Elegant Themes Black Friday 2021: 25% Discount Activated

‘Elegant themes’ is back with the biggest ever DIVI black Friday sale 2021. This black Friday is going to be the biggest game-changer for bloggers and marketers. Especially for those who are beginners.

Elegant themes offering instant 25% off on Elegant themes membership and also giving free gifts worth thousands of dollars on this black Friday sale.

Is it the best time to take a step and to invest during this elegant themes black Friday sale?

Let’s read on, and you decide to spend your hard-earned money.

Elegant Themes Black Friday sale 2021

When we talk about elegant themes black Friday sale, DIVI is our hot favorite in this black Friday. You and most of the marketers know that Divi is the lightweight and best selling theme in the industry.

So let me explain the deals and the price you can save. So here it is, During black Friday sale, elegant themes offering 25% instant discount for new customers if you are signing up for elegant themes membership.

Elegant Themes Black Friday sale 2019

And for the old customers who already have a yearly plan, once they upgraded to the lifetime membership plan, they will get a massive 50% discount. Isn’t it the best deal you can make?

And Elegant themes have affection towards their lifetime members. People who already have the lifetime membership of elegant themes can also get access to the exclusive Divi Black Friday Layouts. So, ‘Get the deal before it’s gone.

So here is the regular price and black Friday prices list for new customers.

Plans Yearly Membership Lifetime Membership
Regular Price $89 $249
Black Friday Sale $66.75 $186.75
Savings (25%) $22.25 $62.25

And if you are already a member of a yearly membership, you will get 50% off, and the price will be $124.5 only. This is the best deal you can grab during this black Friday season. But, why do even care about joining Elegant themes membership?

For those who join now, Elegant themes have the best surprise to you. It is giving free prizes like “Divi help, Divi space, Divi Monk, WP Den, Divi toolbox, wooCommerce builder, and more worth $266k”.

Reasons to purchase Elegant themes membership during Black Friday sale 2021

How can you build a professional website without taking the help of a website developer? Your answer would be ‘WordPress,’ right?

Yes, Elegant themes offer a single bundle where you can get Divi WordPress theme and plugins. Even a beginner can afford this bundle by joining yearly or lifetime membership.


Divi is a user-friendly WordPress drag and drops page builder, which saves your time and efficiency. You don’t have to stick with the Divi theme to use this plugin, you can also use any theme, and Divi builder supports any theme.

Elegant themes offer Divi as a theme and Divi as a Page builder as well. Along with Divi, you can get the “Extra” theme also. Apart from that, you can get the most downloaded and user-friendly plugin ‘Bloom’ to grow your leads and the most lightweight social sharing plugin ‘Monarch.’

bloom plugin


The first thing which people think in this investing industry is to save as much money as they can. Compared to other successful and top themes providers, Elegant themes is like butter chocolate to the people. Elegant themes plans are affordable so that even a beginner can join their membership without even thinking twice.

And the best thing is, During this Black Friday sale, you will get a massive discount as well. Elegant themes are making their vision in the industry for several years, where your investment will be safe, and you can also claim money back within 30 days.


Elegant themes have global users and a global team of WordPress experts, as well. They are offering products that are hot in the industry. A lot of WordPress experts are working for Divi in several departments like Designing, security, support, and Sales.

Is Switching to Elegant themes a good choice?

Elegant themes is a bundle of great products for WordPress. No matter if you are a beginner or a WordPress expert, you will love Divi, Bloom, and Monarch. Even if you miss the Black Friday sale, I’ll still you recommend you try elegant themes anytime. But, saving 25% is huge on Elegant themes membership.


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