Really sad! Every Blogger has to Pass through These 10 Situations

 blogging problems

It is very common that everyone starts their blogging career as a newbie. And it’s obvious that in each and every field you’ll find newbies, and even when the expert starts their own career in a particular field he/she was a newbie too. Now, if we say about blogging there are a hell lot of obstacles to come across. Sometimes we may shine out, sometimes we may not. At certain situations, we may get frustrated by some blogging problems.

These blogging problems are not only limited to new bloggers, even 95% of all bloggers face some type of blogging problems. These frustrating blogging problems might have lead bloggers, including pro bloggers to quit their blogging journey.

But, did these bloggers quit their journey?

No, they had never quit the journey, rather they fought back hard to overcome. And as all of know that most of them have become experts in blogging.

Simply We Must Remember One Thing

To achieve success in any field you must have confidence in yourselves, you have to work hard and be patience. So that is what applicable to blogging as well but you must have more patience.

Now, Here I will be discussing 10 frustrating blogging problems that new bloggers face. I will be explaining and letting you know the solution to each and every blogging problems that might be closely related to your problem.

Now let me take you straight into the topic

When a newbie wants to create a blog, with the inspiration of others or by simple standards or might be for any reason, he/she might have felt uncomfortable with few factors. Even when the blog is growing there might be certain problems that one faces. So here I have shortlisted 10 blogging problems which will force your thinking ability to quit:

#1 Finding a Niche

blogging problems

The first and foremost thought that comes to the mind is what to blog about or what niche should be selected. This might be the initial trouble for most of the bloggers but some bloggers may solve this easily.

While other few bloggers may feel frustrated because they think that “There are few niche that are profitable and they focus on them” and then blindly start a blog and get themselves into some blogging problems without having a clear knowledge or idea about what they are blogging.

It is true enough that there are blogs which are highly profitable and as well have heavy competition. So, we should keep this in mind and choose a niche in which we are well acquainted and have interest. So now are you really thinking to get an appropriate niche.

Then here I am with few solutions for your problem.

> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems

To overcome this blogging problem you should choose a niche that you are having the interest to write and you feel like to learn new things regarding that particular niche. Now while selecting the niche of your blog you should determine where your interest lies and whether you can write that topic freely without any hazels.  In addition to that, you should also consider that topic which you are expertise in.

For Ex– You might be a beauty expert or a chef, then you can start a beauty or a cookery blog respectively.

On the other hand, if you are learning something new and want to share, you can do that also. So that you can simply write your learning experience as an article so that it can be useful to others.

Now, some may have two or three subjects for their blog. And if you also have two or more subjects then you can select multiple niches or single niche, Mostly experts suggest for a single niche and it’s better if you go for a single niche so that you can only concentrate on that niche effectively.

If you want to have multiple niches then also you can have a multiple niche site. Choosing multiple niches can either attract a variety of users as well as provide a diversity of content. So as long as you can produce consistent content within your blog’s niches you can do both. So it’s purely based on you to select an appropriate niche.

Selecting a niche alone is not enough, so we have to design an SEO friendly site. Now the problem with designing an SEO friendly site.

You can also use SEMrush for niche finding, Check out SEMrush Cyber Monday Deal to get it in dirt cheap price.

#2 Designing an SEO Friendly Site

blogging problems: Designing
Designing an seo friendly site

Many of the new bloggers may be wondering about SEO. This is just because they might have heard the word “SEO” frequently in most of the articles and blogs.

It usually happens that a newbie may not have the patience to learn SEO because he/she will be concentrating on the content and information they provide through their blog. Some bloggers know how to write an SEO based articles but they just don’t know how to create a blog in SEO based principles like on page SEO, off page SEO etc.

So while creating a blog they may get frustrated because they are not clear about SEO and even some bloggers may think to hire an SEO expert for this. But as you know, all bloggers can’t afford, so it becomes a problem for them. If we aren’t able to afford, then we have to go for an alternative.

