11 Proven Fixes for ‘Not Registered On Network’ Error on Android Devices

Many Android phone users often run into strange problems, and a common one is the “Not Registered on Network” error.

This issue is mostly found in Samsung phones, showing up as “Samsung Galaxy not registered on network.” But, it’s not just a Samsung thing – other Android phones can have this problem with their phone and SIM card too.

If you’re getting the “Sim card not registered on network” message on your Android phone, you might be wondering what it means and how to fix it.

Let’s get into understanding this error and how you can solve it on your phone.

Methods To Fix Not Registered On Network Error On Android

What Does Not Registered on Network Mean?

When you encounter the “Not Registered on Network” error on your Android phone, it essentially means that your phone’s SIM card is unable to connect to your mobile carrier’s network. Due to this, you’ll be unable to make or receive calls, and sending text messages will also be a problem.

This issue can arise due to a problem with the SIM card, or there might be an issue on your mobile carrier’s end. Typically, this error is triggered when attempting to make a call or while dialing a USSD code.

To assist you in resolving this, I’ve compiled a list of solutions that can effectively fix the “Phone Not Registered on Network” error on Android devices.

Why Does My Phone Says Not Registered On Network Error?

Experiencing the “Not Registered on Network” error on your phone can be quite frustrating, especially since it prevents you from making calls. If you’re wondering why your phone displays this message, such as “not registered on network Airtel,” there are several common reasons:

  1. New Update Compatibility: Sometimes, a new update might not be compatible with your device, leading to this error. If the issue started after an update, you might need to wait for an official fix.
  2. IMEI Number Issues: Problems with your phone’s IMEI number can also trigger this error.
  3. Switching SIM Cards: If you’ve recently switched to a new SIM card, your device might struggle to update its connection with the provider, causing the error.
  4. Outdated Android OS or Firmware: An outdated operating system or phone firmware can be another culprit.
  5. Damaged or Disconnected SIM Card: If your SIM card is damaged or not properly connected, it can result in this error.
  6. Carrier Outages: Sometimes the problem is with your carrier experiencing an outage.
  7. Carrier Selection: If you haven’t selected the correct carrier in your phone’s settings, it can lead to this error.

Understanding these reasons can help you pinpoint the cause of the “Not Registered on Network” error and find the appropriate solution.

How To Fix Not Registered On Network On Android?

Dealing with the “Not Registered on Network” error on your Android device? Don’t worry, there are a number of potential fixes you can try to get your smartphone connecting properly again.

We’ll walk through all the most common solutions to get your Android registering on the network once again. With some simple repairs, you can get rid of this error and restore full calling, messaging, and data capabilities.

Method 1: Force Restart Device


Sometimes, network issues on your phone can be solved with a simple restart. Various bugs and glitches could cause unexpected issues, but often, they can be fixed with a restart.

Keep in mind, restarting your phone can be a powerful tool against small bugs or glitches. There’s a good chance that the “Not Registered on Network” error you’re facing will be resolved just by restarting your phone.

If the problem persists after restarting, you should try the next method.

Method 2: Update Your Phone To The Latest OS

Once you’ve tried restarting, check if your phone needs any updates. An outdated Android OS can often lead to the “Samsung not registered on network” error.

To fix this, simply update your phone. Go to Settings > Phone > Software Update. If there’s an update available, click on the Update option, and your device will be updated.

update phone os

Method 3: Choose Network Manually

If you’re still facing the network issue, try selecting a network manually to resolve the “Not Registered on Network” error on Android.

This process is similar for Samsung and other Android phones. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators.
  2. Select Search Network. This will scan for available networks and show you a list.
  3. Choose the appropriate network from the list.

This method can often successfully resolve the error. However, if it doesn’t work, move on to the next method.

