How to Embed Tweets in WordPress Blog Post to Get More Traffic

How to Embed Tweets in WordPress

DO you want to get more traffic to your site from Twitter?

I am sure you are nodding your head to say yes. Twitter is the third largest Social Media platform in the World. It has the power of drive massive traffic to your blog. There are bloggers who are utilizing the power of Twitter and each day driving huge traffic to their blogs.

Placing social sharing button at the end of the post is not enough now. You have to go one step ahead to improve your visibility over the social media.

Look at the traffic stats from Buffer blog. You can clearly notice the amount of referral traffic they are receiving from Twitter.

Traffic from Twitter to Buffer app

This stats shows that Buffer App is getting highest referral traffic from Twitter.

I know you would also love to know a smarter way to get traffic from Twitter. There is a very simple method that I am going to discuss in this post.

It is about the Embedded Tweets. Yes, WordPress allows you to embed Tweets in the blog posts. Most of the influential bloggers use Embedded Tweets on their blog posts to make them attractive. It also helps them to get more traffic to their blogs.

What is Embedded Tweet?

In simple words, embedded tweets are those tweets that we can insert directly into the post.

Why you should use Embedded Tweets

This question is very obvious. Fortunately, I have the answer. I give you 5 reasons to include Tweets into the blog post. They will be enough to convince your mind.

  1. In the screenshot below, you can see that the Harsh Agarwal is using Embedded Tweets on shoutmeloud. It is a very popular blog that gets millions page views each month. If it is working for Harsh, there are high chances that it will work on your blog.


  1. You get a chance to build your brand. I have seen over several blogs that a few only are embedding tweets in their blog posts. So, you have a great chance to look better than other bloggers. It also helps in spreading your blog name over the internet which is a good thing.
  2. It is a simple way to tweet.
  3. It drives traffic from Twitter.

How to Embed Tweets?

Embedding tweet is very easy. Any WordPress bloggers can do it with few simple steps. Here is a plugin name Easy Retweet helps in this task. Let’s learn how to add it in the blog post.

Step#1 Go to your WordPress dashboard and then plugin>Add New>Search for “Easy Retweet plugin”. Just install and activate the plugin.

Step#2 Go to plugin section and the plugin begin to appear in the installed plugins list. Now go to edit sections of the blog. Here you can see the Twitter Logo.  Just click on it and add your tweet and click on ok.

How to Embed Tweets

Step#3 The tweets will begin to appear in the post.

Embedded Tweet

The same procedure you can apply on your blog.

What to Embed as Tweet to Influence Followers?

You should have the knowledge of what is more trending on social media as you can embed that in your blog post. The below things get more retweets than anything else.

1. Inspirational Quotes

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

2. Quotes told by influential bloggers in your niche

When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn drives the most engaged visitors to my blog – Neil Patel

3. Your Own Post-URL

How to #Embed #Tweets in WordPress Blog Post to Get More Traffic

4. Any Affiliate Link

Get the Bluehost for your blog – The #best #Hosting in the World –

The majority of influential bloggers uses these kinds of Tweets and it gives them prominent results.

I hope It will help you to make your blog post more attractive. If you apply it in the right way then you would be able to increase your blog traffic too.

If you are not using it, just begin to use it and get a handsome look to your blog post 🙂 If you have some suggestions regarding this post, let me know by your comments.


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  1. Hi Nikhil … You’ve such a nice and helpful blog. It’s a great helpful post too. I’m not experienced blogger like you and so looking for advice/suggestion from experience blogger like you to get more traffic

  2. Hi piyush,
    Thanks buddy for leaving such a good comment here. bro you need to learn the basics of blogging and seo. I am still learning all of them and will keep it going for all the time. Hope you are getting me words. If you need any other help please ping me.

  3. Nice post Nikhil Bro,
    Twitter is one of the best social network and website to get referral traffic. Embedding tweets into blog post can help in getting more reweets and shares.
    Thanks for letting us know about this awesome plugin.

  4. Hi Nikhil
    I was wondering how this works 🙂
    Now I see you explain it here nicely
    Good to know how to put this plugin 🙂
    Thank you for you for always giving
    great value to your readers 🙂

  5. Hi Nikhil,
    I have been in search for this plugin and enquired with few of my online friends some of them said no idea and to my hasty action I used an outdated version and all my page collapsed , then I left that search there and in fact I feared to use any such plugins. and very recently the famous South African blogger Ikechi Awazie guided me to embed this on my page and it’s working well and in fact it’s a wonderful plugin and a must use to all bloggers. An easy to embed tweets to share it.
    I appreciate Nikhil for this wonderful tuto.
    I am bookmarking it so that I can suggest it to my friends.
    I am sharing it now to my pages.
    May you have a great week ahead
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