The alternative is, now you don’t have to spend money for every aspect but you should give some time for yourselves to learn all SEO tactics. It might be irritating but if you spend some time then it will be interesting. So have a look at some tips to master SEO.

> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems

On page and off page optimization are the two most used words in blogging and new bloggers have a lot of problem with this.

On page SEO:

  • Use SEO friendly permalinks in URLs.
  • Include some images to your content.
  • Use Outbound links in articles.
  • Make your site load faster.
  • Keep your headline in h1.

These are few factor in on page SEO. You can have clear idea of on page SEO here in these well written and popular articles

Now coming to off page SEO, it refers to tactics that can be used to improve the position of a website in search engines results.

Off page SEO:

  • Submit your website to search engines.
  • Submit your blog to blog directories.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • Do-follow forum posting and commenting
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0
  • Blog Commenting

#3 What To Write Next And How To Produce Quality Content

blogging problems: what to write next
what to write next and how to produce high quality

This is another x-factor where new bloggers always keep searching for. There can be a situation where we write the content but we feel like we are lagging behind. Or we may have the idea and topic but don’t know how to summarize and in this processes we may find ourselves frustrated.

The present content of your article will keep your audience interested! But how to publish high-quality content regularly. It may be difficult to come up with new and fresh ideas that are engaging. Some bloggers always try to create quality content but they fail due to some reasons. So maintaining a consistent quality article becomes a tricky task. But nevertheless, there is a solution that may help you out.

So if you are one of them, then here are few tips to grab some tips and effective content articles for your blog.

> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems

There is a simple solution to get rid of this problem, When you stuck with a topic, don’t know what to post and don’t have any alternative, at that time make yourselves pleasant and then execute these steps to find what to write next

  • Take a look at your competitor’s blog and grab some interesting posts to write and write more effective than him.
  • Use Buzzsumo tool to search for trending content and get some ideas.
  • Use Udemy, Skillshare, tuts plus to find what people really searching for.
  • If you are having movies or software’s niches blogs, make use of extra torrents and other torrents sites to get some great keywords and popular content.
  • Use online forums and groups to gather ideas and questions.
  • Use pin interest to search for popular articles in your niche.

These are few steps to find what to write next and also to find trending content. Now it’s all about how to write a high-quality material.

  • Include high quality and eye catching images in your posts.
  • Make your article easily scannable.
  • Write the content in simple language so that all readers can easily understand.
  • Use effective titles to draw reader’s attentions.

#4 No Response or Comments Or Interactions From Your Readers

blogging problems : no comments
No comments or no response

Each and every blogger spends a lot of time and shapes an article, but if they didn’t get any feedback on it, they will get definitely frustrated.  As we all know we bloggers always spent a lot of time in creating a blog post and craft the post in a manner where our post will be helpful to our audience. And as we publish a post, we will obviously wait for our feedback. It could be a good or bad feedback, but no worries because this will make us sportive. And the lack of comments, effects writer’s interactivity and blog’s community.

This is a problem of many sites including my site, if you find your blog in this aspect then don’t worry. Here’s how to resolve this problem:

Comment on other bloggers:

Commenting on others blogs will help to increase your presence. Try to comment on small blogs because those blog’s bloggers are more likely to notice and appreciate and for sure they’ll return to your site in favour. If you want to interact with influencers then also commenting is the effective way, but you have to write genuine comments and genuine feedback on their posts. Never do spamming on blog comments sites because it gives a negative opinion on your profile. Try to impress them with a different approach, write some kind of comment where you will stay unique from other comments.

Respond to your Comments:

You must respond to each and every comment in order to interact with your visitors. If you’re unlikely to reply them then automatically they’ll stop commenting on the others post they like. So never hurt your visitors without giving a reply.

#5 Not getting enough traffic:

Blogging problems not getting traffic
Not getting enough traffic

This is the most frustrating matter for many bloggers. Many bloggers fail to attract visitors to their blog. Initially, while writing content, we feel if our content is good we may get good traffic. Even I have felt the same that I can get traffic but it wasn’t so easy. Here most of the bloggers don’t give much importance to traffic and they will just launch the site hoping for a flow of visitors but they can’t get traffic.

