Cricket and ATT Device Unlock Code APK Download (New Version) 2024

Cricket smartphones offer great value and flexibility, but they come with one major limitation – network locking.

This restricts you to only using Cricket’s network, stifling your freedom and preventing you from taking full advantage of your device. Fortunately, there is a simple solution – unlocking your Cricket device using the ATT Device Unlock Code APK.

Cricket and ATT Device Unlock Code APK

What is Network Locking?

Network locking, also known as SIM locking, is a mechanism implemented by carriers like Cricket to restrict a smartphone to their network services. It aims to prevent customers from switching to another carrier while their contract is still active.

The carrier locks the smartphone to only accept their SIM cards. Inserting any other network’s SIM will render the device unusable. This gives the carrier exclusivity over their customers for the contract period.

While network locking provides benefits for carriers, it severely limits consumers’ freedom and flexibility. It prevents you from choosing the best deals from other networks, using local SIM cards when traveling abroad, or selling your device in the second-hand market.

Why Unlock Your Cricket Smartphone?

Unlocking your Cricket device with the ATT Device Unlock Code APK provides several key benefits:

Freedom of Choice

You gain the freedom to choose whatever network provider you want. You can switch carriers or use multiple SIMs without any restrictions imposed by Cricket locking.

Better Deals

With the ability to switch networks, you can take advantage of more competitive deals, prices, coverage areas and services offered by other providers. Unlocking vastly expands your options.

Travel Flexibility

When traveling internationally, you can simply use a local SIM card in your unlocked device and avoid paying expensive Cricket roaming charges.

Resale Value

Unlocked phones typically have higher resale values as they work on all compatible networks. Carrier locked devices only work for that specific provider, limiting your potential buyers.

Reuse Old Devices

You can reuse your older unlocked Cricket phones on other networks or as WiFi-only devices. Locked devices have very limited reuse potential.

Introducing Cricket and ATT Device Unlock Code APK

Cricket and ATT Device Unlock Code APK provides a quick, convenient way to network unlock your Cricket device for free. This simple app uses proprietary algorithms to generate a unique unlock code specific to your device.

It only requires your device’s basic identifying information like the IMEI number to generate the network unlock code. The entire process is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Cricket and ATT Device Unlock Code APK works for almost all Cricket branded smartphones including Android and iOS devices. It has a very high success rate, providing freedom for your smartphone at no extra cost.

How Does It Work?

  • Enter device details like model number and IMEI.
  • ATT Device Unlock Code APK generates unique unlock code.
  • Enter this network unlock code into your smartphone.
  • The device is fully unlocked from Cricket’s network!

App Details:

Apk NameCricket Network Unlock Apk
Apk Versionv8.8 (Latest Update)
Size18 MB
Device NameAndroid

Steps to Unlock Cricket Smartphone with Cricket and ATT Device Unlock Code APK

Follow these simple steps to unlock your Cricket device using the ATT Device Unlock Code APK:

1. Confirm Device Info

  • Locate the IMEI number of your Cricket smartphone. You can dial *#06# on the phone or check the device packaging.
  • Note the correct model number of your device.
  • Confirm that your device is a Cricket branded phone. The app only works for Cricket phones.

2. Download and Install ATT Device Unlock Code APK

  • Download the latest version of ATT Device Unlock Code APK from this post..
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android device’s settings.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and tap to install.

3. Launch the App and Enter Details

  • Open the ATT Device Unlock Code APK on your smartphone.
  • Allow the app to access device info like IMEI number.
  • Enter your device model number when prompted.
  • Enter the IMEI number of your Cricket device.

4. Generate Unlock Code

  • The app will now automatically generate a unique unlock code for your device.
  • Note down this network unlock code carefully.

5. Unlock Cricket Network

  • Enter the unique unlock code when it prompt on the screen.
  • Tap on the option to permanently unlock the device.
  • Your Cricket smartphone is now fully unlocked!

Using Your Unlocked Cricket Smartphone

Once successfully unlocked with the ATT Device Unlock Code APK, you can immediately start using your Cricket device on any other network. Here are some of the top things to do:

  • Switch to a new carrier and get better deals.
  • Use a different SIM card when traveling internationally.
  • Sell your unlocked device for a higher price.
  • Give the phone to friends or family on a different network.
  • Reuse old Cricket devices as WiFi tablets or media players.
  • Mix and match multiple SIMs for optimal coverage.

Just pop in any compatible SIM card and your unlocked phone will work flawlessly on GSM networks worldwide. Be sure to check compatibility for specific 4G LTE bands when using the device internationally.

Tips for Safe Unlocking

While unlocking your Cricket smartphone offers many advantages, it is crucial that you follow some safety measures:

  • Only download and install the official ATT Device Unlock Code APK app from trusted sources. Never install random APK files as they could be malicious.
  • Carefully enter your device information like IMEI number and model number correctly. A minor error can prevent successful unlocking.
  • Note down the unlock code properly and keep it saved. Don’t lose the code before entering it into your phone.
  • Follow all instructions step-by-step as per the unlocking app and your device guidelines.
  • Backup your data before starting the unlock process. While rare, data loss can occur.
  • Use a reliable internet connection when generating and entering unlock codes.
  • Ensure your device is compatible for network unlocking based on manufacturer policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is unlocking using ATT Device Unlock Code APK legal?

Yes, it is perfectly legal in many regions including the US to unlock your Cricket device using the app. However, check your local laws and regulations to be fully sure.

Will unlocking void my smartphone’s warranty?

In most cases, network unlocking does not void the warranty or affect it negatively in any way. But confirm directly with the manufacturer just to be certain.

Can I relock my Cricket device if needed?

Typically once unlocked, phones stay permanently unlocked. However, some devices do have the option to relock them to the original Cricket network using codes.

Will I need to root or jailbreak my device?

No rooting or jailbreaking of your Android device is required to use the ATT Device Unlock Code APK for unlocking your Cricket network.

Does the app work worldwide?

Yes, ATT Device Unlock Code APK can generate unlock codes for Cricket devices globally. However, unlocked phone compatibility depends on local network bands.

How long does the unlock process take?

The entire process from installing the app to generating the code and entering it takes just 5-10 minutes. The actual network unlocking is almost instant.


Unlocking your Cricket smartphone with the ATT Device Unlock Code APK provides immense freedom and flexibility.

You can use any SIM card from other carriers, get better deals, travel worry-free, and increase your device’s resale value.

Just make sure to download the authentic app from official sources for guaranteed safe unlocking.

Follow the step-by-step process carefully and within minutes you will be able to unlock the full potential of your Cricket device.

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