[FIXED] Razer Synapse Not Working on Windows 10/8/7

Computers are designed to work with plenty of other devices, and when it comes to choosing the perfect device for your computer, there are many brands available. If you’ve been using different types of razer devices on your computer, Razer Synapse comes to rescue. This driver software manages all of your razer devices such as Razer Keyboard, Razer Mouse etc. Many of the users have been complaining on the Razer Synapse not working on Windows computers. If you too have been facing the same issue while launching the Razer Synapse, we will provide you some guidelines with which you can easily fix this issue of Razer Synapse on a respective Windows system.

Before moving on to the fix, first you should know about the reason behind it. You might be wondering about “Why does my Razer Synapse not working?” If any of your Razer devices is outdated or corrupted, the Razer Synapse causes error and it won’t work on your system. For that, you need to check for some fixes which are enlisted below. Make sure to follow the below given solutions to this issue.

Fix Razer Synapse Not Working on Windows 10,8,7
Fix Razer Synapse Not Working on Windows 10,8,7

Solution 1: Uninstall and Reinstall all the Razer Devices

If your Razer Synapse not responding, first you should go with this solution. By uninstalling all the Razer Devices from your computer, you would be able to fix Razer Devices won’t open issue on your Windows systems. Try to uninstall the razer devices from your computer and re-install them back.

Note: Make sure to download the latest drivers of Lazer Synapse for your computer. You can head over to the official website and can install the drivers on your computer. Make sure you are not logged into the Administrator account on your Windows system.

Step 1:

Click on to the Windows Menu and type run and launch the Run window.

Step 2:

Type devmgmt.msc and click the Ok button.


Step 3:

A menu will be presented to you from which you need to expand the Human Interface Devices.

Human Interface Devices

Step 4:

Under the same option, you would also see Mice and other pointing devices. You need to expand this option as well.

Step 5:

You would see all the installed Razer devices here. Right click on to the Razer device and select Uninstall button from the menu. You need to follow the same steps for uninstalling other Razer Devices from your computer.

uninstall razer device

Step 6:

Go to Search option and search for Apps and features option.

Step 7:

Here, you could see an app named as Razer Synapse. Select it and click the Uninstall button from there.

uninstall Razer Synapse

Step 8:

After this, you need to unplug all of your connected Razer devices from the computer. Keep them away from the computer for 10 minutes.

Step 9:

Now, plug all of your Razer devices back on to the computer.

Step 10:

Windows system will itself start installing all the drivers of the Razer devices including the Razer Synapse.

Step 11:

Go to the main menu and launch the Razer Synapse app from there. The app should start working again on your system.

Solution 2: Try to remove Antivirus or Security Tool from your Computer

Sometimes, Antivirus tools and other security tools installed on the computer stop such drivers’ functionality on the PC. You are requested to disable Antivirus or Security Tool from your computer and try to launch the Razer Synapse on your computer. People who are experiencing razer synapse network not available error, can easily fix it using this method.

Solution 3: Download the latest drivers from Driver Easy

The next solution you can try out is to update and install the compatible drivers from Driver Easy software. This is the most popular software which lets you update and install all the compatible drivers for various devices on your computer. Following steps will give you more information about it to fix Razer Synapse Network Not Available error on Windows 10 system. The same fix will also work on the other Windows systems.

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Driver Easy and download the setup file. Install the tool on your computer from there.

Step 2:

Now, run the tool on your computer and you could see the Scan now button. Make sure to click on to this button.

scan for driver in drivereasy

Step 3:

The tool will scan for all the devices and their drivers. If there are some problems in the installed drivers, it will also let you know about it.

Step 4:

After completing the scanning process, at the left sidebar, you could see an update button. By clicking on to this button, all of the affected and outdated drivers will be updated on your computer.

Step 5:

Alternatively, you can click on to the Update All button, this will update all the drivers which are outdated and need a quick update.

Step 6:

Once all the outdated drivers updated, you should reboot your Windows 10 system for once.

You’re done! The Razer Synapse will start working back on your Windows system. If you have any further queries or questions to ask regarding this issue, feel free to let us know in the comments sections.

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