[Trusted] 8 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks

DoFollow commentluv blogs

Today, I have a compiled a list of dofollow Commentluv blogs that may help you to get more link juice to your blog. The commentluv blogs will always be a contradictory topic to talk on. Although, they have their advantage to build powerful links as they get you back a link pointing one of your blog posts.

What are Dofollow Commentluv blogs?

These kinds of blogs allow you to link back one of your blog posts (mostly, recent one). They pass the link juice. If you want to know more about links, just read this blog post about backlink. You will be able to understand the concept of it.

Although do-follow links receive more value than no-follow links in the search engines. Nevertheless, the Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks, both have their benefits to attain organic traffic.

According to expert bloggers, the ratio of both kinds of links is vital to get traffic to your blog. I do firmly believe in this concept. As the best recommendation, all the bloggers should follow this recipe.

If you are making backlinks to your blogs, you should keep in mind that backlinks will be done through a strategy as it improves the visibility of your blog.

One influential blogger Neil Patel himself puts stress on building links in a scalable way because it gives you a chance to track down your performance and take a possible action while one plan is not working.

Personally, I am a huge fan of these Dofollow backlinks and include them in my linking strategy.

After Google’s frequent updates, most of the bloggers have turned their blogs’ external links to Nofollow. Although, there are a few Dofollow Commentluv blogs which are still offering more link juice through blog commenting.

Blog commenting is an easy way to build backlinks. But, for me, it is more than that. I take it as a medium of relation building. Initially, it won’t give you benefits. However, in the long run, you will be able to build authority and increase traffic to your blog.

Important to you: Some of the bloggers may have a set limit of comments. They allow dofollow backlinks only after the one cross the threshold.

Although the Admin can only decide, he or she will allow you dofollow backlink or not. Therefore, try to increase engagement with these bloggers. While they find you placing real comments, they will be happy to award you with dofollow backlinks each time you comment on their blogs.

Before Going to Dofollow Blog list, look at this video and get to know what Matt Cutt says about the backlinks.

Tips to Follow Commenting on Dofollow Commentluv Blogs

  • Don’t look spammy.
  • Place meaningful comment.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Avoid 1 to 2 line comments.
  • First, read the complete post and then comment.

8 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List

You might be excited to grab this excellent list of professional bloggers who shares link juice with most engaged readers. I am sharing here nine blogs with screenshots. Enjoy this beautiful list.

1. Keepupwiththeweb.com

keepupwiththeweb Dofollow Commentluv Blogs

2. Sylvianenuccio.com

sylvianenuccio Dofollow Commentluv Blogs list

3. Trafficcrow.com

traffic crow Dofollow Commentluv Blogs

4. Poweraffiliateclub.com


5. Davidmerrill101.com

davidmerrill101 blog

6. Shermansmithblog.com

shermansmithblog dofollow commentluv blogs

7. Trainingmlmsecrets.com


8. Monnaellithorpe.com


I will update this list promptly till then enjoy this dofollow commentluv blogs list.

If you are working on any other blog providing do-follow backlinks through blog comments, let me know by your comment. I will surely add that to this list.

I hope you loved this article. If yes, show your love by sharing this post on your social media networks.

218 thoughts on “[Trusted] 8 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks”

  1. Thanks for adding my blog to the list Nik
    As you must have known, I set my commentluv to only give out dofollow link to constant readers.

    That’s to stress on the fact that it’s not just about the links. It should be more about building a relationship. Once you have made 10 approved comments on my blog, you start getting a dofollow link.

    thanks for putting this list together. Looks like I’m a constant visitor to all the blogs on the list 😉

    Do have a wonderful week

    • Yes Enstine,
      I already know about the threshold you have on your blog. I always emphasize on building relations with the other bloggers. Therefore, I wrote few guidelines for the readers.

      Thanks for taking time and commenting here.

      Have a better life.

    • just a few second ago I visited your blog, it is really very helpful for the newbie bloggers by providing various of new tips regarding lots of new things in the world of blog.

