Top 10 Best Free Movie Download Sites to Download Superhit Movies

Movies are a great way to entertain and have a fun time with your friends, family or for your own self. Some use movies to escape reality. So, in the interest of our readers, we have compiled a list of free movie download sites.

free movie download sites

Why Download From Free Movie Download Sites

Gone are the days of releasing a movie on DVD. Producers do not want to hurt their sales from cinema halls and so the DVDs are not released until long after the movie is taken down from single screen theaters and multiplexes. Though, you don’t need to wait for your favorite movie’s DVD launch if you missed it in theater.  Many sites offer different movie downloads. Some of them offers bollywood movies while some site offers hollywood movies. If you are looking for both of them then refer to this list of such sites.

And by the time a movie is taken out of cinema halls, the craze for that movie has died down. The Audience doesn’t want to watch an old movie, they want to watch something new every time. So the demand for old movies is already low.

Moreover, for the producers, releasing DVDs is a luxury. Not every movie is profitable. Regardless of cost of production of movies, it comes out of the profits of the movie.

No producer wants to reduce the profits of the movie, especially when there is hardly any demand for the end product i.e. DVDs. The number of people likely to buy those DVDs is already very less, particularly in modern times. Piracy has made it easy and less time consuming for audience to download movies.

So the question comes – where does the small part of audience go, those who want to watch old movies legally? This is where free movie download sites are extremely helpful.

Is There Any Alternative To Free Movie Download Sites?

Other options which are not so easy – downloading from youtube or vimeo, which requires an extra tool. There are sites which will let you download videos from vimeo or youtube or other similar tube sites. You have to insert the URL for the video you want to download, they will locate the video and do the conversion into your desired format. This is cool but it poses a number of operational issues, which can slow down your overall download speeds.

If you want to download movies, there is an indirect option – find videos on tube sites like YouTube or Vimeo and then use a conversion tool to download them. But this method poses several small problems, which I will tell you later.

  1. Narrow Collection of Movies: These video tube sites are not optimized specific for movies. Their creators and users don’t focus on specifically on movies. And some video tube sites also have rules against movie piracy and the type of videos you can upload or download. While we do not encourage piracy, the collection of movies for you could be very limited on these sites.
  2. Converter Sites Display Spam Ads: Many of these conversion sites are unstable, not very user friendly, and generate a lot of spammy ads. Video download sites are good as long as they don’t push a lot of ads. Many of them also are slightly unstable. In my personal experience, there are very few (may be 1 or 2) genuine converter sites. Most others have very poor spam score and they publish forceful / spam / adult category ads.

What Are The Features Of Free Full Movie Online Websites?

Most free movie download sites are full of malware and adware. So we will carefully chosen malware and virus-free websites for HD movie free download.

  1. No adware
  2. No malware
  3. Easy to use website design
  4. Free Movie Download (no sign up should be required)
  5. Options for HD movie download (for free!)
  6. Wide collection of movies for free

List Of Websites For Free Movie Download

There are several ways to watch old movies that are not in cinema anymore. So to save you the pain of searching such websites, we have compiled a list of websites that let you:

  • Download full movies in HD for free
  • Watch movies online free without downloading

1. FullMoviez


Have you ever noticed how many of these online websites for free movie downloads don’t even talk about Indian movies? This was one of my biggest complaints too. I mean India being the vast country that it is, it has cinema being produced in practically every major language of the country.

If you are looking for major non-English movies in India, this is your main website to go! It has such a vast collection that you will almost feel proud.

This website hosts full movies in 8 different Indian languages. Also, it also hosts Hollywood movies as well, but that collection is very less in number. Hopefully they will expand their collection of free online hollywood movies soon.

Features of

  1. Movies in 8 different Indian Languages: Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi
  2. Delivery: Streaming Only
  3. Online Ads: Minimal
  4. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD (1080p / full HD movies on this site are very rare)

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2. Download Any Movie


I was not aware of this website until about 6 months back. But when many of my friends started suggesting, I had to look into it.

If you look at the name, it does not look like a genuine site. A lot of sites with exact matching keywords are used for adware and spam – you click one button which takes you to fake download page, from there another link takes you one more download page. Eventually, you will end up cycling back to the main website. Such website are time-wasting and also very frustrating. Fortunately, Download Any Movie is NOT like that.

It offers a wide selection of movies across genres. Besides a regular movie search box in the header, you can also filter movies by year of release, and by genre as well. Apart from movies, it also hosts TV shows.

Features of

  1. Movies in Hindi and Arabic
  2. Delivery: Streaming Only
  3. Online Ads: Minimal
  4. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD (1080p / full HD movies are not supported on this site)

3. TubePlus


TubePlus is basically an aggregator of free online movies. You can watch movies or tv shows on this website for free. There is no registration is required on this website to watch your favourite TV shows and movies online.

When you visit TubePlus, you can easily see the effort put by the founders of the website. The site is well maintained and neatly organized. You can filter for your favourite genre of movies, and even on first letter of movie names. So if you want a huge collection free movies to choose from, you should visit AND bookmark this website so that you can watch movies online easily.

Features of

  1. Very organized and pleasant user interface
  2. Shows IMDB ratings
  3. Hosts TV Shows + Movies (aggregated from different hosts)
  4. Delivery: Streaming Only
  5. Online Ads: Minimal
  6. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD
  7. Free Full Movies and no sign up

4. DivXCrawler


DivXCrawler is one of the oldest and highest quality website to watch movies. You can download any of you favourite movies directly to your PC and burn them to your CD or redistribute them among your friends.

