Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk 2021

Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk Download. Maybe you are upgrading or downgrading your Samsung mobile OS, and stuck at Factory Reset Protection (FRP). If you are looking to unlock the FRP lock without having login credentials then here you will get the solution.

In this guide you will learn how to perform Samsung Google Verify bypass without any trouble. FRP is nothing other than a security feature in your mobile. It was introduced with the Android 5.0 version. It secures your privacy and personal data of you mobile in case your lose it. Suppose, if someone stole your phone and trying to reset it then there would be need of fill the login credentials of your gmail account. It is called Factory reset protection.

Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk

Another scenario can be like you forgot the login credentials and want to access your Samsung device. In that case, you would need to bypass Samsung Google verification. However, you don’t need to worry about it. Here in this guide, you would learn the exact method to bypass FRP by using Samsung google account verification apk.


You can easily bypass the FRP lock using the Samsung Google Verify Apk. However, having required thing at place before starting would help doing it correctly. Once go through the check list, so you can start the flashing immediately.

  • An OTG cable which supports Samsung Android Device.
  • One PC
  • Net connection to download the Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk.

Just manage the above things and you are good to go….

Step by Step Guide to Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk

To initiate the FRP bypass process in samsung phone, you need to follow the below steps:

1. First of all, download the download Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk on your computer from the link given below.

2. Once you get this file on your pc, transfer Samsung bypass apk to a working pen drive.

3. Now press the power ON button and restart your Samsung device.

4. Follow the instructions as given on the screen.

5. In between the process, your phone will ask to fill your Google account credentials. A warning message will pop up for this.

6. Now it is the time to connect your phone with pen drive using OTG cable.

7. Since your device properly connects with the pen drive, it automatically open the file explorer on your Samsung mobile screen. It’s a special feature that comes only with the Samsung Android Mobile phones.

8. Now access the folder in the pen drive where you save the Samsung Google verify bypass apk and open it.

9. If your device is not set to access the file from the “Unknown Sources”, then make it so.

10. Click on Setting option in your phone, and move to Security option. Here you will find an option to enable the unknown sources.

11. Now install the Apk file by just tapping over it. Let it install on your device.

12. After few seconds once installation completes, open the app and it will take you to the Setting menu on your device.

13. In the setting menu, you can find Backup and reset option. Open it and click on Factory reset to reset your Samsung phone.

14. Once it is done, power off you phone and start it again. You won’t see the FRP protection from now.

15. There will be an option to add Google account. It’s your choice to add up or not.

This was the working way to bypass FRP lock in the Samsung devices. To make it done, you need to Download Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk. It helps performing FRP lock bypass in just few seconds.

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  1. Question; I have hard reset my LG Android device . … And now I am locked out of the phone due to my negligence in recording said security information when I set it up . … Is their a way to assist me in making this brand new device usable again ?


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