    • Hi,
      I am satisfied with the information you shared with us. It is very valuable and I would surely take all the benefits from this.
      Thank you

  2. Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for sending me an Email about your Blog post titled – 9 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List for Sure Dofollow Backlinks.

    Just for the record I have two Blog sites, http://www.opensourcevarsity.com/blog and http://www.dmtm.in/blog on which I run CommentLuv and I have do follow links as well.

    Blog commenting is definitely an easy and convenient way to develop relationships with other Bloggers and ton of comments are really spammy oneliners with a link. Sad that.

    All Bloggers want to have real engagement with other Bloggers via comments. Hence, leaving a comment that adds value to the original Blog post AND adds value to the Blogsite visitors are comments that are almost always rewarded with do follow links by the Blogsite.

    You do have some excellent Blogsites listed, many of them I already comment regularly and/or guest post on. Sherman Smith, Sylviane Nuccio, Adrienne Smith, are all superb Bloggers with great value filled Blog sites.

    Well, you’ve got two more sites (my URLs) that offer do follow links, that you can happily comment on. That said, spammy comments and one liners will not get through.

    You do have a well structured Blog site Nikhil. Enjoyed the time I spent here.

    BTW, if you have not visited kingged dot com yet, please do. You will find all the Bloggers I’ve mentioned above pretty active on Kingged dot com.

    • Hello sir,
      Thanks for joining the comment section. You always make me feel proud by placing your comment on my blog. I will definitely add two of blogs in this list. Thanks for informing me about two more blogs.

      I do agree with your view of building relations with fellow blogger and blog commenting is the best way to do it.

      you are the popular personality on blogosphere. That is why you already working with most of the blog I have listed here.

      Thanks for your compliment about my blog layout. I want to tell you that I usually visit Kingged.com.

      Thanks you sir

    • Hi Akash,
      these all are genuine blog sites for dofollow link. build relations with these blogs, you will get benefitted soon.

      Thanks for the comment..Have a great life…

  3. Hey Nikhil,

    I know you mentioned it in your post but it’s not that easy to get a dofollow link on my blog. Like Enstine, although I do have it set that you won’t even get a link until you’ve left so many comments I still have a strict policy and not everyone gets a dofollow link each time.

    I know that people are still after those links so they think they’ll get them through commenting. Because CommentLuv still offers dofollow links where these other commenting systems don’t, you still have to prove yourself to me PLUS I have to really like your site and think that it’s worthy enjoy for the juice love.

    Yep, it’s not so easy anymore so comment because you enjoy the content and you want to connect with the author, not for the link.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      I do respect your blog guidelines that is why I spotted some rules with this post to comment all these blogs in the list. I know that most of the bloggers comment only with the intention of getting dofollow backlink. However, as you said your blog policies are very strict that will dishearten the spammers.

      I compiled this list for the genuine bloggers who really want to build relations. I hope you will understand my motive.


  4. Hi Nikhil,

    I use CommentLuv Premium when I’m commenting. And yes I set it to do follow, but not all the time. Most bloggers I engage with I have no problem with. The few I don’t want, I’ll set it up to no follow.

    To be able to comment on my blog, I’m pretty picky. One must comment a few times in order to get through. Or if they told me they met me on a guest post I’m on, giving a good comment, I’ll accept them.

    No one liners! The only exception may be a new blogger I’m working with, teaching them how to comment. I’ll let them in, but message them that they need to put more substance the next time.

    As for pleasing Google, not a fan. I have a good community of people who are in my blogging niche. I like quality, not quantity.

    That’s my two cents 🙂


    • Hi Donna,
      You got the time to comment over here. I am really very happy. It is very clear that no any blogger wants to share the link juice with the spammers.

      Obviously, It’s your choice to provide dofollow link or now. I respect your thoughts and strongly follow them.

      I do accept here that I learnt few basics of commenting from yours and other similar blogs.

      I want to help those genuine bloggers who really have the desire to grow. By this post, they will able to know about your blogs and will learn a lot.