Many bloggers fail to attract more visitors even after publishing a high-quality blog post, or well-written post.  And this is the most devastating problem for bloggers, and this is the main equation where many new bloggers lose hope and just give up blogging.


> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems

This is a topic, which is too far to explain in depth and although I know some of the aspects and I’ll cover them in a short copy.

  • Write Guest post.
  • Re-arrange your posts and make them updated.
  • Use social media to share your posts.
  • Ask guest bloggers to keep your link on their articles.
  • Keep some links of others bloggers in your articles and approach them and ask them to share your posts.

The above 5 points will help you up to a certain extent.

These articles can boost your confidence and help you to drive traffic:

#6 Not Building Backlinks

blogging problems: Not building backlinks
Not building backlinks

Many bloggers also wished to quit their blogging because they were not able to get backlinks. I hope I am correct about this point or Is this a wrong point?

I have asked a few bloggers, who started blogging in 2016. They just said ” I can’t get backlinks from sites and can’t do all the stuff “.

Backlinks are crucial for SEO and Google gives more credit to sites that have a good number of backlinks. And Google treat those sites as more user-friendly and relevant than other pages for a search query.

Well I guess you know about backlinks. If you don’t know then simply Backlinks are the links pointed towards your site.


> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems

I’ll provide some valuable information and some links to gain access to backlinks. There are number of strategies through which we can gain backlinks.

  • Submit guest post to other blogs.
  • Comment on dofollow commentluv blogs.
  • Submit your blog to high blog to high PR sites.
  • Make use of discussion boards by linking to your blog.
  • Answer a query in online forums and link to your site.
  • Submit blog to and medium.

These are the few points to gather backlinks and for in-depth you can find them here:

#7 Can’t Interact With Influencers And Fellow Bloggers

cant reach fellow bloggers and influencers
cant reach fellow bloggers and influencers

Most of the bloggers are keen to interact with fellow bloggers but some bloggers don’t like to interact with others. On the other handsome bloggers may think that how would the other blogger react when he/she approaches.

Many bloggers have their own reasons for everything. So this has been a problem for many bloggers, but this practice is not good because we can’t get traffic only by targeting audience. We must try to impress bloggers and influencers as well so that they can help us by sharing a post, or saying some valuable advice.

> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems:

Here if you want to interact with blogger don’t hesitate to interact with them here are few points which may help you to get closer to influencers.

  • Comment on other bloggers sites and write a valuable feedback.
  • Follow them on their social networking sites.
  • Share their content and be active in promoting their content to your audience.
  • Subscribe to their email subscription.
  • When you get an email from them then just try to write an effective email in a pleasing manner.
  • Try twice or thrice a month genuinely and rest leave to them.

#8 Not getting Google’s Eye on Your Site

Not getting Google’s eye on your site
Not getting Google’s eye on your site

I have seen some bloggers who are facing problems similar to this, they worry that Google is not indexing their pages and their site is not visible in Google Search Engine. Some bloggers may get discouraged because of this reason that their post are not indexing.

For this type of problems, you must be brave and just try effective ways to index your post.

Here are few tips:

  • Create a sitemap for your site.
  • Submit your sitemap to Google search console.
  • Submit your blog to blog networks.
  • Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like google plus, twitter, facebook, pin interest, stumble upon and so on to get faster indexing.
  • Update your ping list this is the most important in indexing.

#9 Few Social Response

Few social media response
Few social media response

Previously I was saying about the problem regarding traffic. Now, it’s about social sites and response from social sites.

Blog traffic and social response are quite interlinked. Some bloggers may not bother for the social response while other bloggers may feel as the frustrated problem.

In reality, it’s a problem for lots of newbie’s because initially they may not get Search Engine Traffic, so they try to share their content more on social media. If there is a rise in traffic then it would be good. But after sharing if they won’t get traffic, they feel like, they don’t have enough followers so their blog isn’t able to reach the huge audience.

