Download Google Messenger App on Windows PC

In the recent times, Google made an official announcement on the launch of Allo the Google messenger for PC. As soon as Google announced Allo there has been a buzz in the market as the experts see the app as the text messaging app for the next generation. The messenger has been launched for Android and iPhone smartphones and is currently not available for Windows PC. This article throws light on how the Google messenger can be made available on the Windows PC and its various versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. All these versions of Windows will support both the 32 bit and 64 bit of the messenger. This will help in making the entire process to ‘download the Google messenger for Windows PC’ really easy and simple.

Download Google Messenger App on Windows PC

This is a known fact that Google will not launch the official Allo messenger app’s desktop version. Thus the people must not keep any hopes and must not wait for getting any update on this part. The only option that the users can do to get the messenger on their desktop is to get it by using Android Emulators. For these you need two things:

  • APK file for Allo Google messenger
  • Free and supported Android Emulator for Windows

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Once you have downloaded the Allo Google Messenger APK file for the messenger, you just need to find the supported Android emulator for Windows that can work in association with the APK file of the messenger. You can also find the iPhone emulator for PC in the same way as you get the Android emulator.

What is Google messenger app Allo?

Google’s messaging app Allo is a smarter way to say and express your thought, expressions, and feelings. This new generation app provides you with a number of options like smart reply, emojis, sticker, Google assistant, etc. Not only this, it brings together a number of different ways by which the users can get in touch with the other parties without any trouble and issues. They can reply them with a single emojis or just by typing a single word as a reply.

The messaging app is one of its kinds. One can be totally sure that they are getting all the desired features that one can expect from a messaging app ranging from a number of replying options to security, it provides the users with everything that they need. In total this messaging app can be viewed as a complete package in terms of covering all the needs and requirements that the users expect from a messaging app. Moreover, as a trust factor, you can totally rely on Google’s name and brand value.

Features That Google Messenger Allo Offers To The Users:

To all the people who are not aware of the various features that the Google messenger app can deliver to the users, here is the list of some of the top features that are offered by the messenger. Have a look:

1. Smart Reply:

There is no doubt in the fact that messaging apps have become the need for today’s communication system. It is very hard to maintain a relationship with your friends, family and loved ones without using any of the messaging apps. Thus, the popularity of such messaging apps is growing day by day. But as the popularity and trend of these messaging apps are increasing, the people are also seen to use the various emojis for replying to the various messages send and receive. Google has taken the full advantage of this trend growing in the people and have introduced smart reply in their messaging app, Allo.

With this smart reply feature of the messaging app of Google, people are given suggestions about the reply that they can give for the message received. Google actually notifies the user with some of the possible replies that they can use for the received text. Now, this is really smart. This is being used mostly by the people who are always on a run and don’t find much of the time for typing the replies to the received messages.

2. Whisper Shout:

Whisper Shout is one of the interesting and unique features that have been introduced by the Google messaging app. It lets you express your feeling with all the emotions and enthusiasm when you are too excited, surprised, shocked or thrilled by the news received. You can also change the size of the text just by dragging your finger up and down. Thus this is the simplified way to modify the way you want to send the messages to your friends, family and loved ones.

You can also enlarge the text of the messages by holding the text button and dragging it to the top of the level. The enlarged text signifies that you are totally excited while sending the text messages to the receiving party and it just adds to the excitement of the conversation.

3. Stickers:

The use of stickers has become very popular in the recent past as it is a quick and fastest way to tell and reply the person with what you are feeling. In other words, it is the simpler way of the text messages. Keeping this in mind, Allo has also used this feature in its list and along with this has also added a number of stickers in its kitty.

In the Google’s messaging app, you can find thousands of different varieties of stickers for different purposes. You can find funny, simple, lovely, etc. type of stickers with Allo. Thus with this messaging app, you will never be short of ways for expressing your feelings.

4. Google’s Assistance:

Remember how much we all love to have Google assistance for all our needs. Be it finding your favorite restaurants or to find the route to any place, Google assistance is always there for you. Well, with Allo messaging app, Google assistance just became better and instant. You can find the needed assistance right when you are communicating with your friends or in your friend’s group. It’s just like getting your own assistance as and when required. You can also try the other useful Android personal assistant apps that are available in the market and which are preferred.

5. Incognito Mode:

With Google’s Allo you never have to worry about the privacy of your messages as it encrypts your messages and send them in an encrypted manner to the other party. While there are many other messaging apps that are still struggling to provide its users with the needed securities of the messages, Google Allo, on the other hand, has this feature inbuilt in it. You can also make use of private notifications to keep your chats more private and secure from the rest of the world.

The incognito mode ensures the users that no matter whatever text they send it will be entirely in the secured and encrypted format and so they dint have to worry about the loss of any of their sensitive information to anybody. This is one of the reasons that has made the text messaging app so much popular amongst the users along with helping the app to outshine the other available apps in the market.

How to Download Allo Google Messenger for PC?

For making the best of this method you would need an Android emulator and the Allo APK file. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Download the Android emulator on your PC
  2. Once the Android emulator has been installed on the PC, you will be asked to add a Google account
  3. The next step you need to browse the Allo APK file from the location where it is stored on the desktop
  4. As soon as you do it, you will be asked to continue with the installation by a prompt
  5. Once you have agreed with everything on the prompt and have finished with the installation process, you will be able to see the Allo app’s icon available on your desktop

This is the confirmation that you have successfully installed the messenger on your desktop. Just double-click on the icon and start using one of the best text messaging app that is the Google messenger on the desktop.


We hope this guide to download the Google messenger for PC will be of some help to you and you will get some benefit with this guide in installing this amazing messaging app on your desktop. Share this post with your friends and help them too with the installation process of the Google’s messaging app on their PC. Let us know how you liked our work. Also if you wish to keep receiving more such tips then subscribe to our emails. We will surely be providing you with the best tricks the can help with your working. Till then, we present you the best messaging app and the way you can use it. Enjoy your experience!

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