      Wish you a great blogging journey….:)

  5. Hi Nikhil,

    interesting topic and there’s been a lot of manipulation about it.
    Even with CommentLuv there seems to be ways of abusing links. I noticed that the example you gave in #8 uses actually one of my blogposts and pretends it was submitted by this person – which was not.

  6. Great Compilation !
    Commenting is a art and must be done very delicately, If done the right way, One attracts the attention off the Writer as well as fellow bloggers.
    Do Follow blog for sure have an edge , because every one is dying to increase the link in totality, because GOOGLE love it.
    Great One.

    • Hello Shashank,
      you are welcomed on this blog. Indeed, commenting is an art. If done efficiently, gives powerful results and more traffic to your blog/website.

      Looking forward to listen more from your side.


  7. Hi Nikhil,
    Well, you’ve blogged about one of my favorite topics, commenting on blogs. I’m a big advocate of CommentLuv Premium. Like other bloggers here, I too restrict the do-follow attribute to people who have left 10 approved comments.

    However, I have no problem removing the do-follow tag or deleting the entire comment (even if the blogger has ten approved comments).

    Last year, I wrote a post called “Can Allowing Do-Follow Enabled CommentLuv Backlinks Hurt You?” We all know that Google has been scrutinizing backlinks for years now. While the intention is to prevent spammers from acquiring backlinks, often innocent bloggers get caught in the aftermath.

    Years ago, I lost a significant amount of my organic traffic (approximately 50%) due to a Google algorithm update. It turned out that I had become careless about cleaning up my CommentLuv links.

    In addition to broken links, over the years, domains had changed hands. Some links that previously had been relevant to my site no longer pointed to the same content. In many cases, domains were parked with domain registrars. Those parked domains were riddled with AdSense ads and those links appeared “unnatural” to Google.

    Monitoring CommentLuv links is a necessary but time consuming project. So, it’s best to not accept links to sites that can be perceived as spam. Additionally, accepting a lot of CommentLuv links from legitimate sites (that are totally unrelated to your blog) can hurt you too.

    For example, I have friends who I want to support but some of them blog about wine and recipes. While we comment on each other’s blogs, we don’t often leave CommentLuv links. (Your readers need to keep in mind that an “unnatural” link can hurt the person leaving the link as much as the person that the link is being left for.)

    One more thing to keep in mind is that tagging a link with the “no-follow” attribute does NOT guarantee that Google will not follow it. Google looks at the no-follow tag as a suggestion. Even the URL that someone leaves with a WordPress comment can be dangerous. (It doesn’t have to be a CommentLuv link.)

    When I find that someone has left a link to a spammy site, I remove all references to the URL. Adrienne Smith blogged on this topic a while back and she recommended using the “Ajax Edit Comments” plugin. That’s an excellent tool for cleaning up comments.

    Thanks so much for including my site. Sorry if I got a little winded but this is a topic that I have blogged about a lot and I’m passionate about it. It bothers me to see honest bloggers lose organic traffic (or even worse, be de-indexed) because they have broken, spammy or unnatural backlinks on their site.


    • Hi Sherrly,

      I took some time to read your comment, and would like to stress on broken link resulted from commenting.

      Yes, having too many broken links is one problem that bloggers face with commenting. If not regularly checked, may harm the blog reputation in SERP.

      I use broken link checker wordpress plugin, and immediately it report broken link error on the blog, I take no time to just unlink immediately.

      And like you, before approving comments, I sometime check the author’s blog, if is not legit in my perspective, I unlink every url attached to it.

      Thanks for your detailed comment.

  8. Hi Nikhil,

    This topic is one that needs to be address with caution, so as not to leads to abuse by spammers. I once have my blog dofollow, irrespective of how many times you comments, you get a do-follow backlinks.

    But as spammers invade the blog, I had no choice but to turn it off permanently. I think and believe that if you’re a genuie reader, and one that is seeking for more knowledge in your field, you will have no concern wether a commenting sysetem is no-follow or do-follow.

    This is because you’re in for more knowledge, networking and spreading the word out of your little empire.

    Besides, most blogs you shared in this post I knew about and read them once a wheil.

    Thanks Nikhil, nice read.