And there after they try to increase their social media presence but many bloggers may fail. Because you all know that trying to grab social presence means we must spend a lot of time in social media. This may be a bit hectic to balance social media publishing and managing blog. But we have to put our efforts to succeed.

The following are few tips


> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems:

  • Be active on social media.
  • Try to solve someone’s problems.
  • Try to share influencer’s content which is helpful to your audience.
  • Join and engage in social groups.
  • Follow influencers and comment on their posts.
  • Try to gain attention by writing fab comments on influencers post.
  • Notify the mistakes of others bloggers and help them in a pleasing manner.
  • Link your profile to your website.
  • Engage with everyone.
  • Optimize your social media profiles.
  • Use your original images to let them know.
  • Don’t use spam methods and auto liking methods.
  • Don’t post same matter again and again with the same title, try to optimize and change the title and use engaging titles.

These are few tips and if you want to know more then I found these articles worthy to share:

#10 No Income

No money
No money

This is the final and the main reason where new bloggers always want to quit blogging. If you’re not blogging as a hobby then you’ll be definitely more frustrated for this.

Many bloggers invest some amount in blogging and in return they expect more income but practically it can’t happen in a quick time. Blogging is not a fast and easy money making option.

Being a human, it’s obvious we look to make money in this expensive days.

But what if we choose blogging and don’t have an income. We have to find another alternative for survival.

But for all them who think like that have to change their mindset, Blogging is not a single day show, it’s a long run which can even take years to get some amount from it. So if your blog is not producing the amount of revenue that you expected to earn, then try some tips to earn money.


> How to Overcome These Blogging Problems:

Making money through blogging is somewhat difficult when you are new but when you have an established blog with the good audience then you can make a handsome money from it.

Now here you must focus on building a reputation and following. Then you can get a lot of opportunities to earn from your blog.

You can make your Ad Sense, affiliate marketing, sponsored post etc.

Final words:

Blogging is always an art, and if you can show your skill along with patience then you’ll definitely achieve success. You can also just make blogging as business as well.

Many bloggers have already established themselves properly and financially. So starters like me, just be engaged and active as much as you can. So live your life and make your blogging sweeter by adding hard work and patience to it.

If you really do like this blogging problems article then just share your thoughts on it in comments and have a pleasant day.

Happy blogging.

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  1. @aswinivadapalli first of all thanks for this genuine post
    after reading this post I just thinking about my olden days yes stage I enter into the blogging world
    #5 Not getting enough traffic publish good posts and apps but less traffic hurts me lot 🙁
    I nearly wasted 3 months for Finding a proper Niche

    • Hi Santosh!
      Thank you so much for stopping here!
      Yeah traffic is one of the main problem, so overcoming it is also a bit tricky.
      I hope my post helped you.
      Thank you once again for sharing your olden days experience in comments by reading this post.
      happy blogging.

  2. Honestly this was a super in-depth article for bloggers with solution to each issue. But I feel that a different article title with a curiosity to click fator would have had awesome results. (Just my suggestion)

    • Hey bro, I was experimenting with the title. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to bring the curiosity masala.

    • Hi Adarsh! Thank you for your comment.
      Yeah! It’s true finding a niche and maintaining traffic is equally difficult but if we spare sometime and keep some efforts in it then we can shine definitely. Happy blogging.

  3. Hi Aswani,

    This is a really epic post that new bloggers will get real guidance from.

    Not just new bloggers, though.

    I want to stress one thing to underscore what you’ve shared here.

    Blogging has morphed considerable in just the last two years into something quite different than it was when many “accomplished” bloggers first started. So you’ve touched on a lot of key points for them, like… just to take one little example, when you talk about being social in your point 9… this is something that many established bloggers don’t understand.

    Blogging is no longer all about “driving traffic” to your blog, it’s mostly about learning to get your offers in front of an eager, targeted audience. That means social media because let’s face it, people don’t want to leave Facebook, Reddit or YouTube to go to your blog. But if you’re solving their problems (as you suggest), they will follow YOU… and that includes going back to your blog because you’ve got so much value.

