3 Easy Ways to Create A PDF File

Easy Ways to Create A PDF File

Are you wondering if there are other ways to create PDFs than the one you are using? Would you prefer if the alternatives were super easy?

Or maybe you don’t know how to create a PDF?

If yes, this article is what you seek. Here, we’ll guide you through creating a PDF file from scratch – with screenshots.

Let’s delve in!

3 Easy Ways to Create PDFs

Here are three ways to create PDFs for you…

1# Microsoft Office

The chances are that you’re familiar with popular Microsoft tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. But do you know you can use them to create PDFs too?


Using Word to create PDFs is straightforward. You only need to type in your document (with pictures, charts, or however you like) and save it as a PDF.

That said, follow these steps:

  • Open Word on your computer
  • Select “Blank document.”
  • Apply the desired formatting for your text and fonts
  • Type your desired block of texts
  • When you’re done typing, click the “File” button at the left corner of the top bar.
  • Scroll to “Save As”
  • Select the desired file destination
  • Next, Scroll to the “Save as type” drop-down button, and choose “PDF.”
Easy Ways to Create A PDF File
  • Now save the document.

Pro tip: if you prefer your PDFs at the best quality, leave the “Optimize for” at “Standard.” Else, choose “Minimum Size.”


Do you prefer your slides to be in PDFs? Perhaps you don’t want your designs disorganized when viewed across different versions of PowerPoint.

The following steps can help:

  • Start PowerPoint on your computer
  • Click on “Blank Presentation” or “open other presentations” to load your slides
  • Make the desired to the slides
  • Select the  “File” button at the top left corner of the top bar
  • Scroll down to Save As > destination folder
  • Change the drop-down menu at “save as type” from “PowerPoint Presentation” to “PDF.”
  • Save your document


You don’t need a technique for converting your spreadsheets to PDFs. You only need to launch Excel and follow the same methods we used for Word and PowerPoint.

2# Google Docs

Like Microsoft Office, you can also use Google tools to create PDFs. Be it Docs, Slides, or Sheet, the following method applies:

On Mobile:

  • Launch the app
  • Create your document
  • Save it
  • Return to the homepage
  • Click the “three dots” and download your file

Unless you change the file format of documents, Google Tools always download in PDF. However, the case is different if you’re using your computer.

On Desktop:

  • Open your browser and visit “docs.google.com”

Note: if you’re converting sheets or slides, change the prefix “docs” to either “sheet” or “slide.”

  • Create a new document or open an existing one
  • Make edits if needed to the document
  • Next, click the “File” button at the left corner of the top bar
  • Scroll to download > PDF document
Easy Ways to Create A PDF File
  • Start downloading

But what if you need to edit someone else’s PDFs or merge several files as a single PDF?

Check this out:

3# PDF Editors

PDF Editors do more than “editing” PDF files. They can also create or merge different PDFs into a single document.

Follow these steps to create or merge PDFs:

Note: we’ll be using an online PDF editor as an example. However, you can follow the same steps for .exe or .apk tools.

  1. Open your browser, and visit “pdfonline.foxit.com”
  2. Register an account – it’s free for 5days
  3. Scroll down to the bottom part of the page, then select “or start a blank page.”
Easy Ways to Create A PDF File
  • Select “Edit” in the options of the top bar
  • Start creating your PDF
  • When you’re done with the document, click “+” at the top right corner
  • Select “create a pdf” and follow the prompt
Easy Ways to Create A PDF File
  • Now, download your document
Easy Ways to Create A PDF File

Voila, you’ve created PDFs using several methods. Which one do you like most?

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