    • Hi Meghshyam,
      It’s my pleasure, you have to do hard work to get do follow backlinks from these blogs. But once you achieved the faith from these blogs, it won’t be so tough.

      Have a great life.

  9. Thank you for including my blog. As is common to others here, I only approve comments from new people if they are of value – not the few word “I like your post” type. I’ll check out their blogs too to make sure they’re not made up of copied content etc.

    I believe in rewarding those that contribute to my posts by leaving a comment. I use another spam filter on top of Akismet and together they are pretty efficient at keeping out the spam.

    • Hi Sue, I am glad to see you here. It is good you already have predefined qualification that a commentator needs to acquire in order to have dofollow links from your blog.

      I personally love your blog.

      Have a great day..

  10. Hello Nikhil,

    Quite a post! I know majority of the great minds you listed in the post!

    Although CommentLuv is one great way to acquire links but commenting only for links won’t work at all because we have to actually connect with the author in terms of admiring his/her content.

    And as CommentLuv’s setting can easily be changed, I have set mine to rather higher number to have to comment and get a do-follow link.

    Good read! I must say that I will must share it1 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Abhay,
      You better ask this question to the site owners. They can clear you this thing. Well, alexa rank does not matter a lot. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Hi
    It’s my pleasure, you have to do hard work to get do follow backlinks from these blogs. But once you achieved the faith from these blogs, it won’t be so tough.
    Have a great life……..

  12. Hi Niks,
    Interesting post, everything is written very accessible and helpful! Especially liked the section “9 Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List”

    ty for the great list!

  13. Hi Nikhil,

    Yes, i know some of these commentluv blogs and some are not in my list.

    Enstine, Donna, Adriennesmith, Sherman’s blog are in my list. Really, it is much interesting to get quality backlink from commentluv blog.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this informative article with us. Keep it up bro!

    Happy blogging.

  14. Hi Nikhil,
    I agree with you, We should use nofollow as well dofollow backlink to improve search engine. I also love to comment on those sites that have comment Luv plugin enabled.
    These are really great list in which I am the top commentator in enstine muki blog. other blog are new for me. I hope I will get good backliks from these blogs by participating .

    Thanks Nikhil for sharing such great list.
    Areesha Noor!

  15. Hello Nikhil,
    As I can see in the Matt Cuts video you have in your post, it is clear that dofollow backlinks still matter but getting backlinks is getting harder day by and only possible way I can see to manually build backlinks is commenting on other blogs, so thanks for the list of dofollow blogs.

  16. well anil, i just landed to your blog by you recent post. It was a nice post and forced me to read other posts. You have shared a great information here. and offcourse this will surely get attention of link builders. Great going buddy. Keep it up. Will send you a request on fb.

  17. When one sees a good resource,one has to appreciate it.

    I’ve bookmarked this page for future need as it contains what i have been searching for over a long time now.

    Thanks for sharing this great list.

    I appreciate.

  18. I can’t imagine how could I miss to read this killer post from you Nikhil. But as elders have said that better be late than never, so now I’ve read its each and word especially the dofollow links which any blogger would like to remember for as long as they stay significant. I would now like to shut my mouth with thanking you for posting such not mortal but eternal stuff. Bye-bye.

  19. Very nice and cool post! I was kinda struggling for backlinks for my website but somewhere on the web I found that the “dofollow commenting” still works! I was like Wohao!! So, now I would work damn hard to create backlinks for my website!
    Once again thanks a lot for such high quality dofollow links!

  20. It’s very useful list. Thanks Nikhil for sharing this. I suggest everybody whoever reading this post, never goes easy technique for getting tons backlink. Now days, PR doesn’t matter. You can even achieve PR 9 .gov backlink easily, but it is not easy to say that it will be match to your niche. Instead of helping, it may harm more. I understand, If Google uses 1000 ranking factors, then backlink comes after content. The value of Backlink will never loose for ranking in Google. So, we can’t deny link building.

  21. Hi there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll definitely digg
    it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they’ll be
    benefited from this website.