    But again, the key is not getting people onto your blog, the key is to doing business with them, right?

    That means helping them solve problems wherever they are FIRST… ie., any social site. You might even add them to your email list, sell them your products and services without them ever visiting your blog. But the fact that they recognize you as an influential blogger gives you the authority they’re looking for. So just do it.

    Blogging has changed a lot, but there’s never been a better time to do it.

    You’ve given such great advice here, I want to thank you, and also… thanks to Nikhil for hosting this article to help bloggers solve their problems.

    Now bloggers, time to take some of this great advice and put it to use.

    It’s been fun 🙂


    • Hi Donna Mam!
      Really thanks a lot for such great words. It’s my pleasure to get such a feedback from you.

      The article is purely what I have experienced and I have jotted down it together, which is very close to most bloggers. And what you said was Absolutely correct, helping others and maintaining some followers in social media is crucial.

      Once again thank you so much for going through article and giving some valuable tips mam.

  4. Hi Ashwini,
    what should I say about this blog post? Amazingly written, It looked like that I am reading my own story here. and you are right that every blogger has to go through these things.
    Keep up the good work.
    And thanks for sharing.

    • Hi robin,

      Thanks for your kind words about this article. Its not only your story but its every bloggers story so i am happy that you reminded your story and just returned your expression in comments.

      Thanks for your comment once again. happy blogging.

  5. One of the best article that I ever read about blogging frustration. I always feel sad when I get no response from the readers. Another big problem is doing off-page seo and is really boring. Well, thanks for the article I’ll also try your suggestion too.

    • Thanks for your comment Nisha, I am glad that you liked this article about blogging frustration.

      Its very frustrating for a writer if she didn’t get a response from their readers, hopefully follow the articles and just try to interact with as many bloggers as you can. It will help you in a long run.

      And about off page seo, those articles will say the perfect methods to master off page seo, so change your gear and do blogging.

      Thanks for your comment nisha.

  6. Hi Aswini,
    Currently I m enjoying #5 and #8 badly. But I will successfully overcome from these situations thats for sure. Your tips will definitely going to help me.
    By the way I read your article first time here and it was really awesome.
    Such a nice little suggestion from Donna and completely agree with her.
    Also thanks to Nikhil for sharing all these at here.

  7. Hi Aswini,

    A very detailed article depicting the problems of many new bloggers.

    The writer’s block is a common problem for many people – whether a newbie or an expert. Really loved your way of portraying the challenges. All the tips to overcome these issues are also bang on. Thanks for sharing. Take care 🙂

    • Hi Manideepa. Thank you so much for stopping here and expressing your views on this article.
      what you said was right, Newbies or the experienced one’s will face these problems at some stage of their blogging career. The only thing we have to overcome those problems by our patience and hard work.Thanks for your comment. Take care ????

  8. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.

    Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! However, how
    can we communicate?

  9. Hi Aswini ,

    Thats what every blogger faces in beginning. Its common problem from choosing niche to getting comment really sometime it feel like that we choosed wrong niche but the thing is that we only need to work little hard like writing seo optimized post , building backlink and also choosing eye catchy headline to get some response from readers .

    • Hi Ravinder!
      Its true that finding a niche is a problem for beginners.Exactly what you said is correct that sometimes we may think that we have chosen a wrong niche.But keeping on efforts to reach the goal will definitely help. Thank you.

    • Yes Mihir I tried to jot down the problems all together.Its important to build and maintain relationship with bloggers by commenting effectively but not artificially on other blogs will help you.And also guest posting would help you.I hope you will overcome this problem soon.Thank you.

  10. Hi Aswini, great post and it includes the most debated topics amongst bloggers. I have never got to grips with SEO, backlinks, and other such techie stuff, but I write what I find others will read and comment on, use links as much as I can and somehow it all comes together and makes the blog work. I think sometime we can think too much about the techie things and it deters us from natural writing that appeals to the reader. Brilliant article, thank you.

