How to Create Sitemap for Blogger and Submit in Google Search Engine

sitemap for blogger

To attract massive traffic to your blog, it is necessary that the Giant search engines such as Google will like your BlogSpot blog. It is like human relations in which people first know each other and then share things, similarly knowing is also necessary between Google and your blog. It becomes possible when you create a sitemap for blogger and submit to Google webmaster (search console).

Google Webmaster is a free tool to easily index your website or blog. You need to submit XML sitemap in webmaster for indexing the content of your blogger blog in Google. Once you submit blogger sitemap, it provides better crawling rate to your blog and improves the visibility in Search results.

Your website or blog must be indexed in search engines if you are willing to have huge organic traffic. Each time you update existing blog post or publish new posts, the sitemap helps search engines to index and crawls your blog easily.

Sitemap reduces the burden of bloggers by helping search crawlers to find new blog posts on your blog. So, each time, when you create a blog on Blogspot, just add sitemap in the search console (previously called Webmaster tools).

In this post, you are going to learn – how to create sitemap for blogger and submit in Google Search Engine.

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger

In order to submit sitemap for blogger, you need to prove the authorship of your blog to the Google. So, first we verify the authorship through Google webmaster and then add the sitemap. This goes into simple steps which are as follows.

xml sitemap for blogger
  • Copy the xml code .
Sitemap xml code
  • Log in your Blogger Account and select the blog you want to submit sitemap for.
select blog
  • Paste the xml code as shown in the below screenshot and press save changes.
paste xml code in blogger
  • Now go to webmaster tool and Click on Add a property.
add a property
  • Paste your blog URL and click on continue.
submit blog url
  • Click on alternate method and then choose Html Tag
authorship verification
  • Copy the code and follow the path given below.

  Your blog>Template>Edit HTML

and then paste the code into the header section and click on save.

Blogger template
  • Then get back to the webmaster tool and click on verify and then Click on continue.

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap

  • click on Add a sitemap.
add a sitemap
  • Copy the below code and paste into the text box.


  • Click on submit sitemap.
  • Click on Refresh.
  • Now you are done. The sitemap has been submitted successfully.

This sitemap status may be showing pending status for 2 or more days. The days depend upon the size of your blog. Each time you create new blogger blog, you should add the sitemap to Webmaster. By this way, Google can easily crawl your blog. Generally, Google automatically crawls each website and blog, but it takes time. So, it is better to manually submit your blog for accelerating the indexing process.

Over to you

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  1. Thankx a lot!! It really solves one of the major prob of blogspot using bloggers. We don’t have access to our root directory so it was major difficulty to add sitemap… U had make it really simple though. Thankx a lot!!!

  2. can you tell me how many time we have to submit sitemap to Google webmaster tools?
    I mean is this a necessary to submit sitemap every time when you write a new post to be indexed in Google.

    • No way bro. Just submit in one time only. Many bloggers perform “fetch as google”. I don’t do it. my blog posts are getting indexed naturally.

  3. Thank for the post, I have a question that I want to say you. When I check my webmaster, there are lots of 404 error in crawl error section. I have already set 404 page on my blogger blog, but it is not working I think so please do me a favor about this how to fix that issue.

  4. Hello Mate,
    Very nice article. I have been looking for this article for a very long time and finally, I found it. And now I can easily submit my blogger sitemap to Google Search Console.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable article.
    keep the good work mate.

  5. Thanks for this great post, i have been having a lot of trouble to submit a sitemap to blogger but this post really helped me. and i wanted to ask you that can you tell me please how many blogger posts should i have before i get to submit my sitemap on blogspot?


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