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GarageBand is a digital audio workstation that is based on the Mac OS and iOS devices. The GarageBand helps in the editing and creation of music and tunes on a digital platform without even the instruments. It houses stock tunes and music that enables you to use it for editing and creating different audio tracks according to your creative.

The software was included in the apple software package, iLife. The software was intended to be a digital companion for artists and creators to the apple platform for their work. The software featured various MIDI devices that can be used for your purposes enabling a world of virtual instruments. The software worked along with the iCloud platforms making it easier for users to make use of the platform completely. Initially, the app was only available for the Apple devices. Then later software that is supported with the windows devices was released.

download GarageBand for Windows PC

GarageBand for Windows PC- Features

GarageBand was released on January 6, 2004, by Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. Various versions of GarageBand have been released as of now with various updates and enhancements making the app more suiting to the user’s needs. The various features of the GarageBand app are listed as follows.

Audio Recording

  • The GarageBand app offers an option to record audio using the inbuilt features of the app.
  • The app offers the options to playback multiple tracks of audio allowing it to customise between the tracks using audio filters and effects. Various effects such as echo, bass, etc. are some of them.
  • Using auto-tune the tracks or audio file could be corrected varying their pitch and tempo.
  • The app hosted a varying amount of preset functions that can be used for quick adjustments.

Instruments in Digital World

  • GarageBand offers the user an array of instruments that can be used virtually in the software to create and correct tracks. Sample instruments allowed the user to experiment.
  • Using a USB MIDI keyboard the functions of the app could be controlled easily. The keyboard usage made the app more user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The keyboard can be used to play a virtual keyboard which can be used to create piano or keyboard

Guitar Music Customisability

  • The app allows the users to customize the guitar music in a track with amplifiers, effects and simulation of new tracks. This allowed the user to focus on the guitar element of a track and modify it to their will.
  • The ability to connect and electric guitar to a computer is a notable feature of the app.


  • The app offers music tutorials enabling everyone to actively take an interest in the music they love.
  • Many lessons are available through the app covering various aspects of music. This includes the tutorials and music lessons about various musical
  • Even tutorials for performing vocals are available with the software.

Download GarageBand for PC

GarageBand is Apple based software that is only supported for Apple devices. Hence the availability of the software for windows is impossible. There is no specific GarageBand for the windows platform. Even though this is the case GarageBand can be used on a windows  PC. This is made possible by using a MAC OS emulator on top of the windows platform. This is the only way that GarageBand can be used on a PC other than the Mac-based. Or there are other apps that are exactly similar to the GarageBand. They offer the same functionality and accessibility but only vary in the name and visual attributes.

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To download GarageBand app, follow the link given below.  The app will start downloading immediately.

GarageBand App Download

Steps to Run and Installing GarageBand on Windows?

Since the app is only enabled to work on McOS-based devices, it is important to understand the fact that a Mac OS emulator is required for the software to run in windows. For this process, an emulator such as VMWare is required.

  • Download the VMWare app from its website and install the software.
  • Choose the Mac OS options on the emulator software and install the OS.

The option for choosing the Mac OS will be done twice in the first window and the second window.

  • Click on install button and wait for the software to complete the installation.
  • Then the Mac OS will run on top of windows OS just like any other Mac pc would do.
  • This emulator allows you to install any apple related products on the windows OS without actually owning an apple device.

This is a great way to experience some apple software that is only available on the Mac OS. Open the GarageBand app from the apps tray and you can work on the app just like in any other Mac-based devices.

The emulator requires a lot of memory to process the app’s performance. Due to this, the performance of the app is limited. This can be a problem for serious users. In order to avoid this instead of using a Mac emulator, it is possible to install software just like the GarageBand in Windows PC directly. This software is called Mixcraft 7. Mixcraft works just like the apple version only with the windows instead. This allows the user to focus the computing power on just the app rather than using separate apps to work the same software.


Even though GarageBand is a very useful app, the limitation on using it on multiple platforms is a huge drawback. This made the app only available to users who only use an apple based product. The GarageBand works well in these devices. The app’s ability to modify and create tracks, use of virtual instruments and the feature of using a cloud-based service to store every work is a huge benefit to the user.

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