    Enjoy the journey!

  11. Hi Aswini and Nikhil,
    a helpful post for all new bloggers.
    I have to agree with Donna ,blogging is
    changing and it is not only about google
    and Seo anymore ,social media is playing
    a big role in getting traffic and followers today.
    People like to connect and like to see who is behind a blog.
    I think Nikhil does very good with his videos and I saw
    many others started to do so and pay more attention to
    Social media. I think you both did a good job .
    Thank you

    • Hi Mam,
      Thanks for your lovely comment, and yes what donna mam said is absolutely correct in this blogging field. Nowadays social media is playing a vital role in generating traffic, followers and more sales. Thank you once again for stopping here and spending your time for your comment Mam.
      Happy blogging.

  12. Hi Aswani,
    WONDERFUL post. Love the way you wrote about the problems and then offered solutions. Well executed. It’s a fact that all bloggers will meet these problems starting out and the same for experienced bloggers as well. Blogging has become VERY competitive and as a result can be stressful figuring out how to get noticed and stand out. This is why self-branding is so important. I think getting to know who you are visiting, and following who you’re interested in, is vital. The good news is with millions of people online, there is an audience for everyone. Niche marketing has become another catch-all category like “SEO”. Finding something specific within a “Niche”, drilling it down to offer something unique is key – not being like everyone else. Great share .. and best wishes.

    • Hi Mam, Thanks for your comment,

      I just wrote this post to share my experience and some kind of solutions to overcome these blogging problems, and i am glad you like my approach. And mam as you said “blogging has become very competitive” Thats is a truth i’ll agree and it’s even giving more struggles to all new bloggers, and self – branding is the best process as you said and i’ll must accept it mam because its such an important thing, but some newbies also face some problems and it’s mostly because of fear, So they must do it without any fear so they can achieve something and keep up there brand. Coming to Niche marketing, a newbie always try to share his/her best work as a blog post, but as there are millions of blogs and websites rising daily and the content written by newbies always falling apart even its a killer content because the lack of promotion so i think promotion is must and influencers outreach is also must for newbies to stand out. Thanks for your feedback mam. Happy blogging.

  13. Hahaha… Your points are really true. Especially “Backlinks” part, I can still feel the pain. Nice post, waiting for more awesome! contents from you @aswinivadapalli. 🙂

    • Hi sanjeev, Thanks for stopping here and commenting on this post, Every bloggers feels that pain with backlinks because it’s the crucial and also more time taking factor. And thanks for your compliment I’ll try to produce more awesome content sanjeev. happy blogging. ????

  14. I think the worst case for me was “#8 Not getting Google’s Eye on Your Site”. Currently my blog gets across 700+ daily visitors from Google only but still whenever I write a new post it still take much time to appear on search results.

  15. Really Thanks for understand New Bloggers problem and solving them…. I like This Q&A post it’s very useful for me and other Blogger who don’t have much traffic, backlinks and can’t make money from their blogs..

  16. Found your post in myvash, ended up reading 2-3 articles!
    To be honest I would’ve read only 30-50% of this article! But all of this is so relate-able lol!
    Especially building backlinks!
    It’s like a pain in butt :/

    # The STRUGGLE is REAL

  17. Hi Ashwini,

    A long list of blogging problems, I do agree with the above statements, most of the new bloggers including me(when I was new to blogging) look at the income reports of the professional bloggers and gets motivated to replicate the same thing.

    Once we land on the blogging platform we will come to know the hurdles of it but there are people who crossed these hurdles with their smart work but it needs experience, patience, hard work and commitment.

    One thing everyone has to remember is money is there in blogging but nobody will tell you how to earn it step by step.

    You have to learn everything by experimenting, thanks for sharing the insightful information.

  18. Hi Aswini,
    I read it got motivated 🙂
    awesome situations you revealed.
    I have faced some of them. And yes, I am about to achieve the dreams soon! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. Please do read my latest blog post at MeetAhmad [dot] com, I would love to see your views there!


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