Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays? Know Yes or No.

Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays

Know if Amazon has the facility to deliver packages on Sundays. Also, understand the reasons for Sunday delivery by reading the entire article. 

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplace serving almost 50 Billion users. There are a number of sellers and buyers on Amazon. On average, Amazon receives orders in a large number. It is obvious that when there are more orders Amazon has to work and deliver them every day of the week. 

Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays?

Yes, Amazon delivers even on Sundays. As already discussed above, Amazon works and ships packages every day of the week due to a large number of orders. Now the plot twist is that only the Amazon Prime members can avail themselves of Sunday delivery. 

It is obvious that most people have time or get leave only during the weekends. It’s also obvious that these people book packages during a particular time so that they receive their delivery on Sundays. But Sunday delivery is only for Amazon Prime members. So, in order to receive a delivery during Sundays, one has to be an Amazon Prime member. 

According to Amazon’s partnership with USPS from November 2013, USPS has agreed to deliver Amazon parcels to its customers on Sundays. Although it began in New York, it is now available everywhere in the US. Not only in the United States Sunday delivery by Amazon is available in other countries. 

Even for an Amazon Prime member, Sunday delivery is available only under proper circumstances. Although the Prime members are given categories, time, and location to select from, it’s not sure that they will be receiving their order on Sunday only. The reason for this is USPS isn’t the only delivery partner for Amazon in the US. Many small delivery companies take parcels to various locations and hence there’s no surety for Sunday delivery. 

Do both Amazon and Amazon Prime deliver on Sunday? 

Yes, both Amazon members and Amazon Prime members can receive a Sunday delivery. As discussed above Amazon prime members have the option to choose Sunday delivery. But the ordinary Amazon members don’t have the option to choose Sunday delivery. They may get a Sunday delivery according to the day they booked their order. 

Amazon has one the speediest delivery. As it has same-day delivery, one-day delivery options ordinary Amazon members can choose from and get their order delivered on Sunday. Customers can check out the Sunday delivery terms, conditions, and information while placing the order.

One of the most important factors that influence Sunday delivery is the date and time of booking. For suppose, if you book a product on Saturday and choose for one-delivery then you will surely receive an order on Sunday. Amazon has a vast number of products that are readily available for shipping or delivery. So, choosing products from readily available ones can help you receive Sunday delivery by Amazon. 

Now, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about Sunday delivery by Amazon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery fee is common for every product on Amazon. But you don’t need to pay anything more than the mentioned delivery charge for Sunday delivery. Not only Sunday delivery but also there are other delivery options like one-delivery, same-day delivery and you don’t need to pay any extra fee for those deliveries. The most important thing to remember is that extra charges are applied on Sunday delivery if the product ordered is above $35. If the order is below the set amount then delivery is absolutely free on Sunday. 

Yes, the same-day delivery option is available on Sundays. In order to get your package on Sunday with the help of same-day delivery, you need to book it as soon as possible.  Also, there will be no extra fee for same-day delivery on Amazon. But this option is exclusively for Amazon Prime members. 

If you book a product and need it on Sunday then you might not need it if it comes the next day or a bit later. In that case, you can claim a refund. Refunds are not just for damaged products, you can claim them if you don’t receive them on time. 

Amazon delivers from 8 a.m to 9 p.m on Sundays. If you book anything in the morning and choose for the same-day delivery then you will receive the package by the end of the day. You can even choose mid-night delivery too if you need it in an emergency. 

At the beginning of the Sunday delivery, Amazon has enabled this option only for a few cities and locations. But as Amazon has increased its employees, Sunday delivery is available in almost every city and place. Amazon even hires employees, particularly for super-fast deliveries and Sunday deliveries. 

Final Words

Being the largest marketplace, Amazon provides Sunday delivery for its Prime members. Not only the Prime members but also the members with ordinary Amazon membership can get their order delivered on Sunday under a few circumstances. There’s no extra fee or hidden delivery charges for Sunday delivery for both Prime and ordinary members. 

Almost all packages are delivered between 8 a.m to 9 p.m on Sundays. Amazon also hires more employees to deliver packages on Sundays. Amazon also provides same-day delivery, one-day delivery, mid-night delivery, two-day delivery. You can claim for a refund if the package is delayed. 

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