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  1. Hi Nikhil,
    My PC got crashed and now everything fine,
    Just landed at your blog and this post caught my attention.
    As a passionate designer, I use Photoshop for everything including GIFs, etc.
    I didn’t know about these tools,
    Thanks for expanding my knowledge!
    ~ Ahmad

    1. Yes, we can also create GIF using photoshop. These tools are helpful those don’t know about the it. They help them creating GIF easily.

    1. You should also use it bro..They are really awersome.

  2. Hi Nikhil,

    Very informative post 🙂

    Indeed you have shared 9 amazing tools which facilities bloggers to create animated graphics for their blogs instantly by little efforts. The good thing about these tools are all the tools that you have mentioned in your post are very easy to use.

    Thanks for fantastic share 🙂



    1. Glad to see you here bro. Thanks for your kind words..

  3. Hi Nikhil

    Well I have always wanted to create a Gif but never knew the right tool to use so thanks for sharing. Take Care

    1. I hope you got enough tools to create gif.

  4. Hi Nikhil,
    You have shared some amazing tools, will be trying all if possible.
    Thanks for the share.

    1. try them. They will make blogging easier.

  5. Very cool tools, Nikhil.

    I never did a .gif so now I’ll have some fun, although, to tell the truth, I find them annoying when I’m trying to read something. But there’s certainly a time and place for everything and if they’re not overdone, then they can be quite effective.

    One thing’s for sure… animation is very popular and knowing some simple ways for non-techies like me to make use of them is very helpful. Thanks, not only for showing us how to do it, but for making it so simple and user friendly.

    1. you are right bro. WE must know using right things at right place. This way they can only make a difference.

  6. Hi Nikhil,
    Interesting set of tools, thanks.

    I often wondered how to create a gif and had no idea. Like David, I can find them a bit annoying if the animation is overdone, but used with restraint I think they’d be great to draw attention to something.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. thanks for your comment Joy.

  7. Oh wow! It is really awesome tools for graphics designing! I am definitely going to explore one by one and make my website wore animated 😀 Thank you Nikhil for sharing worth reading post.

    Have a great week ahead!

    Cheers, Julie

    1. thanks for your comment Julie. I am playing all the day with these tools.

  8. This post was really too good for me.
    Now I have got idea to make my post in a visual effect with using GIF.
    Thank you for sharing this to us , Nikhil And hope this will also get help other users.

  9. Very informative blog post..
    Actually i was searching for how to create gif file online.

    Thanks for sharing 10 way to make animated file..!

  10. Thanks for this useful post bro It help to create GIF image for My projects 🙂 thanks a lot

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