DeepNude APK Download For Android – Get This Controversial App

DeepNude is an controversial app that uses neural networks to remove clothing from images of women to create fake nude photos. The DeepNude APK allows Android users to download and install this powerful but controversial app.

In this article, we will discuss what DeepNude app is, its features, how it works, and provide a download guide for the DeepNude v10.2 APK for Android. Meanwhile you can also try

Details About DepNude APK:

Apk NameDeepNude v10.2 Apk
Apk Versionv10.2
PublisherBright Mountain
Device NameAndroid

What is DeepNude App?

DeepNude APK download

DeepNude is an artificial intelligence-based app that removes clothing from images of women to make them look realistically nude. It was originally launched in 2019 but was quickly taken down due to controversies.

The app uses generative adversarial networks (GANs) to automatically generate nude images of women that look strikingly realistic. The algorithm was trained on over 10,000 nude photos of women to learn how to replace clothed images with naked bodies in different poses.

While DeepNude claimed to be launched for “entertainment” purposes, it faced backlash over consent issues and potential misuse for creating nonconsensual fake porn. This led the creators to take down the original app.

However, modified versions of DeepNude APK continue to be available for download. The app is intended only for adults above 18 years due to its controversial nature.

Features of DeepNude App

Here are some of the main features of the DeepNude application:

  • Realistic Nude Image Generation: The app can automatically generate nude images of clothed women that look very realistic using AI. The results are often hard to distinguish from real nudes.
  • Works on Various Body Types: The algorithm works on women with different body types and skin tones to generate nude images.
  • Easy to Use: The interface is simple with just one-touch functionality to undress photos.
  • ** anonymous**: No account creation is needed to use the app. Maintains user anonymity.
  • Fast Processing: It takes just a few seconds to generate the fake nudes once a photo is uploaded.
  • Share Photos: The generated images can be saved and shared as you want.
  • Free to Use: The app is free to download and use with no paid subscriptions.

How Does DeepNude App Work?

The DeepNude app works by utilizing deep learning and AI to manipulate images. Here is a quick overview of how it functions:

  • It uses a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) architecture consisting of two competing neural networks – the generator AI and the discriminator AI.
  • The generator AI creates fake images that look real, while the discriminator AI tries to detect which images are fake.
  • By competing against each other, the two AIs help improve the realism of the generated nude photos.
  • The algorithm was trained on over 10,000 nude images of women of varying shapes, sizes and skin tones.
  • When a user uploads a photo of a clothed woman into the app, the neural network studies it, matches it to the dataset, and replaces it with a naked body in a similar pose while keeping the face unchanged.
  • Additional post-processing is applied to make the final output look even more realistic. The end result is a doctored image that looks like an actual nude photo.

Why Use DeepNude App?

Here are some of the main reasons people use the DeepNude app on their Android devices:

  • Entertainment: The app creates fun fake nudes which some people use purely as a form of adult entertainment. The AI-generated images allow them to visually undress women they know or celebrities.
  • Fantasizing: People use the fake nude images to fantasize about women they like or are attracted to, including their crushes, friends, etc. It serves as an aid to sexual fantasy and arousal.
  • Admiring Beauty: Others may use the app to admire the female figure and beauty by appreciating the nude AI-generated images of both amateur women and celebrities.
  • Curiosity: Many people download DeepNude just out of curiosity to see how well it works and how realistic the AI-generated nudes can get using neural networks. The app demonstrates an interesting application of deep learning.
  • No Harm Intended: Most DeepNude users do not intend to cause any harm and only use the app casually for personal entertainment or curiosity.

Key Features of DeepNude APK

Here are some of the key features you get in the DeepNude APK:

  • Generate nude photos with one click
  • Works offline without internet
  • Process photos in high resolution
  • Output can be saved in gallery
  • No watermarks on generated images
  • 100% free to use without any subscription
  • No login required, maintain anonymity
  • Fast processing time to generate nudes
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Availability of all Pro features for free
  • Ad-free experience

How to Download and Install DeepNude APK?

Here is a step-by-step guide to download the latest version of DeepNude v10.2 APK for Android:

Step 1) – Go to the [Download Page] to get the DeepNude APK file.

Step 2) – Enable “Install from unknown source” option on your Android device if you haven’t already.

Step 3) – Install the DeepNude v10.2 APK and open the app. It is ready to use!

Step 4) – Upload any image of a clothed woman and tap on “Start Processing” to generate the fake nude photo.

Step 5) – The output nude photo will be saved to your phone’s gallery automatically once generated.

And that’s it! You can now use the controversial DeepNude app on your Android smartphone to generate AI-powered fake nudes.

Is DeepNude APK Legal to Use?

While DeepNude APK itself is legal to download and install, how you use it matters. Here are some key points on its legality:

  • Generating and sharing fake nudes of others without consent is illegal in most places. Deepfakes made to harass or bully can lead to criminal charges.
  • Sharing AI-generated nudes of celebs and public figures may also violate laws depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Possessing and sharing nude deepfakes of minors is outright illegal child pornography.
  • The app itself comes with a disclaimer that it is intended only for adults above 18 years and for personal, non-malicious use.
  • Users bear the responsibility for how they use DeepNude and the images generated using it. Use it ethically and legally.
  • It is better to avoid generating or sharing DeepNude images of people you know personally without permission.

In summary, it is legal to download the DeepNude APK, but making and distributing non-consensual nude fakes can land you in serious trouble with the law in many regions.


DeepNude is a controversial app that leverages the power of AI to generate realistic fake nudes. The DeepNude APK for Android allows you to download this app to undress photos of clothed women.

While DeepNude can be used just for entertainment purposes, its potential for misuse has also led to its criticism. Use the app ethically keeping consent, privacy and laws in mind.

The app demonstrates how rapidly advancing deep learning algorithms can now be used to generate convincing fake visual media. But it also serves as a reminder to use such powerful technologies responsibly.

FAQs About DeepNude

Q1. Does DeepNude work on Android?

Yes, DeepNude APK can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets to generate fake nudes on the go.

Q2. Is the DeepNude app free?

Yes, the original DeepNude app and mod APKs available for Android are free to download and use. No payment is needed.

Q3. Does it work on photos of men?

No, the DeepNude neural network is currently trained only on female bodies. It does not work effectively on pictures of men.

Q4. Can DeepNude nudes be detected as fake?

The AI-generated nudes are very realistic. But forensic analysis by experts may be able to detect subtle clues that prove the images are doctored.

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