Does Fakespot Really Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

Know whether Fakespot is a reliable source to detect fake reviews on Amazon. Know how Fakespot detects fake reviews. In addition, also understand how to identify fake reviews manually.  

What’s something that you check before buying a product online? Obviously, it changes with the tastes and preferences of people. But what doesn’t change is the review. Yes, reviews influence a lot. From a small mouse pad to air conditioners and washing machines, anything that is bought online needs to have positive reviews. Only then will the public show interest in buying it online.  

But something that new buyers aren’t aware of and regular buyers are very much aware of is the fake reviews on Amazon

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Does Fakespot Really Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

Before exploring the truth let’s see what Fakespot is. Fakespot is software used to filter fake reviews on products available on Amazon. Does it really work? Is it reliable? While most say Fakespot spots fake reviews, there are also reviews that say Fakespot is not reliable.

Let’s see how Fakespot work….

Fakespot’s mission is to bring trust back to the Internet. They filter the reviews by 

  1. English language or pattern used to write the review
  2. Profile of the reviewer
  3. Cross-check with other reviewers 
  4. Sentimental analysis
  5. Total number of reviews

So, these 5 parameters are analyzed carefully by Fakespot while detecting any fake reviews. 

When we dig deeper into the software, we will be able to spot a few misleading results. For example, any product that has fewer reviews compared to its competitive good is shown as a low-rated by Fakespot. The truth is, these products get less traffic and so they have fewer sales followed by reviews. But as the Fakespot shows these products as low-rated they’ll ultimately lose their demand. 

The world has been taking bigger steps towards development and illegal has become the new legal. Even though having fake reviews is illegal on Amazon, even Fakespot might show these reviews as true if there are more in number for a particular product. 

Hence, trusting only the Fakespot results and deciding to buy something online isn’t recommended. 

Can You Spot Fake Reviews Manually on Amazon

If you question this to yourself, then the answer is definitely yes. It is possible to spot fake reviews manually on Amazon. Not only on Amazon, but in any online marketplace. Being one of the substantial and profitable online selling platforms, Amazon has a wide range of products. With an intention to grab sales, many sellers hire writers to review their product without actually buying it. In other words, these are simply fake and paid reviews. You can spot them easily with the help of the below-mentioned instructions. 

1. Too long content 

No reviewer takes a lot of time to write a review, until and unless the product is worth it. Almost every review on Amazon is small. The review must contain the pros, cons, and reliability of the product. If the review has information that is more than required then you can consider it as a fake or paid review. 

2. Sentimental Analysis

As already mentioned, too-long reviews can be suspicious. When it comes to sentimental analysis then any review that is over positive or over negative can be considered as a fake review. The context needs to be small, straightforward. It shouldn’t be like beating around the bush. 

3. Weird names and Profiles

Another way to detect fake reviews on Amazon is reviews that are submitted by weird names. You can even spot profiles with unreal names. If you ever see reviews submitted by these profiles then it’s definitely a fake review. 

4. Probability of good reviews over fake reviews 

If you see a product with both good reviews and bad reviews then take a close look at the negative reviews. If the reviewers are addressing the same issue then it’s sure that the good reviews of that product are completely fake. 

5. Date and time of the reviews

If you find too many positive reviews posted on the same day then please confirm that those are certainly fake reviews. Because no product gets all the positive reviews on the same day which is very obvious. Hence, neglect products with too many reviews on the same day. 

Also, check the seller reviews too. If both the product and seller have bad or negative reviews then make sure you avoid the product. 

How to Spot a Perfect Review

Use the checklist below to spot perfect reviews

  1. The review has every detail about the product
  2. Reliability of the product
  3. Pros and cons of the product
  4. Condition of the product after usage 
  5. Trustable 

If you can see all these qualities in a review then you can trust it completely. 

Alternatives for Fakespot to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

Now, let’s see a few alternatives for Fakespot that will help in identifying fake reviews 

1. Review Meta 

The first alternative for Fakespot to check fake reviews on Amazon is Review Meta. The reason to put this on the top of the list is, this software runs 12 tests to identify a review. They confirm a review or remove unnatural reviews after analyzing the entire data. Review Meta provides a report that will help you to compare the rating given by Amazon and Review Meta. 

2. AppBot

AppBot was once used only to check reviews of apps on the play store and app store. Later, it was upgraded to check reviews on Amazon too. Many professional companies like Twitter, Microsoft, BMW, The New York Times use AppBot to cross-check reviews

3. Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring is another software that helps in identifying fake reviews on Amazon. Review Monitoring completely stands out when it comes to the results. This software provides results in verified, unverified, and creepy categories which is very helpful for its users. 

4. TheReviewIndex

TheReviewIndex is also one of the reliable software to identify fake reviews. Its features include detecting products boosted by fake reviews and identifying spam reviews. TheReviewIndex can be used for Amazon and many other websites too. And it is completely free to use. 

Final Words

Many products are boosted by fake reviews on Amazon. A seller might pay for these reviews in order to get more sales. There are a lot of alternative websites to identify fake reviews. Fakespot is used to detect fake reviews, but there are many reviews on the internet indicating Fakespot as a failed software. Hence, it is not completely reliable to use Fakespot to identify fake reviews.  

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