Top 9 Tools to Create Animated Graphics for Websites

Animation always attracts me. Not from today, I love them from my childhood.

You might also love them.

Do you???

I am sure you are…

Create Animated Graphics for Websites
Tools to Create Animated Graphics

I’m not talking about the animated videos. It’s about animated graphics.

With the help of few tools, you can turn some static images into one moving scene.

Isn’t it interesting?

I know static images can bore you, but if we can convert them into the funny, excited, inspirational image, those can do more for you.

It would help in adding more value to your content.

The moving graphic reflects emotions and gives an ultimate feel.

For example:

How about this funny image?


they look quite adorable to me.

They seem very cool to me. I love them very much.

Would you like to know about those tools which help to create animated graphics for websites?

The tools I am going to talk about in this post will help you creating Gif images at the beginner level.

I hope you already know about the Gif images. The above images are GIF images, or you can call them moving images.

The tools we will discuss in this article will assist you creating eye catchy images for your blog or website.

Now it’s high time to start learning about the top 10 tools to create animated graphics for websites.

 Top 9 Ultimate Tools To Create Your Own Animated Gifs

You can create your own animated gifs by using the following tools. Some tools in this list also offer few effects and editing features to make GIF image more compelling.

1. Gickr

This is the first tool that allows creating the gif from the pictures. Just upload your images from 2 and 10 and create a GIF. Set the size and speed of transition.

I have created a gif image of Jaipur bloggers meet that we organized on 20th March 2016. Gickr helped me combine three images into one. This way, you can also serve images at one place. It reduces your time of uploading and optimizing the images.

Jaipur bloggers meet gif image

You can download the gif, take the shareable links or directly share on social media sites.

2. Make A Gif


Make A GIF is a fantastic tool which let you create gif images using multiple images. You can add pictures, convert them into a GIF image, customize the speed. You are also allowed to make gif using youtube videos and webcam. This site also facilitates searching ready-made Gif images.

3. Picasion

picasion gif graphics creator

Picasion is another tool to create animated graphics for websites. Create gif from uploading images from PC, URL or webcam. Customize the size and speed. Other options are Make a Glitter, Create Avatar, and Resize image.

4. Gifmaker


Gifmaker allows creating Gif images, animated videos, and slideshows. You get complete control over animation speed, repeat times, and the size of GIF. There is one optional feature to add music from youTube. You can see the live preview with ongoing customization in size, speed and repeat times.

5. Imgflip


This tool makes the gif from videos and images. After image uploading, set the delay, width, height, and quality of the final GIF image. Moreover, you can add text, crop, rotate, and reverse the GIF. Lastly, click on Generate GIF and have the options to share Gif via links, Download image, social sharing.

6. Ezgif

ezgif Animated GIF editor and GIF maker

If you are looking for more advanced features to customize the Gif image, then Ezgif could be a good option. You can perform the following actions through it.

  • Resize Gif
  • Crop Gif
  • Optimize Gif, which results in reducing the size.
  • Apply color filters,
  • Add text to Gif image
  • Upload video and convert to GIF.
  • Reverse Gif
  • Rotate Gif
  • Adjust speed
  • Add text to Gif
  • Add overlay
  • Convert gif into individual frames and can customize them easily.

7. Licecap

Licecap is a desktop tool that allows capturing everything which is running on the screen and saves as GIF.

I loved the simplicity of this tool. It’s as simple as you would feel a bit confused about the working of it.

It looks like an empty box. In fact, it’s covering the area of the screen that you want to capture. You can resize the tool and set according to the area you need to be included into the GIF.

You can pause the recording using pause button or through keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+alt+p).

8. Gifdeck


Gifdeck is a kind of unique tool in itself. If you upload slides on SlideShare, this tool can convert them into the gif image, and this will be the unique content.

To use this tool, put the URL of the SlideShare and hit submit button. Within few seconds, you can see a gif image of the first ten templates of the slide.

You can use this Gif image directly into Gmail and upload it on Twitter to be appeared as a playable media.

9. Gifs

Gifs gif image creator

Gifs converts a YouTube video into a Gif image. If you want to reproduce a portion of your video as a unique content, then turn it into a gif image. Just place the URL of the video and click on Create Gif. Set the start time and Duration on the next screen. Again hit the Create Gif button. At the end of the process, you will see the social media buttons. If you intend to share it, go for it otherwise, click on no thanks. Get the shareable links and use on your blog, website or social media.

What Next:

I have tried to include most of the user-friendly Gif creator tools. I have tried them personally and can say that these are the top tools to create animated graphics for websites or blogs. GIF images entice the users to read the complete post. You can also increase the conversion rate by using them into emails. Create your own gif pictures and share your experience with me. If you feel any problem using any of the above-listed tools, kindly share it in the comment box. I would get you the most relevant solution.

If this post deserves a share then don’t wait, just hit your favorite social media button right away.


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  1. Hi Nikhil,
    My PC got crashed and now everything fine,
    Just landed at your blog and this post caught my attention.
    As a passionate designer, I use Photoshop for everything including GIFs, etc.
    I didn’t know about these tools,
    Thanks for expanding my knowledge!
    ~ Ahmad

    • Yes, we can also create GIF using photoshop. These tools are helpful those don’t know about the it. They help them creating GIF easily.

  2. Hi Nikhil,

    Very informative post 🙂

    Indeed you have shared 9 amazing tools which facilities bloggers to create animated graphics for their blogs instantly by little efforts. The good thing about these tools are all the tools that you have mentioned in your post are very easy to use.

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  3. Very cool tools, Nikhil.

    I never did a .gif so now I’ll have some fun, although, to tell the truth, I find them annoying when I’m trying to read something. But there’s certainly a time and place for everything and if they’re not overdone, then they can be quite effective.

    One thing’s for sure… animation is very popular and knowing some simple ways for non-techies like me to make use of them is very helpful. Thanks, not only for showing us how to do it, but for making it so simple and user friendly.

  4. Hi Nikhil,
    Interesting set of tools, thanks.

    I often wondered how to create a gif and had no idea. Like David, I can find them a bit annoying if the animation is overdone, but used with restraint I think they’d be great to draw attention to something.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  5. Oh wow! It is really awesome tools for graphics designing! I am definitely going to explore one by one and make my website wore animated 😀 Thank you Nikhil for sharing worth reading post.

    Have a great week ahead!

    Cheers, Julie

  6. This post was really too good for me.
    Now I have got idea to make my post in a visual effect with using GIF.
    Thank you for sharing this to us , Nikhil And hope this will also get help other users.


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