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Periscope for PC. Periscope is one of the most popular apps in the market that is used for live video streaming. It has been developed by Twitter Inc. With the help of the app you not only can stream the videos but can also broadcast them when required. The effective and impressive feature of the app for the live streaming is one of its strongest reasons that made the app popular in the market.

download Periscope for PC and Laptop

The app was initially launched for only the iOS platform but later was also launched for the Android platform to target the huge audience pool available on that particular platform. There are many people who want to use the Periscope on Windows PC and laptops. But this comes as a bad news that it is not available on either PC or laptop.

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Although, there is a method that can fulfill the wish of many people and can help them to use the Periscope for PC and laptop. This method can be applied without any complication. Moreover, you don’t even have to be a tech-savvy to apply this method to downlod Periscope for PC.

How The Leading Platforms Are Using Periscope?

The world around us is changing every day with the introduction and the launch of so many different technologies and apps. It is not possible to even imagine a world without these technologies now.

To cope with the changing technologies, even the popular and established social platforms are trying many different ideas for retaining and attracting the audiences. One such step has been taken by Twitter in the recent times. Twitter has introduced the feature of live streaming for the various videos. It is now easy to stream the live videos on the platform of Twitter.

As you land on your Twitter page, you will see Periscope icon available for live streaming of videos. You just need to click on the Periscope icon to go live with your videos and stories that you want to share with your audience and users.

Your followers can connect with you with your live video. They can also comment and react to that video. Thus you don’t need to go anywhere else to live stream your video and just need to be active on your Twitter account.

Follow the steps to run live stream on twitter-

Step: 1


Step: 3

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No doubt, this step has helped Twitter to gain huge popularity amongst the audience pool and to sustain in the market with all the other trending social platforms. Let us now get to know what exactly is Periscope along with its amazing features and what all you need to do for downloading the live streaming video app for Windows.

What Are The Features Of Periscope For PC And Mac?

Periscope app offers the following features to the PCs and Mac devices:

  1. Suggestions to grow network: Periscope app can suggest you with a number of names of different people that may have interest in you and you may follow based on your Twitter account’s network. Based on these suggestions you can add and follow many different people and can grow your network.
  2. Private broadcast: Periscope also allows you to select some of the people with whom you want to share some of your private and personal videos. You can make use of the private broadcasting option and can select some of the specific people who can watch that video.
  3. Twitter sharing: Periscope also gives you an option to share your broadcast video with your Twitter network with the share button. You just need to click on the share button from the app before you start broadcasting your video.
  4. Instant notifications: The periscope app provides instant notifications to the various followers in your network whenever you broadcast your video. The followers will get to know about your streaming video and they can comment and react to your video along with joining the video.
  5. Manage setting: In the Periscope app, you can easily manage the people who follow you and the ones whom you are following. You just need to go to the notification manager and can manage to follow and un-follow the people from your account.

Why Is Periscope So Popular Amongest The Users?

Although there are many live streaming apps available in the market but out of the so many options available in the market, Periscope has managed to become the favorite choice of the people. It offers a lot of options and features to the users that it can be used very easily and delivers the desired results.

By using the Periscope live video streaming you can easily broadcast the live video to any part of the world. All your followers will get an instant notification as soon as you broadcast your video. With the notification, they can follow your video and can react to it according to their mood. They can either like the video or can share and comment on it.

When we are talking about the live streaming of the video, the next question that can come in the mind is what if some of the followers miss the live streaming of the video? Are you also worried for the same? Well, don’t be. With Periscope, you get a feature of replay. With this replay feature, all the followers that have missed your video during its live streaming can get the chance to experience it by watching it later with the help of this replay feature.

Apart from this excellent and amazing feature of replay, the Periscope live streaming app offers many other amazing features to the users. You just need to make all these features available to your users as you need to enable the feature of replay to your followers. With these so many amazing features, let us begin the process how to download Periscope for Windows PC and laptop.

Download Periscope For PC, Mac And Windows Laptop:

The users around the world are not so happy with the fact that this amazing video streaming app is not available for PC and laptop. But using some of the best Android emulators for Windows the users can easily use this live streaming app on their Windows PC and laptop.

Analyzing the previous technologies it was not that easy or rather impossible to download files like Periscope on the Windows laptop but now with the advanced technology, the downloading of Periscope has become possible in the Windows laptops and PCs. The process to download Periscope for PC and the laptop has now become really very simple with the change in the technology.

There are a number of emulators available that has made this download easy. The very popular emulators present in the market are Andyroid and Bluestacks. Out of the two emulators, most people prefer using Bluestacks as it is very simple and easy to access.

Steps to download Periscope for PC, Mac, and laptop:

The following are the steps that one needs to follow for downloading periscope on their devices:

  1. Firstly you need to download the Bluestacks– the Android emulator software on your PC and laptop. You can easily download the software for free.
  2. Once the downloading of the software is completed you need to install it. For this, you can click on its installer file that you just downloaded.
  3. After the completion of both of the above steps, you need to land on the Google play store.
  4. Once you have opened the Google play store, next you have to search for the Periscope app from the search bar. When you search for the app you may come across two apps. In that case, you have to download the first one.
  5. Select the first app and install it
  6. As soon as the installation finishes, open the app’s menu.
  7. In the app’s menu find the file and open it.
  8. As soon as you open the particular file you can use the Periscope app on your PC and laptop.

The same method can be used for downloading the Periscope app for the Mac PCs and laptops. You can enjoy the various features of the Periscopes app using the laptop’s accessories like mouse, keyword or the touchscreen. With this simple process, you are all set to watch the various videos of your favorite celebrities, people, actors, etc.

Steps to Download Periscope for PC and Mac by making the use of APK file on Bluestacks?

For doing so, you can follow the following steps:

  1. You need to download the Periscope APK
  2. Once you have completed the downloading of the APK file, you need to search for that file on your PC
  3. After the successful identification of the location of the file, install that APK file on bluestack and wait until it gets completely installed.
  4. After the successful installation of the APK file, you have your app installed on your Bluestacks app player.
  5. In the final step, you just need to go to the app’s menu and open the Periscope for enjoying the amazing world of video streaming


Periscope is a globally accepted app now and can be easily found in the Twitter account as well. With the availability of the Periscope icon on your Twitter account, you can directly make video live streaming with your followers and can get connected with them.  This can also be used for enlarging your Twitter network and to reach to more number of people.

This guide covers the complete aspects of download Periscope for PC, Mac, and laptops. Use the following mentioned steps and you will be able to download the app very easily on your PC and laptop devices. Feel free to connect with us for any difficulties that you face while downloading the app on your devices. You can also comment below your experience of downloading the app by any of the two methods along with sharing your experience of using the app.

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