Fix: Apple Pay Invalid Address?

Oftentimes it has happened with all of us that we are all set to check out but it shows that the billing for the shipping address is invalid.

It is pretty annoying when we see this error because we have put our time into creating our shopping cart and suddenly it shows the error.

Fix: Apple Pay Invalid Address

You need not worry because we will show you how you can fix this error on your own even without calling customer care.

What Does “Fix: Apple Pay Billing Address Invalid” Mean?

It’s not a severe issue so don’t worry about it as it is a common issue. The reason for the issue can be like using Apple Pay for the first time or maybe your card has been declined due to not having enough funds.

The same error might also occur due to an invalid email address or password.

Some other possible reasons behind this error that we are going to discuss in this section:

Causes of the Billing Address Error on Apple Pay

1) Incorrect card details (card number/expiry date/ CVV)

This is the most common reason for the error. Most often your billing address is not correct. It also means that you have not updated your billing address yet. You are required to update these fields before you proceed.

2) Incomplete Billing Address

A complete billing address contains three important components (name, street name, city). Even if you miss out on any one of the fields, then your address is considered incomplete.

3) Incorrect Email Address/Password

This is undermined by a lot of users, however, it is the most important one. You need to make sure that you have the correct email id and password combination in a file.

4) No Internet Connection

It is quite obvious that you must have a steady internet connection to enable you to connect to any server. Without this, we can’t even imagine enjoying Apple Pay services.

5) Wrong Country

Choosing the correct country for the billing address is as crucial as choosing other components. Sometimes we select the wrong country and as a result, our billing address is also updated accordingly. Say for example, if selected GB instead of the US, then the address will be updated as per GB.

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How to Fix the Billing Address Error on Apple Pay?

Follow the below steps:

1) Update the Billing Address

As we have discussed, the billing address has to be updated, so you need to check if the address is correct, but if it is not, then update it for smooth processing.

2) Check the Email Id and Password

In the second step, you need to check if the email id and password are correct or not because if they are not correct, there can be an issue in checking out successfully.

3) Check Internet Connectivity

Since the internet is a crucial component for running any kind of service, you need to make sure that you have a reliable internet connection.

4) Change the Country Code

If you have mistakenly entered the wrong country code, then you need to go ahead and correct it as soon as possible and check your address again.

5) Restart the Device

Sometimes you have everything correct then there is nothing that you can update but you can restart your device so that everything is in place.

6) Try Adding the Same Credit Card Again

Even if you already have the correct credit card details, still delete them and enter your credit card details again. This may solve the issue.

7) Contact Apple Support

When nothing works, there is only refuge to all the customer issues and that is customer support. So, call customer support if your issue persists.

8) Reset Your Apple Pay Settings

In the end, we are left with resetting the device and it resolves the issue many times.

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If it Shows Apple Pay Shopping Address Invalid, then?

The error refers to the situation when your shopping address does not match your billing address.

1) Incorrect Shipping

This is the foremost error that a user makes while entering the shipping address. Make that your shipping along with all the components is correct.

2) Incorrect City Name

You need to check if the city name is correct because all the shipping address errors begin from here.

3) Incorrect State Code

Ensure that your state code is correct and if it is not correct, choose the correct state code from the drop-down list.

4) Incorrect Zip Code

Sometimes we have an incorrect zip code in our address and that is as crucial as the other components are. If it is incorrect, you will find an error message.

5) Incorrect Postal code

You need to make sure that you have the correct postal code. Ensure that the postal code has no special character as it does not accept it in the addresses.

How to fix the invalid shipping address error on Apple Pay?

Follow the below steps and fix the invalid shipping address error on Apple Pay:

1) Verify the Shipping Address

First of all, make sure that you have the correct shipping address in the file, and then check if your shipping address and billing address match each other.

2) Update the Shipping Address

If your shipping address is not correct or does not match the billing address, you need to update it.

For updating the shipping address, go to the home screen and open the Apple Pay app. After that select the credit card from which the recent payment was made and then tap the payment method option.

Select the entire shipping address which was used in the last payment and paste the same as your new shipping address. You need to make sure that both your addresses match.

3) Update the Billing Address

Follow the same practice for updating your billing address too. Go to the Apple Pay app and choose the credit card that was used for making the recent payment. Tap on the payment and card option and pick the billing address mentioned there and update the same.

4) Check the Spelling

Even after you have checked both the addresses, your issue of invalid shipping address persists, check if the spellings are correct. Make sure that you capitalize all the required letters.

5) Update the Country

Again it has an important role in deciding whether your shipping address is correct or not. Check it and enter the correct country code if required.

6) Add your Shipping Address Manually

We often try to enter addresses with the help of automatic suggestions and end up making the same error again and again. This time, try to enter your address manually and this will show you the actual error that you are repeating.

7) Reset the Shipping Address

As the last resort, you can reset your shipping address. This action will clear the shipping from the address section and take you to the default settings.

To reset the shipping address, go to the Apple Pay app and search for the existing address and there you will find the option of edit.

When you go to the next page, you will get an option to reset your address. This way you can reset your shipping address and enter a fresh one.


That’s all..!!

In this article, we have tried to understand what invalid billing and shipping addresses are, the reasons for these errors, and how to fix the invalid shipping address error on Apple Pay.

Try all the methods to solve the issue on your own, and even after that if the issue persists, you can call customer support. And for more such updates on errors, you can ask in the comments, I will make a separate blog for that specific topic.

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