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  1. Thankx a lot!! It really solves one of the major prob of blogspot using bloggers. We don’t have access to our root directory so it was major difficulty to add sitemap… U had make it really simple though. Thankx a lot!!!

    1. Thanks Kanu for reaching here. I hope it was the simplest solution of your issue.

  2. Thanks. It worked perfectly. The steps were very easy to understand.

  3. Aryan Arya says:

    can you tell me how many time we have to submit sitemap to Google webmaster tools?
    I mean is this a necessary to submit sitemap every time when you write a new post to be indexed in Google.

    1. No way bro. Just submit in one time only. Many bloggers perform “fetch as google”. I don’t do it. my blog posts are getting indexed naturally.

  4. Nice and complete easy for new user like me. thanks dear

  5. Thank for the post, I have a question that I want to say you. When I check my webmaster, there are lots of 404 error in crawl error section. I have already set 404 page on my blogger blog, but it is not working I think so please do me a favor about this how to fix that issue.

  6. please help it’s writing error Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

  7. Hello Mate,
    Very nice article. I have been looking for this article for a very long time and finally, I found it. And now I can easily submit my blogger sitemap to Google Search Console.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable article.
    keep the good work mate.

  8. Thanks for this great post, i have been having a lot of trouble to submit a sitemap to blogger but this post really helped me. and i wanted to ask you that can you tell me please how many blogger posts should i have before i get to submit my sitemap on blogspot?

    1. write at least 5-6 blog posts before starting a blog and publish them in a specific time interval, then you should submit the sitemap.

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