  22. I have created my website quite a few days ago. Now I badly needed some website of high PR to generate good links. You made my job easier. Thank you very much Nikhil.

  23. Hi Nikhil Bro,
    This Was Fantastic Post, Popular Blogs, comment Luv enabled Get DoFollow Backlinks 🙂 All List Awesome, Donna is My Favorite Blogger, Keep Up The Good Work,
    Have a Nice Day Ahead,

  24. Commenting on blogs can be proved beneficial for boosting the ranking of your website but only then if the comments are related with the blog is all about as google is greatly concerned about the niche relevancy.

  25. Not do-follow at all. :/
    I explored all of them and check the links’es tag either as no-follow, or external no-follow.
    Please update your list, if you can.
    Shakir Hassan

  26. Hi. Nikhil.
    I have a query.I have site older than year. I created awesome unique content with particular keyword with my capacity and field. Still can’t get ranking. My backlink show in Semrush 10 only. While Google Developer show 71 with 21 different url. While I also done 100 of new commenting link.

    Can you explain how much time took to ranking in search ranking with while how much time took to recognize links with your experiance. Which is best and easy site of where we create a links. Like social media name. etc.
    Please tag article if wrote any or can you write any article based on which say where to create link on which side ?

    Please reply. Thanks.

    • very nice question bro and I apologize for getting you late answer.first of all, I want to know the keyword you are trying to rank. One more thing is – what kind of backlinks are they? If it is high competition keyword, then the power of links should be great. I mean those should come from the authority sites.

  27. Hi, thanks for this great list bro. It will help me to build some more link backs to my new blog but some of these are actually nofollow which may be not helpful for the rank. please update it.no followed.

    • Bro they all are dofollow. I have personally worked on them. They have set limit after which only you can get the dofollow links.

  28. Really like this post when I’m searching for the Backlinks for my site. Can you tell me how can I get relevant backlinks for my website.

    • bro, for creating high authority backlinks, you should focus on the content quality. If you content is good, people will link you automatically.

  29. Hi, Nikhil! Today landed on your blog first time!
    This post is helpful, but there are few things every blogger should keep in mind before commenting on comment Luv blogs to get backlinks!
    1. Should drop a useful comment that helps owner and readers!
    2. Should ask useful question
    3. Do not comment just only for backlinks!
    4. Never try to spam. (Everyone hates it)

    I hope every blogger respect others hard work.
    Happy blogging!

  30. Hey Nikhil,

    Thanks for Write this Awesome Post, Its a best rundown of dofollow backlings. Thanks for sharing it with us…..
    Keep it up Bro..

  31. Recently I have moved to a custom domain. I lose my Alexa ranking & I was looking for post related to backlinks. Somehow landed to your blog. I must say no nonsense post with plenty of info. Kudos to the work you have done. Looking fwd to your blog. Thanks !!

  32. Hello Nikhil,

    When I tried to comment on your blog using commentluv I got some error.

    You can place my url on any commentluv enabled blog and see the error.

    Can you please tell me how to fix it.

    I’m facing this problem since long.

    Awaiting for your reply.


  33. Hi, Nikhil.
    Thanks for making the list of do follow commenting blogs. It’s really a big deal to find out the do-follow comment luv blogs when you need it most. Thanks for making the job easier.
    Great work.Best regards.

  34. Thanks for the List Of Do follow blogs,it will really helps me lot,i really appreciates your effort to put here..

  35. Thanks Nikhil,

    This is a great post. All the sites that you mentioned are commentluv enabled sites. Many peple write massive list of such lists, but your contain the meat part only. it is great to see this type of writting. Making it simple is a great thing.

    ~ Arun Dominic

  36. Hi Nikhil Bro,very useful information article. Thanks for the information and keep writing keep writing such amazing articles
    Have a Nice Day Ahead, This is awesome list. I have commented in all sites which you listed. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

  37. Worth for reading.. i have one question for you? How important is a good “follow” and “no-follow” link ratio for SEO?

