Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay in 2022? Things You Must Know

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Digitalization is taking over the world, and digital payment platforms are at the forefront of this transformation.

You can go shopping wherever you want, and you don’t need to carry any cash. And it’s as if there’s been a wave of online payments since Apple debuted Apple Pay.

Particularly in food courts. Every business these days is partnering with Apple Pay in order to give clients a better payment option.

As a result, many individuals have questions, one of which is whether or not Starbucks accepts Apple Pay.

Let’s dive in and know if Starbucks accepts Apple pay or not.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Starbucks takes Apple Pay and other mobile wallet payments at all Starbucks locations. You can use Apple Pay for your order while sitting inside the shop, via drive-thru, or even the Starbucks mobile app.

It is suggested that you must have saved your payment information in your smartphone wallet for a hassle-free payment option for the purchases made at Starbucks.

Starbucks tries to create a seamless payment experience across all of its stores regardless of the method of payment chosen by customers. Starbucks works on the customer first theme and provides their customers with a payment option that is most convenient to them.

What are the requirements of POS systems to Allow Apple Pay In-store or Drive-thru?

The POS must align with the technological advancements, it must support NFC (near field communication) technology using which your smartphone and credit card terminal connect wirelessly when they are within a short distance of each other.

While paying at POS your mobile wallet connects to the card terminal and leads to the payment completion. Here the payment made is just like a credit card payment.

These days the POS systems are loaded with NFC capabilities, and Starbucks now accepts NFC payments across all of its locations, as they have modified their systems.

How Can I Set up Apple Pay?

It is very easy to set up Apple Pay, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the Apple Pay App

First of all, you need to locate Apple Pay on your iPhone. Here you need not download the app, as it is already installed on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click the “+” Button

After launching the app, you will find a “+” sign, you need to click on that sign to add your card.

Step 3: Choose a Card Type

Here you need to choose the card between “debit” and “credit”, choose the one you want and press “Continue”.

If you frequently visit the stores, you may find the loyalty points. You can add these loyalty points to your Apple Pay app. To add loyalty points you need to scan the barcode using your phone’s camera, and then open the website in safari.

In the upper right corner, you will see the option to “add”.

Step 4: Provide Payment Information

Here you need to enter your credit card information. To add your credit card info, you can either take a photo with your smartphone or you can also enter the information manually.

You need to fill out:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • Security code
  • Credit Card Holder’s name

Besides, your photograph should be clear otherwise it will not be accepted. Your every piece of information should be accurate, if any of the information is found incorrect you will be unable to add the card.

Step 5: Check with Your Financial Institution

After adding the card, when you are going to add your card to your wallet, you will be asked by your financial institution for confirmation.

If your bank or credit card issuer requests verification, such as signing into their app or supplying a PIN, you must comply.

After all the confirmation, your card will be ready to use.

Step Six: Add More Cards

If you want to add more cards to your wallet, you can easily do this. You can add up to 8 cards to your wallet.

The first card you add will be your default payment card, and you can change your primary card by going to the app’s default card option and picking up the one you want.

Step 7: Make a purchase

Now you are eligible to make a purchase at your nearest Starbucks. You can go to Starbucks and can test your mobile wallet if it is working properly.

Step 8: Add to the Apple Watch

Don’t forget to add your card to the mobile wallet on your Apple Watch if you have one.

How to Use Apple Pay at a Store/Drive-Thru

Follow the below-stated steps:

Step 1: Launch the Apple Pay app

So during long queues, just unlock your iPhone, launch the Apple Pay app and begin with the transaction.

Step 2: Confirm that you have the correct card

There may be numerous cards in your wallet, here you have to choose the proper card and confirm it.

If you want to choose a different card (if in case you don’t want to go with the default card) then you can select the different one by the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Keep the phone close to the reader

When you are ready for the payment, place your iPhone near the credit card terminal and confirm whether the two devices make the connection. You can check this by viewing a message indicating that your payment was successful.

If you are using the drive-thru, then you need to hand over your phone to the Starbuck employee or cashier, or you can also request them to bring the credit card reader near you.

Final Thoughts

That’s it..!!

So, yes Starbucks takes Apple Pay, It is secure, quick and handy.

By the way, I attempted to answer all of your questions in this blog, but if you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section. I will be delighted to serve you with value

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