How to Drive 10000 Visitors per Month?

Drive 10000 Visitors per Month

Are you looking to start a brand new website or a blog?

I want to stop you thinking because you need a plan if you want to drive 10,000 visitors per month. It’s a milestone for many sites. Several websites in the world aren’t capable of achieving this milestone.

If you want to make a website or a blog successful, you would have to go through a step by step process which includes the most crucial things that a webmaster or blogger should always follow.

Let’s begin with those crucial factors which help in converting a blog or a website into money making machine.

1. Niche Selection:

Selection of the right niche is very necessary. I have observed many bloggers starting blogs by seeing other successful bloggers. They shouldn’t forget that when the authority bloggers had started their blogs, there was no huge competition in the niche. Maybe the same competition wouldn’t reside today’s date.

Every blogger should analyze the niche before starting a blog. Any niche of your interest can only give you success in the blogging.

 2. Domain Selection:

I consider it a one of the toughest task in starting a website or a blog. When I started this blog-, I wasn’t sure about the name. It took me two days. I did consult with other marketers.

For your help, there are few tips in the infographic given below that would simply help you in choosing the right domain name.

3. Keyword Research:

Keyword research takes lots of time if you aren’t using any paid tool. Writing on a topic, which is not being searched by the public is completely waste of time.  It holds value only when you are writing to fulfill your hobby.

Well, you can also make money with your blog if you go in the right direction.

To know more on keyword research, read from the infographic.

4. Using Analytics:

I don’t know why people aren’t using the Analytics. Google has provided a free resource to track down the each activity of your blog or website. Google analytics let you know everything about the readers’ activity on your blog. If you are unaware of Google Analytics, refer the following videos-

  1. Refer this video to setup Google analytics

2. Refer this video to setup Google Analytics in Blogspot:

3. Refer this Google Analytics Tutorial Step-By-Step:

I am not placing more details here now. It would be better to read the infographic. I highly recommend you go through the infographic. It’s very very very informative.

Good Luck.


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