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You can Download Android Flash Tools for PC. These tools allow to flash all the android devices available in the market. Flashing is a process in which you can upgrade or downgrade your mobile software. Generally, you directly receive updates in your mobile phone whenever it releases by the company. To manully install firmware, you need a Flashing Tool, which is basically a PC based software helps you to flash Firmware on your device.

There are various Flashing softwares are available in the market. You just need to follow their sequence of flashing, and you can install new firmware on your android device.

All Mobile Flashing Software tool for pc

Using flash box is the common practice of updating firmware in the mobile devices. However, everyone cannot access them easily. So we are listing some Flash tool without box. No need to use a box, just install the tool on your pc. Connect your phone with pc using a USB cable. Load the Firmware on the tool and start flashing.

3 Files Required to Flash any Android Device

You need the following files to flash a device successfully:-

1. Firmware File

2. Flash Tool

3. Device Driver

We are listing some highly used Flash Tools for you. So you can also flash android phones at your home. No need to visit a mobile workshop to get fixed the common mobile issues.

All Phone Flashing Software | Android Flash Tool 2021

Get a list of some free phone flashing software in 2021. They would help you to make flashing damn easy.

1. Miracle Box Tool
2. Z3x Samsung Tool PRO 
3. Download MRT Dongle Tool
4. Download Rockchip Batch Tool
5. MSM Download Tool
6. Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool 

Always use the latest version of the Flash tool if you are running a mobile with latest configuration. Latest version Tool is capable of flashing new mobile phones and have the old software bugs patched. With Flash tool, you can install Android OS on your mobile and tablet.

Every CPU supports different Flash tool. We have listed down some flash tool for your help. Check your CPU and choose the compatible tool accordingly –

1. Miracle Box Tool:

It supports any phone that runs on MTK, SPD, Qualcomm chipsets. Most of the android devices are powered by these chipsets.

2. Z3x Samsung Tool PRO: 

You can perform flashing on Samsung Tablets and Mobile device using this tool.

3. Download MRT Dongle Tool:

It supports Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Meitu devices. You can flash these brand android devices with MRT Dongle Tool.

4. Download Rockchip Batch Tool:

It can flash Rochip Chipset based tablets. It also allows mutiple device flashing at the same time.

5. MSM Download Tool:

All Oppo, OnePlus, Realme Qualcomm Android Phones, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, Realme 3 Pro, etc.

6. Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:

It is used to flash the Stock ROM on Xiaomi smartphones. This is a powerful tool to flash Firmware on Xiaomi devices powered by Qualcomm Chipset.

7. BST Dongle Tool:

Get BST dongle tool for Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and MediaTek Devices. Before using tool install the BST drivers on your pc [Drivers download link given with Tool].

Important Questions:

Read the important questions about Flash Tools. They will improve your knowledge about flashing and its related important terms.

What is Flashing?

Flashing is a process to install operating system on mobile device. This OS helps to communicate between device and user.

What is Flash File?

Flash file is raw Operating system file that need to be installed on the device. After install/flash, it becomes operational and manages device functioning.

Why do we need of Flash Tool?

A flash tool is required to install firmware File on device using PC. If you want to install firmware via PC then Flash tool is one easy soltion for it. Manually installing firmware is a tedious task. Flashing can be done in just few clicks via Flash tool. Every CPU supports different Flash Tool.

What happens after Flashing?

With Flashing your mobile device, you can downgrade or upgrade mobile software. You get a new android version installaed after flashing and it wipes out your entire mobile data.

By using above tools, you can flash different brand phone like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc. You need to follow some precautions while flashing device with these tools. Check them out below-


  • Always take backup of your entire phone memory before using any of these tools.
  • It may take some time so don’t do any activity on device and computer while flashing.
  • Always check if you are flashing the right firmware on your mobile. Installing wrong firmware can brick device permanenetly.
  • Use the instructions at your own risk.
  • Always install the compatible USB drivers otherwise PC will not be able to recognise device.
  • Read the instructions given with the flashing tool before you begin with flashing.
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