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Whenever you think about presentations, PowerPoint comes to mind. With an estimated 30 million PowerPoint presentations made each day, it is undoubtedly the best presentation app. Moreover, it provides cross-platform compatibility and the utility to create, view, edit and share presentations from the cloud.

While you might have made several presentations over the years, have you ever thought about making one that can instantly grab the attention of your audience to amaze them? Well, you might have thought about that since ever presenter wants to be better than other presenters. So, while you are creating PowerPoint presentations, you might want to create the best possible PowerPoint presentation, with a unique perspective. Something that can get you some applause and impress your audience.

If you’re looking for some professionally made presentation templates that can impress your audience, you can opt for FPPT.com. FPPT or Free PowerPoint Templates is a website which provides professionally made presentation templates. FPPT has an extensive library of thousands of free presentation templates for PowerPoint on any topic you can think of.

How can FPPT Help you Make Better Presentations?

Many of you, might have used PowerPoint at least once. Maybe for creating a presentation for a school assignment, office project, seminar, etc. Presentations have become quite inevitable over the years. Be it official work, freelance projects or academic life, presenting several presentations is a requirement that one cannot simply circumvent. Moreover, the need for visual aid and slide based presentations has increased more than ever before, making PowerPoint a natural choice for most presenters globally.


The human brain can capture visuals faster than speech so, many of you might try to influence others by using media-rich PowerPoint templates and photos. Now, therein lies the problem. Many people struggle to find good free PowerPoint templates with appropriate imagery. There are many third-party websites offering free PowerPoint templates but not all of them have templates that are professionally created. This is why FPPT is such a good resource for downloading PowerPoint templates.

What’s Special about FPPT aka Free PowerPoint Templates?

Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) is the best, and most people’s favourite site to get the best collection of PowerPoint templates. This is a unique site which offers a broad range of PowerPoint templates, tutorials and recommended clipart images.  The site is divided in two sections, one offers free PowerPoint templates and the blog provides recommendations for premium templates, clipart and a wide range of presentation and PowerPoint tutorials. Furthermore, you can also find a wide range of PowerPoint pictures, PowerPoint animations and illustrations for use in your slides.

This site provides all the PowerPoint resources for free. The archive at FPPT comes with several thousand of free PowerPoint templates, themes, slide designs, backgrounds and other resources.

The PowerPoint slides at FPPT can help make PowerPoint presentations a lot easier with its readymade designs and fantastic backgrounds, 3D PowerPoint slide decks and visually appealing illustrations. These resources are just what you need to fight death by PowerPoint and make something that can help you be on top of your game.

Massive Collection of Free PowerPoint Templates

Let’s take a look at what FPPT has to offer:

  • Free PowerPoint templates has several thousand of free PowerPoint design templates, and free royalty PowerPoint background designs, graphics and illustrations.
  • Visitors can get immediate access to the content and direct download the templates.
  • Free PowerPoint templates are compatible with major versions of Microsoft Office, either for Mac and PC.

That’s not all! FPPT has an ever increasing catalog, where new presentation resources are added periodically.

One Stop Resource for all Your Presentation Needs

At Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) you can:

  • Download Thousands of themes for free.
  • Save valuable time and effort by using readymade PowerPoint templates.
  • It helps you to focus on your presentation content other than creating your own slide designs from scratch.
  • The templates provided by this site are compatible across different versions of PowerPoint.
  • Easily convert your PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, Keynote and OpenOffice presentations.
  • Download amazing 3D presentation templates and illustrations and PowerPoint templates with animations.
  • You can impress your audience with eye-catching photos and PowerPoint themes.

PowerPoint templates come organised in different categories and tags to instantly help you find what you’re looking for. FPPT has templates for very specific topics, be it common topics like business, marketing, sales and education or more exclusive topics like hospitals, medicine, nature, movies, art, etc. Using these templates to prepare and finish your presentations can help you to save time, and avoid common mistakes preparing your presentation.

You can also use the resource for other needs aside of presentations. Given the catalog contains thousand of backgrounds and graphics, it can be used as an alternative to find graphics for your website or printed material, and a good complement for other resources to download free stock photos and clipart.

Easily Find a PowerPoint Template for Your Precise Topic

The FPPT website is very easy to browse through; you can simply browse your favourite PowerPoint themes just by going to the Themes at the top header menu.


In the Themes section, you can find thousands of awesome PowerPoint themes, where new content is added to the collection regularly. You can also quickly browse the top rated themes by just going to the header option “Top Rated”.

Using Categories to Hunt for the Best PowerPoint Templates

To quickly browse through the thousands of free PowerPoint templates at FPPT, you can use the given categories. As the categories are arranged in alphabetical order, you can just browse the categories section to find an appropriate template suitable for your presentation needs.

If you want to make this process more comfortable, then you can opt for the Tags to search your desired template.

More Comfortable Template Hunting with Tags

The Free PowerPoint templates site has a collection of free resources so to search efficiently through these thousands of PowerPoint templates you can also make use of tags.

At FPPT, all the templates are specially arranged with different tags tied to them. So you can simply choose a tag and then find templates for that particular topic. There is also a tag cloud which lists down the most searched tags.

If you want any of the Microsoft templates, then just enter a keyword in the search bar.


Choose a Template with the Most Suitable Color

If you have a color in mind and want to select a theme with a background color and slide elements that can suit your desired needs, you can also select your theme by colors. Simply, choose your favourite color via the colors section. This is one of the easiest ways to find your PowerPoint theme quickly.

This color chooser option will also give you PowerPoint background recommendations and the best and fine-tuned alternatives to browse the gallery of the free templates. Alternatively, you can also search the templates by keywords by going to the search bar on top.



If you want to create impressive presentations with less effort, then you can opt for FPPT. It’s the best option, and it’s free. I hope this free resource will help you find perfect themes for your presentations. If you have any queries, just drop a comment in the comments section. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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