  38. Hi Nikhil,

    I liked the way you had screenshots of each of the blogs that are comment luv enabled. Some of the other blogs pages that I saw had list of websites, but when I visited some of those, they were either not valid or had no comments sections.
    But since you had screenshots, I was sure that these websites were legit and had comments luv.

    Thanks again for the hard work.

  39. Hello Nikhil, thanks for the informative post, what annoys me is the fact that some bloggers will say their website is do follow and it turns out to be no follow, google should get rid of the do follow and no follow attribute to a site rankings. I have searched the backlinks of many popular blogs and found that they use unethical means to get their backlinks..its just not right. Commentluv is a great tool though, thanks!

  40. You’ve mentioned some really worth using blogs here, Nikhil. Commentluv enabled blogs do provide added benefits when compared to normal ones but just commenting or getting back link is not about the game’s end, it’s all about positive discussion and really spreading the love via this fabulous service.

  41. Your article has really explained in details to me what backlinks are and also the importance of building backlinks for a blog. I appreciate the dofollow backlinks that you shared.

  42. Hey Nikhil,

    Excellent Lis for bloggers who want backlinks quick and easy.

    I just wanted to ask a silly question.

    What tool are you using to add those arrows and annotations on screenshots? I would like to use it on my blog as well.

  43. Hi Nikhil,
    Finally I got some do-follow commentluv blog commenting list. I will surely use it for future projects.
    Thank you very much for sharing this post! Keep sharing. 🙂

  44. I was confused about backlinks from the first day I started blogging. I even don’t know what are do-follow and no-follow blogs. But after these types of quality articles, it really helps me. BTW thanks. Keep it up

  45. Hi,

    I have never seen this much detailed list till now. You have real nicely shared how to gain backlinks from comment which do not look spammed.

    I also believe that when we have to comment on an article the comment should be of real value not just for the sake of backlinks. We should go deep into the article and find out what is effective and appreciate it.

    Thanks for sharing. I like to know your views about boosting domain authority.

  46. A really helpful list of commentluv enabled blogs.
    But, i have a question about impact of such comments on search engine rankings.
    Do such comments help in getting better ranks or they are considered to be spammy or illegit by google ?

  47. Hello Nikhil, i read out your post, it’s all about the list of blog commenting sites. but i’m confused that if these links will give me back links for sure or not for my new website which i’m going to promote now days. i often search on google and it shows huge number of list but i can’t get a bunch of site which can give me quality approved comment back links. can you help me to get ridge of this.

  48. hi.wow so niceI do respect your blog guidelines that is why I spotted some rules with this post to comment all these blogs in the list. I know that most of the bloggers comment only with the intention of getting dofollow backlink. However, as you said your blog policies are very strict that will dishearten the spammers.

  49. I concur with you, We ought to utilize nofollow too dofollow backlink to enhance web search tool. I additionally love to remark on those destinations that have remark Luv module empowered.

    These are truly incredible rundown in which I am the top reporter in enstine muki blog. other blog are new for me. I trust I will get great backliks from these websites by taking an interest

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    I’m launching a fresh new tech blog and the competition isn’t easy. As a launch, it’s difficult to get links from authoritative sites, hence, I’m focusing on high-quality content and guest posting and also lightly on comment link building.

    I’m glad I found this list, keep up the good work, mate. Loving your list posts so far! 😉

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  58. Thanku very much for this

    i find this blog list since 10 days and now i find that thanx for this

    but blog owner give the permision to approve cament and paste the link on

  59. Hi Niks, thanks for sharing this list with us. I’ve come across several lists that are hundreds of sites. However, most if not all, are just nofollow commentluv blogs peddled as do follow. I really enjoyed the blogs you listed. So aside from commenting on them and building relationships, I’m also getting some value reading their posts.

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    Any new tips to create meaningful backlink in 2018, as we all know that the Big G is getting smarter day by day.

  67. I was searching how to get a do follow backlink. When I came to your blog I realize that every comment that I posted gave me a no-follow link.
    Now I am very thankful to you for teaching me how to get a do-follow backlink through comments. Kindly tell me more stuff through email so that I can rank my site high on google. And also kindly teach me how can I rank my site high on Google.

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