Top 5 Free Online Proofreading Tool You Never Want To Miss

Free Online Proofreading Tool

After writing different articles on the different aspect of Blogging, SEO, and social media, today I thought to come up to the root of blogging.

What is the root of blogging in present time? I am asking you….

Some of you would say content. But, what type of content we usually see on blogs?

Is it text? Yes, despite media rich content, we see most of the content in text format on the blogs. Each blogger wants that the text content must be well-formatted and error-free. However, due to lack of language skills, some bloggers are unable to write error-free posts.

In this situation, the free online proofreading tool becomes handy to them. The proofreading tools assist to have neat and clean posts on your blog. Maybe you are not proficient in English. There are numerous people whose first language is not English; nevertheless, they are publishing quality posts with the help of free online proofreading tool.

I always proofread my blog post as I can offer grammatical error free information to my blog readers.

I would like to present some advantages of the free online proofreading tool which would also encourage you using a proofreading tool each time you write a post.

  • These tools cannot replace the human proofread expert, but they are equally efficient to eradicate most of the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Proofreading tools are efficient in time-saving. Manual proofreading takes time, whereas using tools reduce the time duration spent on writing an error-free post.
  • Hiring a proofreading expert is costlier than having a premium subscription of any proofreading tool.

5 Free Online Proofreading Tool

Let me introduce you with some of the free online proofreading tools so that you could also eradicate the grammatical errors from your blog posts. In addition to the bloggers, the content writers, story writers, etc. can also get free proofreading and grammar check facility by these tools.

1. Grammarly:


Grammarly is the world’s best proofreading tool with multiple features. It is the most convenient grammatical error removal tool in all the available tools. I am using it for a long time, and it never disappointed me. You get a browser extension of Grammarly that assists in removing errors while writing within the browser, such as writing an email, posting on social media, chatting, and so on. Grammarly always takes care of writing issues while you use its browser extension.

Moreover, you can also embed it into the Microsoft word. After it, you do not need to go to the Grammarly website to check out for grammatical issues.

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Watch this Video and Discover More About Grammarly

2. Ginger:

ginger free proofreading tool

Ginger is a desktop proofreading tool. I am also using it more than one and half year. It is an important part of my proofreading process whereby I purify the content. Sometimes, a small punctuation can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Ginger takes care of them and sets you free from such kind of difficulty. The one click error correction saves a lot of time. It suggests the right solution with each error. Thus, you get to know the right placements of the verbs, articles, adverbs, etc.

3. Prowritingaid

prowritingaid Free Proofreading Checker Online

It is the writing analysis tool. Many things that we usually do not give proper attention to have been included in this tool. It oversees the overused words, writing style, sentence length, clichés & Redundancies, repeated phrases and many other measures. It is the most efficient tool for writing-analysis. By using this tool, you may analyze your content by different measures.

4. After the Deadline:

after the deadling free grammar checker

This name sounds quite dangerous. You need not be afraid of its name. It is a very handy tool to remove the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You need to copy the article or content into this website, and the errors show in three different colors. The spelling mistakes appear in Red color, different suggestions regarding errors in blue color and the grammatical errors display in the green color. Moreover, it also gives the suggestions for active and passive writing.

5. Hemingway App:

hemingway app English Proofreading Online Free

Readability is the most crucial ingredient of the top-notch content. Your post or article must read well, and readers will get able to understand your perspective. To make it possible, you should give a shot to Hemingway App. This proficient tool amazingly improves the readability of your text content by highlighting the complex sentences with the corresponding suggestions to shorten or split the long sentences. Moreover, it also detects multiple errors that you do not want with the content.

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Final Touch:

To produce the top-notch content, these free proofreading tool play a vital role. The complete eradication of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes make you able to pass the flawless information to your readers.

If you are using any other tool that is not in this post, let me know through your comment. Also, share the results what you get with your favorite proofreading tool.

16 thoughts on “Top 5 Free Online Proofreading Tool You Never Want To Miss”

  1. Online writers should make good use of these tools. Hiring someone to proofread and edit articles is really costly and you’re not even 100% sure that they’ll be doing it right as well.

  2. Thank you for recommending these apps. I edit my articles and a lot more other documents and articles. so these will definitely help make the work smoother.

  3. Awww… I feel bad not knowing about these tools. I simply use MS Word for grammar and spell check but it’s too basic. I usually proofread my posts myself and often ask inputs from family and friends. My mom is also my number one proofreader! It’s good to ask others how they understand your post. Readability is important for me, the Hemingway App sounds like something I would need. Nevertheless, I’m checking out all the tools in this very helpful list.

  4. I think this would totally come in handy to those who do papers! Even when we ask others to proofread, they’re bound to miss something so this a pretty awesome app! 😀

  5. Hi Nikhil,

    This is the first time I am landing on your blog, proofreading is important to maintain the quality of the article and website, so many new bloggers are not paying attention to it, my initial days of blogging I used to write articles on Microsoft word later I shifted to Grammarly which is free to use for basic proofreading and rest of the tools I never used, thank you very much for sharing the information about these tools, see you soon.

  6. Hello Nikhil, just wanna pass my congratulations for having the new avatar of myquickidea. The new theme is looking amazingly cool and blazing fast than the previous one. I saw it today only, though I visit your blog at least once daily, I like your writing style and the exuberant content you bring on the plate. All the very best!

  7. Hello Nikhil Sir,
    Your doing a great job amazing article back k to back, As My English is not so good its better tool for me I have heard a lot about Grammarly , but others where unknown to me
    Thank you Sir

  8. Some great tips here, thanks! I use Prowritingaid all the time. The lovely Leona Hinton just wrote a guest post on my blog you might find equally helpful: 10 Power Tools to Make You an Editing Wizard. Thanks!

  9. Grammarly is the best.. I used grammarly free version in my old English blog but now I have hindi blog and grammarly only for English spell checker tool



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