPress Customizer.

Plus, Map Builder offers a ton of customization options to help you create the beautiful and interactive maps. It makes it super-easy to add locations and markers. You can also choose the map size, map theme, map types, etc.

Embedding a map to a post or page is as simple as clicking on a “post editor” button. It also enables you to showcase nearby areas with Google places. Overall, it is fun to creating a Google map with this plugin.

3. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps

Price: Free

Compatible up to WordPress 4.4.2

WP Google Map is the free light version of WordPress plugin to help you create engaging Google Maps, without any coding. It is currently enjoying more than 200,000 active installs.

Highlight the location of interest by including an unlimited number of markets to the Google Maps. Further, you can drive your customers to particular areas of your map by adding colorful and vibrant polygons and polylines to it.

But the center of attraction of this plugin is the store location – you can add pins to mark all your locations for offices or headquarters, and then allow your visitors to utilize the search function to find your place. You can also add multiple layers to your WordPress blog as per your needs. It includes bicycle, transit, weather updates, and traffic.


Price: $ 17

Compatible up to WordPress 4.3.1 is our first premium WordPress plugin used to create eye-catching and interactive Google Maps.

It lets you enhance the functionality of your Google Maps by integrating custom pinpoint graphics, tooltips on each location, multiple locations, and pop-up galleries to the map. Even, you can also upload your customized maps, without tweaking the functionality of your Google Maps – pan, tilt or zoom in your map with ease.

Moreover, also allows you to place your custom markers for your destinations, along with hover boxes to give a soothing user experience to your visitors.

Fact: It is one of CodeCanyon best- selling Map plugin over the internet.

5. Responsive Styled Google Maps

Price: $16

Compatible up to WordPress 4.4.2

It is also a premium map plugin for WordPress. With Responsive Styled Google Maps plugin, you can create beautiful and visually appealing maps for your website. With over 50 unique styles, you can customize your maps according to your requirements.

This plugin enables you to place multiple markers on your Google maps or upload the custom marker icons.

The primary goal of Responsive Styled Google Maps plugin is to provide you the easy and efficient way to design beautiful Google Maps. Therefore, it offers you a useful ‘live previewer’ option that you can use to see the maps you are creating. Also, view the changes that you make in real time.

Besides that, it also offers various advanced settings – allows you to configure the map that fits your specifications. Plus, it also comes with marker pop-ups, search functionality, and clustering.

6. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

Price: Free

Compatible up to WordPress 4.4.2

This plugin is currently boasted over 100,000 active installs.

Google Maps Widget is a free WordPress plugin offering a lot of unique features to create highly interactive Google Maps. However, it was developed primarily as a widget, but because of its shortcode functionality, you can embed maps into any post or page on your site with ease.

Plus, this plugin comes with a ton of customization options such as pin maker style, zoom levels, map type and size, text, and color. With the help of Google Map Widget, you can create the prettiest Google maps for your WordPress site.


I hope this blog post helped you find the most suitable Google Maps plugin for your WordPress site. Now, you can also create feature-rich, beautiful and interactive maps for your customers/web users.

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