They have the latest movie collection from 2016 and also hosts a great deal of older movies. So, if you want to watch older Hollywood movies legally, this is the website for you. The best part of this website which I like the most is that it offers direct movie downloads as opposed to movie streaming. Also, there are no ads on this website which improves the overall movie browsing experience.

For each movie, you can see file size, movie format, plot synopsis, as well as detailed plot outline before downloading the movie. This website also has a support team and a members area which provides a reasonably fresh collection of movies (which we believe is for paid members only).

Features of

  1. Free Full Movies and no sign up
  2. Neatly designed user interface
  3. Shows IMDB ratings and file size
  4. Hosts Hollywood Movies (not Bollywood Movies)
  5. Delivery: Downloads mostly (Streaming in Members Area)
  6. Online Ads: Zero
  7. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD

5. Yify Movie


Yify Movie is a great all-in-one website for movie streaming and torrent downloads. It is dedicated to bring you the newest movies in HD quality. The website is organized very pleasantly and there are lot of visual elements including high quality movie posters. The attention to detail on the design makes it look like a very credible movie download website and it is equally useful too.

You can browse movies by year or by genre. You can also stream movies, download via torrents / magnet link. You can even see the youtube trailer of the movie, its IMDB page, its TheMovieDB page.

It hosts a great collection new movies in extremely quality videos.

Features of

  1. Free Full Movies (Sign up required only for streaming)
  2. Great visual user interface
  3. Shows IMDB ratings, and links to official YouTube Trailer
  4. Hosts Hollywood Movies (not Bollywood Movies)
  5. Delivery: Streaming + Torrents (Streaming in Members Area)
  6. Online Ads: Minimal
  7. Movie Quality: Semi-HD or Full HD (No movies below 720p HD)

6. House Movie


House Movie is a rather funny name for movie website, but that does not reflect the kind of quality it hosts. The movie and TV show catalogue of this website is very good. It provides you a unique movie watch experience through its website and blogs.

They also provide a section of blogs where they write frequently about latest and most popular movies. This along with their clean website brings a lot of visitors to their site and makes them great for casual movie fans to enjoy a lot of high quality movies.

Features of

  1. Hosts Hollywood Movies (not Bollywood Movies)
  2. Free Full Movies (Sign up not required)
  3. Clean and bright user interface
  4. Shows IMDB ratings right on the cover
  5. Delivery: Streaming Aggregator (Movies are hosted by different websites)
  6. Online Ads: Minimal
  7. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD

7. My Download Tube


Many times when we watch movies, we cannot understand the accent of the actor. This breaks the whole movie watch experience as we often miss a major scene completely. As a result, our interest in rest of the movie goes down and we feel our time has been wasted.

This site provides a great solution to this problem in the form of subtitles – in multiple languages. The website provides a fresh and innovative design, and a good mix of highly popular and latest movie releases.  It also provides download or streaming options.

If you are looking for one great site for fast online movie streaming and downloads, this is your central resource.

Features of

  1. Shows movie cast and movie director information
  2. Hosts Hollywood Movies (not Bollywood Movies)
  3. Free Full Movies (Sign up not required)
  4. Delivery: Streaming Aggregator and Download Aggregator (Movies are hosted by different websites)
  5. Online Ads: Minimal
  6. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD

8. Online Movies Cinema


If you are into international cinema, then this is a great website to watch international movies for free online. It not only filters movies by genres or by year, but by quality of the available movie copy and by its country of origin.

The movies are hosted on the website itself. So the number of ads is very less, which ultimately translates into a great online movie watching experience. Let’s now look at the different things which makes this website so popular.

Features of

  1. Unique movie “Thumbs Up” feature.
  2. Hosts Hollywood Movies (and very few Bollywood movies)
  3. Can watch full movies online without any sign up
  4. Delivery: Streaming (Movies are hosted by the website itself)
  5. Online Ads: Minimal
  6. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD

9. Box TV


This is your one stop for all the old Hindi movies and other Indian regional movies. Not just that, the website also has a sizeable collection for Hollywood movies as well. This website has one of the largest catalogs for watching free movies online.

It also has an unique collection of TV shows from different categories. These TV shows are not every day TV series we know of. These are a bunch of classic episodes of shows in the comedy and action genre. There are a few light-hearted animation series as well on this website. All in all a great online entertainment package!

Features of

  1. Movies hosted in 12 different languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Marathi, and Malayalam.
  2. Hosts Hollywood, and Bollywood Movies (and light-hearted TV shows)
  3. Can watch full movies online without any sign up
  4. Delivery: Streaming (Movies are hosted by the website itself)
  5. Online Ads: Minimal
  6. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD

10. TMovies Now


This is a relatively new website which brings all the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows at one place. Apart from the usual genre-based and release-year-based content filtering, it provides a great feature of “trending” – which shows all the popular TV shows and movies being watched all over the world.

Features of

  1. Shows Trending movies and TV shows from all across the world.
  2. Shows IMDB, TMDB and its own users’ rating as well
  3. Can watch full movies online without any sign-up
  4. Delivery: Streaming (Movies are hosted by the website itself)
  5. Online Ads: Minimal
  6. Movie Quality: Very Good / Low to Semi-HD

So, there you go, this was the complete list of free movie download sites – which you can use for your entertainment purpose. You can watch these movies online, download them for offline, or even use torrents to download them. Each of these websites gives you complete information about each movie. You can also download TV shows and watch them on-the-go. And who says you have to stick with one website only – use as many as you like! With so many entertainment options at one place, you will never get bored!-

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