Method 4: Switch Off All Wireless Connection

Try disabling all wireless connections to potentially fix the network issue:

  1. Drag down the “Quick Selection Box” on your phone.
  2. Enable Airplane Mode/Flight Mode.
  3. Wait for a short period after doing this.
  4. Then, turn off Airplane Mode/Flight Mode.
flight mode

Method 5: Reinsert Battery And SIM Card

Addressing the “Not Registered on Network” error on Android could be as simple as reinserting the battery and SIM card:

  1. Switch off your phone.
  2. Remove the battery and SIM card.
  3. Wait a few minutes.
  4. Reinsert the SIM card and battery.
  5. Switch on your phone and check if the error is resolved.

Method 6: Update APN Settings

Updating the APN settings can help:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Click on SIM cards & Mobile Networks.
  3. Click on your SIM card provider settings.
  4. Navigate to Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
  5. Update the current APN or add a new one by clicking on New APN or the + icon.
mobile network apn

Method 7: Enter Service Mode (For Samsung Phones)

For Samsung users, entering Service Mode is an option:

  1. Type (##4636##) on the Dial pad.
  2. Click on the popup to enter Service Mode.
  3. Select Device information or Phone information.
  4. Choose Run Ping Test.
  5. Tap the Turn Radio Off button; your device will restart.
  6. Use the Reboot option if necessary.

Method 8: Switching SIM Cards

Sometimes, the error “Not Registered on Network” on Android devices is due to problems with the SIM card. If your phone has trouble connecting to, or recognizing the SIM card, it could indicate that the card is damaged.

To test this, try using a different SIM card. Remove your current SIM and replace it with either a new one or another existing SIM. After the swap, check if your phone is able to recognize the new SIM card.

If your phone successfully detects the new SIM, it’s likely that your original SIM card was the issue. However, if your phone still fails to detect the SIM, the problem might be more complex. In such cases, you might need to explore other solutions to resolve the error.

Method 9: Modifying Network Mode

Minor changes can often fix errors on Android devices, and changing the network mode is one such tweak. Experiment with different settings like ‘3G only’, ‘4G only’, or ‘2G/3G auto mode’ to see which one works for you.

To change the network mode:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode.
  2. Select your preferred network mode and check if it resolves the error.

Method 10: Resetting Network Settings

Another effective solution is to reset your network settings. This will return all network configurations to their default state, potentially fixing the issue. Here’s how to reset network settings:

  1. Access the Apps tray from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on General Management.
  3. Choose Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset settings.
  4. If prompted, enter your PIN.
  5. Finally, tap on ‘Reset Settings’ and wait for a confirmation message.
reset network settings

By following these steps, you can methodically tackle the “Not Registered on Network” error on your Android device.

Method 11: Contact Your Service Provider

If you’ve tried all the previous methods and the issue persists, it’s time to reach out to your network provider for assistance.

Often, the problem might be on their end, and in such cases, your best option is to wait for them to resolve it.

Common issues include SIM card damage, often due to frequent swapping between devices. In this scenario, you’ll likely need to replace your old SIM with a new one.

Phone Not Registered On Network Error: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I fix the ‘mobile network not available’ error on an Android phone?

To address the ‘network not available’ error, try these solutions:

  • Restart Your Device
  • Remove and Reinsert the SIM Card
  • Check Network Settings
  • Ensure the Phone is Not in Roaming Mode
  • Update the Phone’s System Software
  • Toggle Mobile Data Off and On
  • Turn Off WiFi
  • Make Sure Airplane Mode is Off

2. Why can’t I connect to my mobile network?

To fix this, go to Settings and select “Wireless Networks” or “Connections.” Enable Airplane Mode and power off your phone. After waiting for about 30 seconds, turn your phone back on. Go back to the same settings and disable Airplane Mode. Then check if your mobile data connection is restored.

3. Why is my Wi-Fi connected but there’s no internet on my Android?

A common IT troubleshooting step is turning your device off and on again. If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi but not accessing the internet, go to settings and toggle the Wi-Fi off and on. This simple action often resolves the issue.


These 12 methods are comprehensive solutions for fixing the “Not Registered On Network” error on Android.

If you’ve exhausted these options without success, consider seeking help from your network provider or visiting a service center for professional assistance.

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